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" I will come back, my soul will haunt them and drag each one of them to hell." They raped me, stabbed me and then buried me alive. They thought that this will be the end, but little do they know that death only made me stronger than before. I will come back for them, I will haunt them and drag them to the hellfire.

Horror / Thriller
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The cold moonless night justified the absolute obscurity outside while the frigid atmosphere promoted breathing difficulty. Thick darkness dwindled fast upon the land. According to myth, midnight is the moment where the most obscure creatures got out of their graves to set terror on earth. Only the fearless human beings would roam out during this time; Professor David was one of those men.

The Professor lived in a small house which situated just a few miles away from the cemetery. Every night, when the ultimate darkness settles, the irresistible calling of the graveyard forced him to leave his comfortable bed. He was the only person who could deliver the dead from their torments and grant them salvation. Yes, you are right! Professor David was not an ordinary man. He was unique and that since his birth.

Standing in the middle on the burial ground, Professor David felt a shudder, he realised the sensitivity as he went through it practically every night. It was a delightful shiver that travelled down his spinal column and chilled his body. David smiled; bit the corner of his lips and slightly lifted his eyebrows. He knew what was behind him; he knew that the creature at his back was not mortal, yet it did not intimidate him at all. Professor David turned gradually to spot the mystical creature.

She appeared in a distortion of light; a young girl made her apparition, who might be like 16 years old her. She stood there with her barely visible body and fixed the Professor. Too weird to be human. Her chocolate cherry hair covered fractions of her face letting only her nose and lips visible. Her cold-crimson eyes brighten even more than the headlight of a car through her hair. Her forehead stained with blood. She disappeared into the thin air and reappeared face to face with Professor David. The young girl wide opened her mouth and pushed a piercing scream which rhymed with the breeze. Yes, she was a ghost!

“Hello Professor,” she hissed.

“Hello Elina, I have excellent news for you. You will eventually be able to leave this mortal realm eternally,” announced the Professor.

Mr David took out a newspaper from his coat and read: “Found guilty and arrested for the accident of ELINA LEWIS”. Three years ago, Elina died in a car accident when she was on her way back home from a party with her friends. Her best friend Sarah was driving her home when a drunk driver lost control of his wheel and hit Sarah’s car. Elina died on the spot while Sarah plunged into a coma. Since then; her spirit became reckless for revenge, she was too young to die.

Not all deceased person got the chance to stay in the human world to take care of their unfinished businesses. Only the chosen one of NYX (the goddess of night), had such an ability. Those chosen souls would never leave until their culprits pay for their deeds. If staying too long into the human realm, then ghosts lost all of their humanity. Because of their revengeful and merciless nature, Thanatos (The god of death), restrained them from stepping outside their entombment area. To safeguard the equity of nature, Gaea (the goddess of the earth), created ghost whispers. Ghost whispers are human beings, but just like half-gods, they are endowed with some given powers of mother earth; they can talk, see, and control ghosts. However, just like maintaining the balance of nature, ghost whispers can likewise damage the equilibrium of the earth. Not everybody is graceful and abide by the rule. Talking, seeing, and controlling the death are not their only ability: they can also set free the souls to roam out amongst human beings, they can make ghosts visible to mortal or exploit their powers for personal gain. Never did Professor David went against the goddess of the earth because he knew that ghosts are unpredictable and that there are always repercussions if ever one of those ghosts hurt an innocent. Hades (The underworld god) would grant them a special place in hell for misusing their powers.

“Thank you, Professor,” she smiled

Again with a glow of light, she disappeared, without leaving so much than just a foot imprint in the soil. She flew into a world which was waiting for her. In, a realm in which she belonged for years. Finally, her spirit could rest in peace. Professor David smiled, feeling proud of his triumph. He turned back his holey black boots and made his way home where his lovely daughter Lisa must wait for him.

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