Cannibalism Comes First ✔️

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Chapter 4

Milena POV

I walked over to the sink and turned the faucet on, wetting my bloody hands. Grabbing the soap, I rubbed it all onto my hands and then started to wash my hands until the blood was off of me.

After I was done washing my hands, I turned the sink faucet off and then grabbed a towel, slowly drying my hands off. I walked over to the couch and sat down, putting both of my feet up onto the table.

"Damn, that was fun.” I said. "What a rush."

"I know.” Dre said. "Their screams were music to my ears."

Ethan smirked and walked over to me, sitting down next to me. He looked at me and then looked at the wall, sighing.

I cannot wait until Diane settles in her new home and I cannot wait for her to meet our families.

"So....” I started talking. "How do you think Diane's going to react when we tell her about our secrets?"

"I honestly don't know.” Ethan said, shrugging. "I mean, she might be shocked and scared when we tell her about it but you never know."

"She would probably freak out.” Dre said. "Just like all of the other girls in the past did."

"Hm interesting.” I said, thinking about what else to say.

"I'm very surprised that Diane hasn't attempted to escape yet.” Anthony said.

"I know.” Ethan stated. "I thought that she would've attempted to escape by now."

"True.” I said, laughing a little bit, continuing to talk to the other boys.

All of the sudden, I heard loud running down the stairs and then saw Diane standing there holding a knife [that is covered in holy water] in her hand.

"Guys!” I yelled, slapping the boys arms repeatedly.

"What?” Ethan and the boys asked me, looking up at me.

"Look!” I yelled again, pointing at Diane.

Ethan, Dre, and Anthony turned their heads away from me and looked at Diane with shocked expressions on their faces. Diane came over to me and stabbed me in the stomach, groaning/screaming in pain.

"That's what you get for kidnapping me!” Diane yelled, slowly twisting the knife.

She stopped twisting the knife and then let go of it, slowly backing up. She grabbed the key from Ethan's pocket and then turned around, running to the front door. I untwisted the knife carefully and then pulled it out of my stomach, dropping it on the floor.

This bitch is to going to pay for stabbing me and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

"Uh oh.” Ethan whispered, gulping.

"Poor girl.” Anthony whispered, slowly backing up.

I put my left hand onto the wound and slowly putting pressure onto it, not caring about how much I'm in. Slowly walking towards Diane without her knowing, she puts the key in the key lock and then twisted it, making the lock click loudly.

"Yes!” Diane said, jumping up and down. "I'll finally be free!"

I walked behind her and then started to ball my right fist up. She put her hand onto the door knob and turned it all the way, slowly opened it. But then, I kicked the front door using all of my force/weight on my right leg, making the door close super hard.

She turned around and looked at me with fear in her eyes but I didn't give a shit. All I did was smile at her and then punched her super hard in the face. She groaned loudly and then fell onto the floor, knocked out.

"Heh.” I whispered. "How pathetic."

I pointed at Diane's knocked out body and whistled loudly. Dre and Ethan got up off of the couch and then walked over to Diane's body. Both of them grabbed her arms/legs tightly and then picked her up. They took her into an isolated room and then sat her down in a chair.

Ethan grabbed a ton of chains off of the floor and chained her up tightly. Dre walked over to the little table and grabbed an unlocked padlock off of it.

He walked over to Diane and then hooked the chains in it. He turned the shackle around and then pressed it down in the hole, making it click loudly. After they were finished, I walked into the isolated room [with my stomach bandaged up] and crossed my arms, looking at her.

"Good job boys.” I said, smiling. "Now the real fun begins."

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