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The long way down

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Pushed down a step of stairs and waking up in some strange hell. Where is she? What is this place? Read to find out more. Alex has lived a normal life. There has never been anything really exciting happen to her. The only thing out of the ordinary was the disappearance of her brother while he was looking into a particularly brutal murder case. So she has no idea what to do when she finds herself trapped in some weird hell of a hallway. All she wants to do is get home and she will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1

Prologue The night was dark and there was a strange chill that sat in the air like a thick fog. The moon shined down upon the earth. The ground was slick with pools of blood that seemed to stretch on forever making it hard to run, causing her to stumble and fall. But she had to run, even though she was tired of running and wanted so bad just to stop….She kept going, running on and on. That was because stopping meant death. But, then again no one ever got away from this place. Everyone who had ever tried to run, died here, alone and afraid. She stopped, exhausted and with no more will to carry on. No more strength to run. Even if it meant death. Even if it meant she would never see her home again. She fell to her knees, defeated and broken, closed her eyes and waited. Waited for the death she knew was coming. Waiting for the embrace of something she knew was on its way. She opened two nervous eyes and looked around seeing nothing there. Maybe just maybe she would live.

’’Did I get away?’’. She asked herself out loud.

This illusion was lifted as something picked her up off the ground and stabbed her in the back. It had found her. An unseen horror, one that no one had ever escaped from. As her blood dripped to the ground, a beautiful crimson red, she had thought that sorta amused her

“Wow that looks sorta pretty.” Speaking again outloud.

She giggled a little as she realized it was hers. She didn’t have time to admire the blood any longer as the embrace closed around her with finality. Chapter 1Alexandra Quick woke up in a sweat. What had she just seen? Her name was Alexandra but she preferred Alex. She got up and walked across the small room. It was a complete clutter. What clothes she had were sprawled across the floor. She stood looking in the mirror at her reflection. She guessed she was what some would call “pretty.” she had long brown hair and eyes as blue as the deepest ocean. White skin but not quite pale. Right now she was wearing some long brown pants and some old t-shirt. She looked over at the small clock that sat next to her bed. The clock read 6:00 a.m. Way too early to be awake on a summer day. Yet something kept her from going back to sleep. What she had seen. What was that? That girl that she saw die. She couldn’t get her out of her head. Couldn’t forget the blood dripping down on to the already bloodstained ground. Couldn’t rid her mind of the image of the girl running just to die in the end as if it hadn’t mattered. She pushed these thoughts aside and walked over to her dresser to get dressed. She opened a drawer and saw an old picture at the top. She picked up the picture and walked to her bed sitting down on the edge. She held the picture gingerly in her hands. The picture was one of her older brother who had disappeared three years ago. Andrew had just turned 26 and joined the police force. He had been put on a case that she wasn’t even supposed to know about. That didn’t stop him from telling her though. Several people had disappeared during the middle of the day. There had only ever found one body. A little boy. They found his body by the old power plant. Or some of his body anyway. Only the top half of him was there. She shuddered at the thought. She walked over to her dresser and set the photo on top of it. She then pulled out a blue shirt and a pair of black pants. After she got dressed she stepped out of her room into the hall. She was staying in an apartment with her parents. It was small but it was where she called home. She walked down the hall trying not to look at the pictures on the wall. She glanced up and saw an old picture of her, her parents, and her brother at the beach. That had been four years ago. Right before he had joined the police and been assigned that case. She stepped into the kitchen and saw her mother standing at the stove. She looked toward the table that sat in the middle of the small kitchen and saw her father. He was reading a paper but it was the headline that caught her attention. Young Girl Gone Missing Out Of Her Room Yesterday Morning. On the front of the paper, she saw a picture of the girl. She gave a small gasp. That was the same girl that she saw last night. But, That couldn’t be right. Could it? She shook her head and turned to her mom. Her parents were always up early so that they could get to work. Her dad owned an old bookstore that didn’t get that many customers this time of the year. Her mom was the one who managed the old bookstore ( mostly because her dad would forget his head if it wasn’t attached to his shoulders.) Alex’s mother turned to her

“You’re up early.” her mom says with a smile.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Alex replied.

Her dad turned to her “So what are you gonna do today?”

Alex stopped and thought for a moment. She didn’t have school because it was summer and she didn’t work during the summer.

“I don’t know yet but, I’m sure I can find something to do.” Alex said with a grin.

Her dad looked up from his paper and with a smile replied: “I’m sure you will.”

Alex sat down at the table trying not to look at the paper her father was holding. Her mother seemed to notice this though.

“Why don’t we put the paper away while we’re at the table, honey.” Her mouth said looking at her daughter.

Alex turned to her mom and mouthed a word of thanks. Her mom smiled back and gave a small nod. Her dad didn’t seem to notice this silent exchange. Alex’s mom put a plate of eggs and bacon on the table along with some biscuits and gravy.

