The Wild West

By Krystal Bradley All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Erotica


From the day she was born, Sophia Fuentez​ knew she’d come into this world with a price on her head and a debt to be paid. Yet, she never knew just how great the day would be when she received the opportunity to pay it back—until she was finally cruising down the highway, feeling the butterflies in her stomach, heading to her initiation ceremony. Sophia was ready to prove her strengths and everything she could potentially be. However, the only thing she hadn’t imagined was how beautiful the day would be and how far she would go to declare her love for the King of the new nation.


I’d have to prove myself, once and for all. So, I hopped on the Harley with my love and we peeled off down the red dusty plain. We all began to speed down the highway, creating a cloudy haze. I rested my head on his leather shoulder and held his rock solid body in my arms. His golden blond hair whipped me in the wind as nearly a hundred of us rode out in the Zen of the orange sunset.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sophia Maria Fuentez, Queen of Gold and The Vamdame of the Southwest Underworld. I can tell you the story of how The South became united with The West. I remember this day like it was just yesterday . . . the day of my initiation.

My father, the king of the south, cruised down the highway alongside us in the sweltering desert, wearing his red bandana with his braided ponytail trailing down his back. He rode as a lone warrior, never replacing the love of our late Queen. My father is the King of Fire and the Vamperor of the Southern Kingdom. King Fuentez is my creator, the greatest vamperor I’ve ever known. He was the first vampire to ever discover earth and conquer it, which means The South was here first! A desert kingdom of untouched land and magical red dust is where I’m from.

I took a deep breath as we veered off the highway onto the exit ramp. I was nervous and intrigued, warm but cool, and unsure yet confident. Besides our initiation, I was eager to give my majesty the surprise I had for him.

Vamperor Pierre Raul Juarez Desperado, the second, blazed down the dirt road nearer to our left. Our queen, The Vamdame of the West rode behind her husband, The Vamperor of the West, the father of my majesty and the ruler of the Western Underworld, The King of Many Nations. His tall and brawny appearance along with his tattooed sleeves for arms disguises his gentle kindness. The Western Empire holds many royal palaces on the western shores and it contains several noteworthy oceans as well.

At that time, our Queen of Hearts, the Vamdame of The West had short blond hair that feathered in the wind. Yet, her plump red lips and mulatto colored skin remains the same. Still to this day, she remains fierce, casting away the spirits of broken hearts with the blink of an eye. We sided near each other in the lanes and the queen glared at me with her cold blue eyes. She is known to the underworld by the name of Zahzah Corazon Desperado, Vamdameof the Western Underworld, Queen of Hearts.

Robella Bale Desperado, Vampiress of the Western Underworld, the Princess of Diamonds is his very tall and stocky sister, who grew up wrestling wolves. She too rode staggering directly behind us among our dynasty. Robella was a lone warrior like my father, at the time. She is also one who protects the Western legacy alongside her elder brother. The princess still remainsequipwith a sharp tongue and a quick wit. As vampiresses, we have no bad blood, but I had yet to see her change.

Together we’re an ancient dynasty, but the ones I’ve revealed are most deadly. We’re all relatives of the red dust, tumbleweeds and bull skulls. We’re the bats in the caves, the coyotes on the plains, and the crows in the sky. The desert is our home. We’re the bad in the world and the dead who are still alive.

Miles out, we could all see hundreds and hundreds of people nearer to the giant red rock. They were our followers, the ones responsible for loving us and making us legendary. They only saw us as their entertainment. We’re the young and beautiful musicians known to them as a band. We call ourselves, ‘The Royal Fam’.

We zoomed over to a tall red mesa that appeared like a platform of clay, rather than a rock. Several of our relatives zipped ahead of us on their motorcycles. Twenty vampires and their leathered vampiresses were the first to proceed up the red mesa. I could hear the onlookers shouting aloud the minute our dynasty made it to the flat center of the platform.

Vamperor Pierre Azul Desperado the third, my royal Prince Desperado revved up his engine while totting me around with him. It was time for us to make our way up the mesa. We ascended to the top of the lower platform in a matter of minutes. Our groomsman stepped forward and kneeled down on one knee with their maids at their side. We could hear our biggest fans shouting the loudest for us as we rolled to the center of the platform.

