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Chapter 2: new people same faces

“ holy s**t.” I laughed, “ I found this when I was on the run. I couldn’t believe this was even here. But it’s not as bad, I spruced it up on the inside.” I seen a group of people. It was all guys, they were waving their hands, “I’ll park in the garage, you can all head inside. I’ll be there in a minute.” Hopefully more survivors.

They went inside, and I went to see who was there, “ who are you? Why are you trespassing?” I had my pistol aimed, “ please, we need help. Our friend he was shot.” I asked, “ bitten?” They shook their heads no, “ not a zombie bite.” I felt my heart drop, “ fine, you can come in. While that being said, names?”

They replied, “ Andrew but please call me Andy. This is my wife, Juliet.” I then felt my heart drop once again, “ okay, let me guess, your black veil?” They nodded, “ yeah?” I said, “ kind of figured, I’m not a crazy fan, so don’t worry. Also names haley.”

They replied, “ thank you haley.” I smiled, “ no prob. But who was bitten and shot?” They raised their hands, “ come on. First aid room is not far.”

First aid

So, of course, outlaw was the one with the bullet and the prophet was the one with the bite mark. I still can’t believe it. But hey my brain is on track. “ okay, how many days since you got a bullet in your gut?” Ashley replied, “ day and a half.” I said, “ okay. Now how many days since you got bitten and by what?”

Andy then replied, “ same as ash, but I can describe it, but you might think I’m crazy.” I told him, “ I’m gonna be honest with you. I thought zombies were fiction, look where we are now?” I got a plaster, and medical tape, “ well, it had razor sharp fangs, impeccable strength. And these weird veins under its eyes.” I questioned, “ you said it had fangs? Where did it get you.”

He showed me his neck, “ f**k.” They snickered, “ sorry, I can clean it up, but for now I suggest keep it clean of course-“ I’m stuttering from shock, there’s no way in hell, they are real. “ you alright?” I replied, “ yeah.” So I cleaned the wound, and tried to be gentle, he jumped, “ sorry.” It’s cute, Juliet and Andy were holding hands, “ you two are freaking adorable.”

They blushed, “ it’s true, okay, ash. I can take the bullet out if you want.” He told me, “ preferably I would like to not have a bullet in my stomach right now.” I said, “ I can tell. Lay in your back.” He did what was told, “ so haley, you said you were a fan?” I blushed, “ yeah, ever since I was a kid. You guys helped through my darkest times. I can’t thank you enough for it.”

Juliet politely asked, “ would you like to talk about it?” Replying, “ I don’t want to be a bourdon.” I started an Ivy for ash, just so there wouldn’t be any pain excess. “ it’s up to you. We won’t push the topic.” I replied, “ well it’s sad and dark as hell.” Ash said, “ well right now I can’t feel my stomach, so story time.” I smirked, “ well, for starters, my entire family is dead. So that’s just peachy.”

I tried to get out the bullet without the whole blood part, “ But in the beginning, sorta normal childhood, till the second grade. My parents divorced. Didn’t take it well, so, I had to live with her, since she got custody. I lied through my teeth for seven years. Then when I was fourteen, big decision, lived with my dad. Started my freshman year- probably the best year of my life, first day, friends were seniors. “

I got a smile out of Andy. “ but that year, it took a turn for the worst. Found out my mom had stage four of melanoma skin cancer, I was only fifteen at the time. Then December 27, 2016. My best friend commits suicide, how I found out. Was through the app messenger from my other friend. I think that’s what took a turn through me. A week later, started to have these f**ked up nightmares.”

I wiped away a streak of blood, I can handle the squeamish part but raw- “ but there is a good thing about this.” Ashley asked, “ and what’s that?” I replied, “ my dad took me to see a motionless in white concert.” I snickered remembering what happened, “ not even an hour my dad needed earplugs.”

I smiled laughing, “ yet, the thing is I might have called him a T. rex earlier in the day. So that makes sense.” They snickered, “ well, things went okay rest of that year. Then things went to s**t.”

I wiped away a tear, and got out the bullet, “ silver sixteen magnum? Who shot you Ashley?” He looked to me, “ call me crazy but it looked like a black ops dude?” “ this is why I now dislike the f**king government.”

