Lethal Confessions

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Horror / Thriller
Piesie Sampong
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"I don't think we're going to get anywhere in this rain." Shawn Pierce said from his place in the back seat of the black sedan car.

Philip Woodcomb and his girlfriend Sophia Lambert together with their friends Shawn Pierce and his girlfriend Alexandra Looper, John Romero and Philip's cousin Cassandra Dayrit were driving towards Louisiana for a three week vacation at a first class hotel which had been funded by Sophia's real estate dad to allow the college sophomores relax and have a little fun. But three hours into the journey it began to rain and Philip had to struggle to drive his car on the lonely road through the mini storm which showed no signs of stopping. What even made it worse was the fact that, they had no idea if they were headed in the right direction. It was all trees, greens and forest on both sides of the road, no directional signs in sight.

"What Shawn is actually trying to say is, we're doomed!"

"Calm down, you being hysterical won't help." Blond Sophia said to Alexandra, while looking at her from the front passenger seat.

"I think the rain is going to get stronger." John peered out from his window. "Looks like we're going to have to make camp and continue the journey tomorrow."

"Camp?!" Alexandra exclaimed. "Where are we going to make camp? We don't even know where we are."

"Maybe if you'll just stay cool and be quiet, we'll figure something out." Whispered Cassandra, who had been quiet during most of the journey.

"First of all," Philip said. "we can't camp here because there is nothing here except trees, trees and more trees. Secondly, it's also not possible to camp her," he momentarily looked at his girlfriend. "because-"

"PHILIP!" Cassandra suddenly screamed and he snapped his head back to the road, just in time to see his headlights pick up an animal he couldn't recognize, who had strayed into the road.

He quickly swerved to the right to avoid hitting it but instead drove straight into the forest, tree branches and thorns scratching at the car's newly sprayed body.

They all screamed at the top of their lungs, fearing for their lives while it sped deep into the woods. When Philip managed to see through the windshield at a small clearing in a distance, he used all the energy and might he had to brake the car, which finally stopped with a loud screeching sound.

No noise could be heard, just the building rain beating the car and their deep breathing. Then Sophia suddenly pushed open the door and jumped out into the rain, and one by one they all followed suite with Philip being the last, partly because he was afraid of checking the damage done to his car and partly because of shock.

At last he stepped out and joined the others in the rain and inspected his car. The appearance had been totally destroyed; there were dents and scratches all over the body, windows and even the tyres which had gone flat, the front bumper was gone along with a headlight and the side mirrors; it was totally ruined.

"Thank God we're all alive and fine." Cassandra breathed.

"But my car isn't."

"We just had a terrible accident and all you are thinking about is your car."

"Where's Sophia?" John abruptly asked.

"Wait, she was standing right next to me a few seconds ago." Alexandra said whilst looking around.

Philip had already began to search for her. "Sophia! Sophia! SOPHIA!"

"Sophia! Sophia! SOPHIA!..." The others chorused.

Then they heard a faint voice in a distance. "Guys, Philip, John, can you hear me?"

Philip responded with a loud, "Wait wherever you are, we'll be coming to get you!" before following the sound of her voice deeper into the woods.

They found her seconds later, drenched but otherwise fine; she was hugging herself from the cold. "Sophia." Philip sighed and run to put his leather jacket around her, drawing her into a tight hug. It was then he saw what they were standing in front of.

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