Once we reached the top of the mesa, I could see everyone. The audience pumped their fist and shouted our names. My ears began ringing and I could feel my heartbeat against my chest. The concertgoers kept cheering for their favorite band. All of the groupies that surrounded the hot spring lie around it near the edges. My handsome prince silenced the engine, eased off his bike as I sat straddled on it. He gazed at me and I gazed back at his perfectly defined features and evenly tan skin. Every time I peered into his baby blues, I was reminded of my purpose in life. I was a gift and fortune to be repaid.

My royal highness put his arms around me and lifted me from his motorcycle. He placed me on my two feet beside him and dropped down to one knee. He took my hand and kissed it ever so gently. The viewers whistled and cried out words of admiration. I smiled at my royal prince, deeply desiring to kiss his rogue lips, but it wasn’t time yet.

I put my other hand to my lips and blew a simple kiss to the audience instead. Prince Desperado rose to his feet and we made our way to our respected parts of the platform. We approached our custom guitars at their stands. Our servants sprung up from the dust to strap our instruments around our leathered bodies.

The minute my father received his guitar, The King of the South struck up a cord that commenced the ceremony. The crowd went wild as my father ripped the strings. Our dynasty rose to their feet as flames sparked inside the giant coal lanterns at the edges of our platform in the night’s warm breeze.

My fingers plucked the wiry cords of my white, electric guitar as I pranced around in my tight, leather dress and black stilettos. My cleavage sat promptly on the edge of my dress while I felt my adrenaline pumping through my chest. It was more than just my family counting on me. The independence of the Southern Kingdom relied on my love for the Prince of the Ocean too. The night had to proceed as I’d imagined it.

Ancient hieroglyphics appeared neon against the red mesa, making our history visible to the human eye. Everyone was here to share our precious moment. All the bikers, hipsters, and locals came out to party with us. I noticed my maids stripping naked and dipping into the warm spring oasis. My vampiresess were fierce and wild with fit bodies like ninjas. Large pythons slithered between their pink fleshy breasts, wrapping around their every curve. The sound of our guitars surged through the amplifiers and I banged my head to the rhythm of the drums as I played. The words of our anthem poured from the lips of the Diamond Princess. The crowd grew louder as they whistled, yelled and clapped their hands to the melody we called, Writing on the Wall.

Two men closer to the platform began pushing and shoving. The one with the mohawk threw the first jab and the one who received it bent over backward like a spoon near a random bystander. The battered man’s face leaked blood once he finally stood erect again. My temperature increased as I pulled the strings of my guitar. I inhaled, deeply.

A few more people joined the fight. A mosh of men proceeded to hit each other and kick up red dust. My eyes wandered past their craziness and I scanned the rest of the crowd, surveying our harmonious followers. They kept rocking and cheering while we plucked at the strings of our guitars and beat away at our drums like there was no tomorrow.

Some of the humans began to dance with our naked cousins while others only swayed to the rhythm. One of my cousins, the vampiress of granite, wade across the oasis towards a chiseled bald man, head banging at the muddy edge. She wore a yellow python around her neck as she gently brushed against his solid body. She gave him hungry eyes as she leaned in to kiss his rogue lips without letting go. The handsome, bald man held her in his possessive arms. I saw their passion from a distance, as I played my guitar on the platform. My cousin wrapped her legs around him and began to straddle him as he stood in front of her. She began to love on his flesh, making him tender and gentle with her body. He held her snuggly and began to thrust her insides dramatically. The snake curled around his neck and slithered down until it reached her breast. I watched her naked body gyrating against him as he held her.

Powah! Powah!

I flinched, causing one of my notes to flatten. I glanced around. My majesty rushed over towards me and the rest of our dynasty stood on guard. My heart pounded again as my father, The King of the South, watched the gunman carefully. If they'd shot one of us and we continued to rock out instead of dying, they’d then witness our superiority. The King of Many Nations played his guitar nearer to his Vamdame and Diamond Princess. The gunshot alarmed us, but it didn’t stop us from performing. Our supporters, however, appeared frightened and wary. The guardsmen pushed through the audience on their motorcycles, forcing the crowd to widen.

The Princess of Diamonds carried out a vocal note that harmonized our sound. Yet, I quickly turned my head and began to observe The Queen of Hearts. I knew without a doubt that she would take charge of the situation. None of the humans could see me observing her. I watched her in another dimension, just one of the many powers we held over humans and their gods. The queen appeared before me as a jet-black figure against an inferred high definition backdrop. I could see both worlds very clearly. She began casting a spell that brimmed from her icy blue eyes like misty fog on a cold day. My prince remained focused on the madmen in the audience while playing his guitar. Yet, I kept my eyes planted on the queen. A stream of green vaporous gas seeped from underneath her eyelids and it drifted out into the crowd, fogging up the cluster of moshing men. I watched her do that, grateful she’d deemed it necessary to cast a spell on them. It was our night! No matter what happened to the humans our ceremony had to proceed.

