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Chapter 3: don’t look at me

Eight hours later


I waited above, we all waited. Then Juliet came over to me, “ he’s awake.” I felt my heart cramp. “ okay.”

First aid

“ what happened?” I looked to Juliet, “ Andy, you remember being accidentally bitten right?” He nodded, She then looked to me with glass eyes, “ Andy, it pains me to say this, but when you were bitten, you somehow had vampire blood in your system. And well, eight hours ago. You-“ “ I what?” Juliet held his hand, “ Andy, I’m sorry, but your a vampire.”

He looked to me with these big blue eyes, “ curse your cute pretty blue eyes.” Juliet smirked, “ there’s no possible way.” I sighed, “ it’s true Andy. And well, you have one of two options. Feed or-“

he had a look of defeat, “ I don’t want to lose my dragonfly.” Omg, why the cuteness. “ you sure-“ he nodded cutting me off. “ okay, well for starters, there’s one of two options. But we need to kind of hurry, we’re on a limit of time.”

“ we don’t know who your sire is. And well, we don’t know how your body will react being a transition vampire. You will need to either, feed from a vein, or blood bag which is out, so animal blood. I suggest not human. After the transition.”

Well right now he’s looking at me like a rack of meat, “ I’m so sorry-“ Juliet ran off crying, it pains me to see this, I ran over to her, “ hey it’s okay. Andy’s gonna be okay.”

She looked to me, “ I just don’t want to lose my Andy. I love him so much-“ she cried more and hugged me, “ hey Juliet it’s gonna be okay. If you want, I understand if you don’t want to be bitten.”

She cried more, “ hey it’s okay. Things are gonna be okay. I’m nervous as hell about this. I got sweaty shaky hands, and right now my mind is going bezerk.”

She pulled away from the hug, “ now hey, you my friend are too pretty to cry. Think unicorns and happy awkward rainbows.” She smiled more, “ I can lend a vein, I’m scared as hell but I’m willing to do it.” She looked tomme, “ I don’t want anyone hurt.” I said, “ I’ve been through hell I’ll be okay.”

“ just no tears, happy thoughts. Besides, Andy is still the same goofy Andy. You two are adorable soul mates. Your his dragonfly, and he’s your white rabbit. Trust me things will work out perfect.” She hugged me again, “ thanks haley.” I blushed, “ it’s okay. Like I said I’m scared as hell.”

She said, “ Andy’s gentle. If not hugs.” I said, “ hugs make everything better don’t why?” She nodded laughing with me, so we went back over by Andy, “ how’s my Juliet.” I smiled, “ take it easy vampire Andy.”

I laughed, “ I am scared as hell about this by the way.” Andy looked to me, “ I’m willing to lend a vein. Just nervous, trying to keep my heart calm as possible.” But hands sweaty and shaky af.

“ okay, well before you become fang like. Juliet can you do me one tiny favor?” She nodded, “ I know this will sound stupid, but please go to my room, and grab my stuffed animal please.” She smiled and did, “ thank you.”

So here’s me, in a room getting stared at like a rack of meat. I tied up my hair, “ please try not to kill me, Andy.” He replied, “ I am sorry if that happens. But I will try my best.” Soon Juliet came back, I snatched my stuffed animal, “ down judge. It’s the only thing minus music that keeps me sane and close to home.”

I then crossed my legs, and had my stuffed animal in one hand, “ please take it easy.” He nodded, “ don’t know how-“ I nodded, “ one moment.” And so I grabbed a small needle, and pricked my finger. His eyes went from this angelic blue to a deep rose red, “ easy, control, slow breaths.”

He learned it quick, and so, he came closer to me, staring hungrily at my neck, “you need it to survive Andy.” And with that, I shut my eyes tired not to tense up. Andy bared his fangs, and bit deep into my neck, causing me to let out a gasp. I just held onto my stuffed animal. I had a tear shed from the corner of my eye, “ easy Andy. Don’t drain her dry.”

I need to thank Juliet for that, and her trusting me with this. I’m willing to lend a vein, I’m just scared about it. He let go. I fell to the ground. And they helped me up I was laying on the table, “ I can’t thank you enough haley.”

I looked over to my stuffed animal, “ here.” I snatched it curling up to it, “ I can help clean it and put a plaster on.” I was weak, yet so tired. I smirked thinking, “ this is sorta funny, special effects makeup gone wrong.” I smirked feeling pain in my neck.

But Juliet and Andy helped clean it. And put a plaster on, I cuddled up to my stuffed animal on the table, “ I’m just gonna take a nap.” They Nodded, “ we won’t be far. Thank you again so much haley.” I smiled and I was out like a light.”

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