The long way down

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Chapter 2

Alex gasped when she saw the girl. She put a hand to her mouth to keep from screaming. She slowly bent over and put her hand on the girl’s shoulder. The girl felt her touch and jerked back starting to cry.

“No, wait I’m not gonna hurt you.” Alex said in what she hoped to be a gentle caring tone.

She must not have sounded that gentle because the little girl tried to turn over to where she wasn’t looking at her.

Alex spoke in what seemed an almost desperate voice. “Please. At least tell me where I am.”

The little girl stopped moving as she said this. She slowly turned her head to look at Alex. She opened her mouth ready to speak. Alex stood up sensing something was wrong.

“You want to know where you are?” The girl said in a deathly quiet voice that seemed to be barely a whisper.

“Yes.” Alex replied in a hushed voice that she didn’t realize she was using.

The little girl stood up with her back to Alex.

“I’m not sure you really want me to tell you where it is you are.”The small girl said with a sort of chuckle.

Alex’s heart froze for what seemed to be the millionth time in this God forsaken place.

“ Yes!” Alex screamed at the girl with all the gentle and caring gone from her voice.

“You have to tell me!” She screamed over and over again.

She stopped as the girl turned around. Wait, no. The girl wasn’t turning around. Yet her head seemed to be moving. Alex took a step closer. The gave out another soft chuckle that sounded….Wrong

“You know what’s funny?.” The girl said her head halfway twisted around. “I almost want to tell you.”

By now the girl’s head had twisted fully around.

“But I can’t. If I tell you He would kill me.” “And he’s not someone you want after you.”

The girl’s eyes which had turned black at some point now had a flash of fear. Alex saw this fear. This is the last thing that she had expected to see in this girl’s eyes. The girl’s head twisted slowly around until it was in itś original place. When it finally stops the girl fell to the floor.

Alex walked slowly towards where the girl had fallen. She put a hand to the girl’s neck to feel for a pulse. She didn’t feel one. Alex let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding.

She stepped shakily backwards reaching for the door. When she reached the door she yanked it open and ran out into the hallway that looked a lot more comforting. She backed up against the wall and fell to the ground. What had she just seen? She felt her face heat up and wipe the back of her hand across her face to wipe the tears away.

“Where am I!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

The tears were pouring now as she sat there all alone and scared. Then she heard footsteps. Her head shot up at the speed of light. The noise was getting louder as it drew closer. She stood carefully to her feet. She realized the noise was coming from the direction she had come from. She turned around and took off down the hall trying to put as much distance between her and the noise.

She finally reached the end of the long narrow hallway and at the end, there was a door. She reached her hand out to turn the nob. But stopped at the last second. What if there’s something even worse through this door? Then she hears the thundering footsteps behind her. This convinced her that whatever there was beyond this door she would take her chances. She opened the door and stepped through.

She started falling immediately. At first, she didn’t realize what was going on. Then she looked down. She saw nothing but black. She just kinda went quiet.

“There’s no reason for me to even scream.” She thought staring down at that horrible black void.

She grunted and held her eyes shut trying to think good things as she plummeted to her death . She might have expected she was going to die but that didn’t mean she was going to watch. She waited for the peace of death but it never came.

She slowly opened her eyes to see that she wasn’t dead.

“Well, that’s a relief I guess.” She said not quite sure what had happened.

She tried to stand up but felt pain shot up her leg. She looked down to see that her leg was bleeding from a cut about halfway up her leg. She took a step forwards not caring what was ahead. She practically ran into the wall. This sent fresh spikes of pain through her leg. She felt hot tears start to rain own her face due to the pain. She sucked in her breath, wiped the tears away and started forwards again. She took a step forward trying not to think about her leg. This was hard to do considering anytime she took a step new waves of pain swept through her. But she pressed on.

As she was walking she thought about her parents. What were they doing? Did they realize she was missing? If she had even been gone that long. Her thoughts were interrupted by a creaking noise.

She turned her head sharply to see where it had come from. She saw a door with what seemed to be an old lady sticking her head out. The old lady stepped out into the hallway and she was able to get a good look at her. She rather short with wrinkly skin and a small mess of gray hair sitting at the top of her head. Alex started to call out to her but stopped not knowing if this lady was friend or foe. She thought it over in her head and finally, she made up her mind.

“Hello?” She called to the woman while edging ever closer to her.

The woman stepped farther out into the hallway and made a motion at the door with her hand. Alex felt a bit of suspicion come over her but shakes it off. For what’s the worst that an old lady can do to her? Hit her with her cane? She reaches the door and after a nod from the old woman, she steps into the room. At first look, everything looks perfectly normal. Then Alex spies the stove against the wall.

She slowly walks over to the stove and inspects a pot that was sitting on it. In it, there seemed to be some sort of soup that smelled wonderful.

Alex heard the door creak and she swung around to see the old lady standing at the door.

“Oh, it’s you.” She said trying to slow her heart.

She turns back to the stove but sees that there is a lot less soup left in the pot then there was in the beginning. She shakes this off thinking that she must be imagining it. She turns to ask the woman something, but when she does the woman is no longer standing there. She took a step forward and calls out to the old lady. When she didn’t get a response she shrugged and turned around.

She jumps nearly three feet in the air when she sees the old lady standing before her. She backed up a bit trying to find out how the woman was able to move so fast without making any noise.

“How?” Alex Inquired of the old woman.

The woman smiled a bit and then made a gesture towards the soup on the stove. Alex wasn’t quite sure what the old lady was trying to do but she decided that she should look. When she looked at the soup something seemed a bit different about it. Then something broke through the top of the soup and she backed up with a gasp. She looked on in horror as a small finger floated at the top of the pot.

She heard the old lady chuckle again and spun around to face her. “What is this!” She screamed in the woman’s face. She felt herself tremble and spun around to start running when she felt something hit the back of her knee. She fell to the floor with a cry of pain as the cut in her leg flared with pain.

She rolled over onto her back and saw the old lady standing over her with her cane held like a weapon.

“She hit me with her cane.” Alex thought as a cynical smile spread across her face.

She stood up slowly and painfully for the hundredth time that day. She stepped forward and pushed the old lady to the ground. The old lady gave a small grunt in surprise as she fell to the ground. What would her mother think? Alex shook her head banishing this thought. She picked up the woman’s cane that she had dropped when she fell. She stood above her holding the cane. And brought it down in a long arc. Again and again, she struck the woman until the woman stopped moving.

She let out a small sob and fell to the ground ignoring the pain that shot through her leg. She stopped crying and stood up. She would not let herself be tricked again.

What had become of her? Was she a monster just like the woman? She thought on this but shook her head clear as she turned attention back to the stove.

She picked the cane back up and turned towards the pot of soup that sat cooking on the stove. She swung the cane and hit the pot off the stove sending it flying across the room. She walked to the door and was about to step out when she gave a sigh. And then she stepped out into hell once more.

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