The minute the spell took hold the mosh grew bewildered and woozy. Our guards surrounded the men and attempted to relocate them. The tallest guardsman was my uncle. He alone snatched up at least five men. The other guards shuffled the remainder of the dreary mob over to the vampiresses who awaited them.

White lotus flowers swirled around the lake where the mischievous men collapsed into the arms of our naked maids. The vampiresses of our court entertained them with their tattooed titties that jiggled sparkly piercings.

The Queen of Hearts, Vamdame of the West began singing the chorus. I listened to her soft beautiful voice. Her sweet words made me think of her handsome son and suddenly I could hear my pulse in tune with the drums. I pranced over nearer to the queen with my jagged white guitar in front of me.

She kept a straight face, not at all admiring me. I just kept gazing into her eyes because that’s all I could do. Once her stanza was over she moved in closer to me as if she were going to give me a kiss, but she moved her red, red lips over and embedded them into my hair.

“You’ll be defeated! You’re not good enough for my son! You may never measure up to our greatness!” she shouted in my ear.

I was sliced open by her words as she stepped back to look into my eyes again. My heart ached, just as she’d wanted it to do, but my expression remained a sharp smile. Clearly, it was his mother who was the real challenge for me. It was her heart I had to win over. As for her children, they were warriors all of their lives. Me, I’d have to work for it.

We started rocking out together and I couldn’t help but let the words pour from my red lips as we faced each other. By the way, she swayed and rocked to the rhythm with me, I could tell she was examining my heart. It had to be strong and healthy for her son. She’d already put me through as many tests as she could conjure. She used her sagaciousness as a jagged-edged weapon formed against me.

Time and time again, I had to prove to her that my heart only beat for her son, my majesty. I had nothing to fear. My beloved mother, the Queen of the Soul, blessed me with the most precious gift of all before she walked into the sun. She granted me the power to give the greatest love.

Prince Desperado made his way to me. He took my hand and kneeled down on one knee before me again. Right there in front of everyone, he began to serenade me. The ladies in the front audience screamed in amazement when they heard the sound of his melodious voice. People pulled out their lighters and lit them as they sang along. I felt the oneness of our kingdom and I was happy. The audience became silent as his verse came to an end. All that could be heard was my guitar instrumental. My royal highness rose to his feet as his adoring fans blew him kisses.

Our fingers plucked our guitars as my prince made his way over to his black Harley. He posed for the ladies in the front row and they screamed with excitement, probably hoping he’d get rid of his shirt. I only rocked to the beat and picked the strings of my guitar until the song ended.

Our servants rose from where they bowed and they began creating a ring of flames around the six of us. I stepped out in front of him in my black stilettos as he sat on his Harley watching me. The fire heightened quickly, flickering around us as if we were sitting on the sun. My hungry eyes looked at him as if he were my very own bloody heart. The drums kicked in while my father tickled the strings of his guitar and I began to dance for the Prince of the Ocean and all the others.

I swayed my hips as I moved in closer to my majesty. My feet moved on beat and I twirled. I let my neck roll, brushing my long black train of hair against his peachy skin. My belly did a dance while my hips tilted from side to side. I did that to let him know I wanted to create vampires with him. I let my neck become loose and I leaned back into a bridge. I did that to let him know just how willing I could be. I separated my legs until I slid into a split on the red dust to show him how limber I could be. I finished my dance bowing before him and I began to sing to him while on both knees. My words were easy as we listened to the slowdah dahdo do of the guitar.

Oooh la la la

Oooh Oooh wee

Baby, Baaby, my sweet baby . . .

Take this precious heart

And be good to it my love

My precious sweet dove

Place this love high above

Like pearls in the sea

You mean everything to me

Aiming for your heart is key

Baby, let this love set you free

Oh la la la

Oh my sweet baby

Oooh la la la

Oooh ooh wee

I dreamt this is how it’d be

Our love means everything to me

On a pedestal for the world to see

Me for you and you for me, baaby

Like the stars, I fall

Love is a fire that grows tall

Orange flames catch heat

My sugar, so sweet

Baaby, oh my sweet baby

Oooh ooh wee

Oooh la la la

Holding the last note, I cried out a falsetto that used all the wind in me and I knew the whole desert felt a breeze. The crowd whistled and shouted as I held the high note at the end. Our royal dynasty chimed in an instrumental that lullabied everyone in the moonlight.