Juliet asked, “ why?” I replied, “ well, they are the ones that created virus tzxf1673-4092. F**king bastards.” Ash tried not to laugh, “ it’s true, they have been trying to find people, not willing. And no offense, but that’s the least of it. Andy, you got bitten by a vampire.”

They looked to me like I was nuts, “ yeah I know, it still shocks me. The other day I was out in the back yard I heard a howl. It wasn’t a normal cute wolf howl. No it sounded like a human. I’ve watched too much tv in my childhood.”

i started to stitch up ash’s wound, when I heard betty, “ hey haley.” I was concentrating I replied, “ hi betty. Guys, this is Betty cooper. Betty, this is Andy and his wife Juliet. They are adorable. And the guy I’m stitching up right now is Ashley.”

She waved hi, “ so, here’s the thing, uh, there was this sos call from a little town I think it is called mystic falls?” “ Fml.” I finished stitching up, “ okay, let me bandage him up. And I’ll see the sos in a moment.”

I bandaged Ashley up, “ thanks haley. Where did you learn to do that?” I replied, “ self taught and well my dad was a bit of one to bruise easily. Yet he had a temper and a hard head.”

Andy asked, “ mind if I ask. What was your family like?” I replied, “ mom’s side, mentally abused. My dad’s, well, he was more understanding, and well- you know I just realized this now, in the fifth grade I fell off an att got a scar on my eyebrow and a black eye, but my dad fell off one, skid across the ground. Oh that’s so weird.”

They looked to me like I was nuts, “ I know. But just for both of you, keep the wound clean so it won’t get infected. Especially in this state of mind we live in.”

Why is it that, I actually found a plant and it might not be poisonous or something else. It’s probably an herb of it. But I don’t know?

Security room

“ okay, I re ran the recorded message. All I can say is fml.” Jughead, Archie, Betty and Veronica looked to me, “ what are you even saying?” “ okay, well Andy got bitten by a vampire. And ash got shot with a silver sixteen magnum.”

Jughead looked to me, “ what the hell do you mean vampire?” I sighed, “ I’m not joining I had the same reaction. But no, I’ve only seen a bite like that in horror movies, or special effects makeup.”

I smiled when I said that, “ so what if vampires are real.” I sighed, “ I’m headed to mystic falls, Virginia. I’m gonna be gone for a few days. Be aware, shoot anything with a broken jaw or blood on its mouth. And shoot anything with fangs! But any survivors call me and I can clarify.”

They nodded, “ okay. We will.” I said, “ well, at least I got a bag packed already.” Veronica said, “ don’t get bitten.” I sighed, “ I’ll shoot a zombie before I’m bitten.”

Three days later

May 18,2022

Mystic falls, Virginia

I had a pistol ready, “ drop your weapon.” I growled getting out of my truck, “ you the one that sent the sos?” He shook his head no, “ I did.” I seen a young girl, “ what’s your name?” I replied, “ haley. What about all of you?”

They introduced themselves, “ Caroline Forbes, Alaric, lzzy, Josie, mg, and hope.” I sighed, “ fml. Okay.” Mg clung to my side, “ take us with you.” I laughed, “ paws off clingy.” He let go, “ hold it. Your hands were freezing cold-“ I drew my pistol, “ how the hell do i know I can trust you all?”

“ because we will tell you none of us are zombies not bitten.” I asked, “ then how come there was a bite? Which one of you knows about vampires?” They went pale, “ fine, human?” Alaric raised his hand, “ okay. Your human?” He nodded, “ yes, but Caroline and mg are vampires.” I put my pistol in my pocket, “ my two daughters are witches, and hope is a—“ i replied, “ hang on let me guess. Hybrid?” She nodded, “ I watch way too much television.”

Back at base camp


Betty’s pov

I heard panicked knocking, I looked to Jughead, “ come on.” He ran to the door, “ I’ll call haley.”

Conversation: haley and Betty

B: haley?

H: Betty what’s up?

B: there’s people knocking.

H: okay. I know I’m going against my word but if no one is bitten, it’s fine.

B: you sure?

H: at this point yes, be back soon.

B: okay.