“Wow, mom this looks great.” Alex saided smiling at her mother.

“Thank you, Alex.” Her Mom’s face beamed from the praise.

At this moment Alex felt happy. She felt great. Everything was right in the world. About an hour later stepped out of the small apartment. She walked down the hall towards the elevator. Halfway there she saw a rat.

“Crap!” Alex shouted startled.

She chuckled to herself.

“Well, that was embarrassing.” She said this out loud thinking that there was no one around to hear her.

“Wow. I’ve never seen someone react that way to an animal before.” Alex quickly turned around to see who had said this.

She saw a young boy with messy brown hair standing at the end of the hall.

“Who are you?” Alex asked the boy.

“I’m a friend I guess you could say.” Said the boy.

“Really?” Alex replied to the boy. “And why would I call you a friend?”

The boy thought a moment and replied. “Because I might be the last person you ever see alive.” Alex frowned and was a bit shocked.

“Excuse me?” She said a bit of annoyance creeping up on her.

“You heard me,” The boy said in a cheerful tone.

“Creep!” Alex shouted as she turned and took off down the hall,.

She turned a sharp corner and just barely stopped in time in front of the stairs. Alex took a short breath and was about to start down the stairs when she heard a small but definitely strange voice. She turned around to see the small boy standing there with a smile that was somewhere between cute and creepy.

“What do you want?” Alex asked in a hushed voice.

“Will you have fun on the way down?” The boy asked no longer smiling but now had a puzzled look on his face.

“What?” Alex asked with a shaky voice.

The boy didn’t reply but merely pointed in the direction of the stairs. Alex followed his finger but saw nothing on the stairs. She turned sharply back to the boy.

“What do you mean?” She asked starting to freak out a little.

The boy shook his head again pointing towards the stairs. Alex glanced once more. She started to turn back but felt something shove into her. Alex flung and in what seemed to be slow motion finished turning around in time to see the boy point at the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m going to kill you little-” She hit the bottom and everything went black. Alex woke up and the first thing she noticed was that her head seemed to be killing her. She groaned as she remembered the trip down. Then she remembered the kid. The kid that pushed her down the stars with so much as a second thought. The kid that claimed he would be the last person she would ever see. And what was he pointing at for Christ’s sake? She had looked down the stairs but hadn’t seen anything there. Maybe he had just been messing around with her before he tried to push her down the stairs. Alex tried to stand up but pain shot up her body.

“Well, that feels great.” She said with a pained chuckle.

She started to stand again and managed to climb shakily to her feet. Her breath was a bit ragged. She stood there for a moment trying to calm herself. She didn’t really succeed much. She glanced around trying to see anything about where she was. Her eyes were starting to see through the darkness that seemed to surround her. To her left was nothing but wall. To her right was nothing but a bunch of junk that had probably been sitting down here for at least a few years. She nudged a toaster that was next to her foot. As she did this a rat the size of her foot scrambled out from behind. Alex gave a quick scream and fell to the ground. She cursed at the rat and grabbed the toaster. She tossed the toaster at the rat trying to scare it away. Sadly this worked a bit too well. As the toaster crashed to the ground what seemed to be a swarm of rats poured over the pile of junk racing to get out of the room. Alex tried to scream but no noise came out. Her voice was lost in an ocean horror and terror that seemed to fill the room. A terror that seem to break the balance of insanity. A terror that seem to be willing to break reality and destroy the minds of men. But then the swarm was gone and she was alone. Alex sat there breathing hard and trying to stop the jackhammer that was pounding against her chest. She finally got here breathing semi under control. She stood back up and look towards the door that the rats had all run out of. She took a shaky step towards the door. When she reached the door she glanced through it to make sure the rats were gone. She shook her head and stepped through the door into a long hallway that seemed to stretch on forever. She turned to her right and started down the long hallway. She passed a door that had a strange symbol on it that she could have sworn she had seen before. Then next door seemed to be pasted with something that she really hoped wasn’t blood. She heard a sound behind the door and her heart seemed to stop beating in her chest. She reached for the door trying to ignore the blood. She turned the handle and stepped through the door. Once inside she did a quick scan of the room and what she saw stopped her in her tracks. It sent a chill through her that would never leave. She started to walk backward. For before her was a wall of bodies. Kids strung up and dead. One was missing its head. Others were all there. She turned around and was about to step out the door when she heard a cough. She turned back around to see where it had come from. Across on the floor, something was moving. She took a hesitant step towards the movement. Part of her didn’t want to know what horror was making the movement. But she knew she had to see what it was. She reached where she had seen whatever it was moving and reached down to remove a sheet that was loosely dropped on it. And there lying before her was a little girl dying and broken.

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