I looked up into my prince’s baby blue eyes while I remained on my knees and I began to daydream. My love was only an honored prince when I sang to him, just as he was when he saved my mother and father from a giant, two-headed sea serpent of the Western Olympic Ocean, many moons ago. Before I was even a twinkle in my father’s eye, my majesty, being the great noble warrior that he is, wrestled with a giant sea serpent in high tide until he finally daggered it to death and it sunk into the bottom of the Olympic where it remains.

My royal parents thanked, my majesty, the prefect blue- eyed Prince of the Ocean and they sailed off, knowing they’d have to find a way to repay him and the Western kingdom. Together my parents devised a plan. They decided they’d make love for many days and nights to create the perfect vampiress to take the hand of the prince. My beloved queen expressed to me that she knew I was the one, the moment after she bore me and I rested snuggly in her arms.

Our dynasty silenced their guitars and a young, handsome groomsman came riding onto the platform. The vampire hopped off his Harley and made his way through the low intensity of flames into the circle. I could see him holding something that sparkled on the pillow in his hand as he came nearer. That was the moment I’d been waiting for, acceptance into the West meant expansion and aggrandizement for the grand old Southern Kingdom. I grew eager with excitement and I smiled at my majesty. The groomsman came forward and stood before us. Then he dropped down on both knees, holding the maroon pillow up high above his head. Our followers continued clapping their hands, probably thinking they knew what was happening.

All our vampires allowed their knees to hit the red dust once more. My prince reached over and retrieved my golden crown from the small pillow. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I could see the diamonds shining brightly and sparkling as he showed it to our fans. He held it up in the air so everyone could see it. They chanted our names, louder and louder as he held the crown still.

The prince leaned down and placed the gold plated floral crown over my head. In that moment, my title rose from princess to queen and I was partially accepted into the Western Kingdom. My arms were shaking from the explosion of joy in my heart. Tears bubbled in my eyes and dashed down my rosy cheeks. I remained on my knees as my father, The King of the South, and the ruler of the Western World stepped forward. The King of Many Nations stood on the right-hand side of his son with the Queen of Hearts and The Diamond Princess.

Another groomsman hopped off his bike and stepped into the circle with the second maroon pillow that held an even larger golden crown on it. The groomsman came nearer and bowed before us, holding the pillow in the air above his own head. Everyone could see the gold crafted crown clustered with diamonds and rubies. Prince Desperado bowed down on one knee before the kings.

We honored our dynasties as we faced each other, my majesty on one knee and me on both. The Western Kingdom remained rigid until my father finally placed the large golden crown on top of my love’s royal head. Together, we sprung to our feet, hand in hand as The South Western Kingdom.

I wanted to parade around and celebrate, but I had to remain calm as we stood facing each other. King Desperado the third pulled me into him and I slid my arms around his neck. We gave each other a sweet kiss in front of our large family. Everyone clapped their hands, but that time our servants screamed the loudest. We’d become crowned and the South finally became united with the West. Our admirers in the front began throwing white rose pedestals towards us on the red dust. Stars fell from the midnight sky as a signal to our ancestors.

The flames kept burning on the charcoal lanterns while our dynasty began smashing their guitars all around us. My king held me in his arms while my pulse beat louder, faster, and harder. We both looked out and smiled at our patrons. I could see our vampiresses sexing all the groupies in the oasis.

“Reeed . . . red . . . rum . . . rum . . . rummm!” The Vamdame sang.

Our dynasty dropped everything and turned our heads to stare at the moon in unison. Every last one of us did it, even the naked vampiresses. They stopped fucking, in motion, and every last one of them turned their heads to stare at the bright blue moon. It was involuntary. We all froze in place and we could no longer hear a sound. It was dead silent. We all stared into the moon’s bright shine in a total trance like zombies. The world was velvet red again and we could hear our ancestors coming. We made ourselves still, small and practically invisible for the arrival of their spiritual kingdom.

Suddenly, my inferred vision began to slightly fade and my beloved mother, The Queen of The Soul appeared to me. She hovered above me dressed in a black, fluffy gown. I smiled at her and I was no longer in the inferred trance with the rest of the vampires. I could hear howling coyotes and I could see the dumbfounded expressions on the faces of the audience. They started questioning each other as they observed our abrupt and bizarre behavior. I focused back up at my mother in the sky and she blew me a kiss. My heart burned like a ball of fire in my chest and I felt my power. Slowly, but surely, my beloved mother faded away into the midnight sky.

