Cannibalism Comes First ✔️

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Chapter 5

Diane POV

The next day, I felt was a hand tap my face softly and groaned softly, slowly waking up. After I woke up, I groaned and felt multiple chains wrapped tightly around my neck/body. Milena, Anthony, Dre, and Ethan were standing in front of me looking at me. I gulped and tried to back up but couldn't. I was so scared of them because I had no idea what they were going to do to me.

"Tsk tsk." Milena said, shaking her head in shame. "You shouldn't have stabbed me."

"P-please don't hurt me." I begged. "I'm so sorry for what I've done."

"It's too late for that." Anthony said. "And now, you're going to suffer the consequences."

Milena walked over to the table and grabbed a spiky whip off of it. She turned around and smiled at me but it wasn't a normal smile, it was a sadistic one. She gripped the handle of the whip tightly and walked over to me. She raised her arm up and started to whip me with the spiky whip. I started to scream in pain and blood started to gush out of my wounds on my whole body.

"Please stop hurting me!" I screamed while Milena continued to whip me. "I promise that I'll be a good girl!"

After a while, Milena stopped beating me and then looked at me, smiling at me. She bent over towards me and grabbed my face roughly, whimpering slightly. She chuckled and then looked into my eyes.

"If you ever attempt to stab me again, you will never ever see the light of day again." She snarled. "And that's a fucking promise. Got it?"

"Y-yes." I stuttered.

She chuckled at my response and then let go of my face. She stood up straight and then walked away from me, not saying another word to me and walked out.

"This is all your fault!" Ethan yelled. "If you didn't try to stab Milena, then none of this would've happened!"

I looked down in shame and started to feel bad for my actions. More tears rolled down my cheeks and I couldn't understand why I felt so bad for these monsters.

"I feel so bad." I whispered in shame.

"You should feel bad!" Dre yelled, walking away with the others.

The door slammed shut and then I heard a loud click. I started to cry for hours but that didn't help me or change anything in my situation. I knew nothing would change so I stopped crying and sucked it up because it wouldn't help me escape from this hellhole. I kept thinking about how to escape but all of my thoughts had obstacles so I am stuck with nothing.

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