I hung up, and nodded to Jughead, I am worried, she didn’t sound herself. It’s been not even four days but.

Mystic falls,Virginia

“ okay, this might be my biggest regret. You seriously feed on animals though? Just to keep them tame? My god, haven’t you heard of snatch eat erase?” We were driving on the way back to base. “ the reason why, is because we don’t want them becoming-“ I sighed, “ you don’t want them to become a ripper.”

“ how do you know so much about this?” I replied, “ television and history.” “ so, your okay with all of this.” I replied, “ the other day, I met my favorite band and they are my idols. But Andy got bitten by a f**king vampire. You do the math.”

Then mg asked, “ are you single.” I laughed, “ yes, but I’m am sorry, I’m older than you by four years. With a more damaged past than you can even speak the name undead flesh eaters to a serpent’s tail.”

He had a look of despair, “ I am sorry, but trust me, there is a girl out there for you, trust me. Everyone has a soul mate. It’s just time will tell when the past remains the same.”

Another Three days later

Base camp


May 21,2022

We got to base, “ holy f**k.” I laughed, “ I know it doesn’t look like much, but I made it work. Now there are other survivors, I will introduce you to all of them.”


“ guys?” I was trampled by Veronica and Betty, “ wow. Okay, take it easy.” “ sorry, it’s just worriedness.” I said, “ okay, how’s things here at base?” Veronica said, “ good, no injuries, Andy and ash Andy’s wound healed, ash another day and it will be gone.” I smiled, “ good. I’m glad everyone is okay. Survivors?” Veronica looked to betty, “ okay, allow me to guess. Vampire?” They nodded, “ f**k my life.”

“ but also, I listened to what you said, and well. Let’s just say, ones crazy.” I looked to her, “ I met my dad he’s crazy, we’re fine.”


Everyone introduced themselves, “ okay, so I’m haley. And raise your hand if you know what supernatural creatures are?” Everyone raised their Hands, “ okay. Good. So, how many are creatures?” Half raised their hands, “ okay. Good. Sorry I’m trying to process everything.”

“ your cute darlin.” I punched the guy next to me in the gut, “ I am so sorry. Don’t scare me like that dude.” He held his ribs, “ sorry. It is nice to meet you haley. You don’t look half bad.” I smirked, “ thanks. But I got a weird feeling.” Not just because one is breathing down my neck. “ just, I’ll be in the music room. I need to clear my head.”

Music room

I had a guitar wrapped around me, music flowing through my head. That’s when I jumped at someone tapping my shoulder, “ sorry I made you jump.” I looked over, “ it’s fine.” He introduced himself, “ sorry, I’m spencer.” I replied, “ haley.”

He asked, “ how long have you been playing guitar?” I replied, “ since my freshman year of school.” I asked, “ you okay guitar?” He nodded, “ grab an axe if you want.” He did, “ I’m not the greatest at it.”

He replied, “ I doubt that.” I sighed, “ I’m not doing this conversation. I know how it always ends.” Okay this is another one of my idols, spencer? Lead for ice nine kills. My favorite band. I then heard, “ haley, we got a problem upstairs.” I growled, “ be there in two.” I set down my guitar.


I seen Andy, on the ground, “ f**kin hell. What happened?” Juliet replied, “ he just collapsed. Eyes are going dilated. And he’s cold as ice.” No way, “ help me get him to the first aid.”

First aid

“ call me crazy, but no get Caroline. She’s a vampire and she might know more about this.” Andy went deathly cold, “ okay he’s going into shock.” I then told Juliet, “ Juliet, just Incase, you know cpr?” She nodded and knew what to do next. I seen Caroline, “ you said he had a bite mark on his neck.” I nodded, “ it healed?” She said, “ what else?” “I don’t know”

She said, “ okay, let me see his eyes.” They are an angelic blue. “ s**t.” I asked worried, “ bad or good?” “ I seen this once before. He’s in transition of a vampire.” Juliet asked, “ a what!” She nodded, “ what will happen next?”

“ he will have one of two options, feed or-“ I stopped her, “ Juliet, it’s gotta be up to Andy.” She nodded, “ I just don’t want to lose my white rabbit.” I am gonna f**king cry right now. Like omg.

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