Immediately, I zoned back into our inferred vision with the rest of my dynasty. I was still excited, despite the blue moon holding us in a trance. I could feel it in my bones. If everything went as planned, his surprise would be right on time.

The trance of the moon was broken by the sound of our flapping ancestors, but our followers still didn’t know what was happening by the look of confusion on their faces. Instantly, our fangs slid out of our gums and they were revealed in the fresh air. We slowly became disengaged from our trance once our fangs slid out. The time had finally come.

Hundreds and hundreds of our ancestors swarmed down on our assembly. The bats quickly clinched onto their human flesh and our followers began screaming—a beautiful symphony of fear and agony.

In the midst of flying bats, I turned to speculate the other vampires. The oasis quickly turned to a pool of drizzled hot blood, brewing like a good soup. The naked maids resorted to raping the bodies of screaming men and women, who were no longer interested in the nature of our love. I peeked around my king’s shoulder at my court and I spotted my princess sister still staring at the moon. Quart shaped diamonds replaced her eyes and her body began morphing into something different. Her weight swiftly increased. Her arms and legs grew out buff and wide where she stood. Her skin turned into thick, gray fur while her feet and hands shifted into razor-sharp claws. She transitioned onto all fours, standing erect and ready. The Diamond Princess quickly crawled her way up to the highest point of the mesa, at the tip of the rock and she began howling at the moon. We could hear her voice echoing throughout the desert.

The queen glared at me with her sapphire eyes and I became nervous. I knew what time it was and I was ready for it, but the queen had a way about her that intimidated me. The Vamdame gestured for her servant to hand me a few broken guitar headstocks. I took a deep breath and retrieved them from her. My majesty granted me a gentle kiss on my cheek and I felt my horns come out, locking my crown in place.

Immediately, I spring off the platform into the mass of screaming bloody humans. I latched onto a random human body and I began to attack it. The woman I dug my claws into was a slender brunette who screamed incessantly. My outer appearance began gradually shifting shape, but I had to keep moving towards the running pray.

I shoved my jagged guitar piece in her neck and stood there, taking heed to the rich, purplish blood oozing down her neck. I felt awkward. I wasn’t a warrior. I felt like I was killing a part of me. Yet, I remembered how badly I wanted to be a Vamperor’s queen and expand territory into the underworld kingdom. I grabbed her by the shoulder and held her in place as I commenced to digging in her chest. I clawed her again and again until I finally seized her precious heart.

The more I wrestled with human bodies, the more I learned how to kill them. I commenced to slicing their chests and splitting them wide open. They were all overwhelmed with fear, so clawing into their shivering flesh wasn’t horribly taxing for me. The ones who defended themselves I killed with my broken guitar pieces, using them like a sword.

I had to collect only the most tender of hearts. However, I didn’t know if a heart was tender until I sliced open a body and touched it. If the heart wasn’t still warm with love upon my touch, then I immediately dropped their corpse. However, there were barely any humans that hadn’t already been bitten by my ancestors. Hundreds of hungry blood-sucking bats were everywhere, feasting upon human necks left and right. All I could hear were screams of death.

Hot blood spilled out everywhere. Even the running bodies were dripping with blood. I could smell it like a good, hot meal as it splattered across my lips. I stuck out the tip of my pink calloused tongue and licked the blood off my scaled reptile lips. Immediately, I grew hot with desire, but I couldn’t partake in their flesh until I first served my king.

Minutes seem like hours, as I slew them. I was becoming winded. I finally collected as many good hearts as I possibly could in the bit of time I had. The rest of the royal family waited for my safe return, but my most gorgeous king waited for me to present him with the best of the best. I gathered a hundred hearts into my tight leather bosom and I arrived back at our sacred red platform in the nick of time.

I shifted back into my bloody leathered human form and presented the hearts to my majesty on both knees before him, allowing some of them to spill out of my bosom onto the red dust. I could tell by his expression, he was already pleased. The Queen of Hearts quickly slid between us, stepping her black stiletto heel in front of me. She gently tapped her red polished fingertip on top of my shoulder.

I rose to my feet and stood before her. She reached out and took a heart from my bosom. I gazed at her feeling the pressure of a hundred heartbeats. The queen put the ripe heart up to her red lips and slowly bit into it. She first had to make sure it was sweet and tender for her son. After she tasted it, a servant came and retrieved it from her hand. I looked into her ocean eyes, hoping her heart was still warm. I gawked at her and she gawked back, but I couldn’t read her. She looked back at me without expression like a killer without remorse. The entire dynasty waited in silence.

The queen slightly bowed her head in approval. My majesty immediately lifted me to the sky, spinning me around as he held me in the air. The entire dynasty cheered louder than the screaming humans. More hearts spilled from my bosom while the servants hurried over to catch them. My sweet king gently placed me back down on my feet. He then took a step forward toward the edge of the platform.

King Desperado began shifting into another shape before the screaming, running crowd. I eased back so he’d have enough room to fully grow into form. He spouted up tall like a giant and his body began to bulge. His neck thickened, his shoulders and back broadened, and then his claws came out. My majesty’s skin turned to thick leathery scales and his eyes changed color. I gazed up at him, noticing the king’s horns locking his crown in place.

Observing him in his supernatural state made me hot. He was so large and powerful. He had reptile skin, claws like a wild cat and the strength of a hundred men. In my uncontrollable lust, I morphed back into my supernatural state with him. He jumped into the crowd of miniature humans and he quickly began slaying them as if it were only a sport.

A dark man stood tall in front of my king. He grabbed a gun from out of his holster, reached up and shot the king. I folded over with pain, holding myself in the arm where the gunshot wounded my majesty. The horror of it all made me lovesick, but I knew he would be okay. I held my wounds and continued to watch my noble warrior fight.

Fortunately, my majesty wasn’t harmed and he charged forward towards the gunman. The shooter instantly became frightened, dropping his gun and running in the other direction. The man trampled over dead bodies and others who were trying to get out of the way. My king reached over and swiftly snatched up the dark man, tearing his head clean off his body. He dropped his convulsing body and he threw the man’s head behind his shoulder.

The king’s royal body shifted into that of a giant four-armed beast. His head appeared like that of a human, but it began to swell as large as a hot air balloon. A topless man, just less than seven feet tall, stood watching my king. The man appeared sturdy with a body full of tattoos. My majesty grabbed the man by his arms and legs, stretching them further and further apart from his body. The man hollered out in agony as my king ripped his limbs out of their sockets.

The torso of the sturdy man dropped to the dust. My love unhanded his limbs and glared down at him. Again, the king picked up the limbless man with one arm and held him to his face like a human about to eat a chicken leg. The king pulled the man to his mouth and sunk his teeth into his neck, snapping the man’s head off of his body.

The topless man’s head dribbled from the side of my majesty’s mouth and hit the red dust. My king glared at the dismembered corpse in his hand and then tossed it away.

I looked around at the massacre that was taking place before my eyes. A few humans had surely gotten away, but the majority of them remained between our ancestor’s sharp fangs. Our dynasty hadn’t eaten yet and the smell of fresh blood filled my nose, but it was the underworld kingdom’s royal tradition to give to the ancestors first. We waited patiently, anticipating the king’s return. My love continued slaying the men beneath the sacred platform until he’d decapitated more than a hundred heads.

After The King of the Southwest finished slaying humans he made his way back to the platform while the servants collected the dusty heads from the ground. Once they gathered all of them they laid the heads down before my father, The King of the South. My honorable father looked at my majesty sternly. My majesty stood directly in front of my father as not only a king, but a warrior as well. The King of the South gave my majesty a slight head node and all the vampires began to applaud for Pierre Azul Desperado the third, King of the Ocean, Vamperor of the South West Underworld.

Finally, I spotted it flying towards us in the sky. I begged my king to look up in the air. It was right there. It was my real gift to him, breathing out breaths of hot fire. Our whole dynasty could see the dragon in the sky and they responded with oohs and ahhs. Gradually, we all began to cheer as the dragon landed on the dusty platform among us. My royal highness pulled me into him and kissed me passionately. It seemed to me that the love of my life was grateful.

The oasis became a brothel of blood as our dynasty feasted and celebrated. We’re the south and the west, the freaks of our nature, the beautiful vixens and the stars in the sky. We stuff ourselves like pigs until we became full of protein and our celebration drew to an end. Our whole dynasty climbed onto my king’s dragon and we all flew away with our ancestors into the sunrise.

Thank You for reading The Wild West! I hope you enjoyed it. I will have more short stories to come in the future. I'm also the author of Against the Grain which is a military novel. Don't be afraid to tap the like or leave me a comment--a good, a bad or an ugly one. lol! Have a good one!

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