Moon County

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"People in Moon County don't stay out past midnight... Midnight in Moon County is dangerous." Not all monsters are make believe, and not all stories are meant to be told... Harper, an author from the "Big Apple", moves to a quiet little town known as Moon County. The reason for the move is simple, she needs an escape from the noise of New York to the quiet, peacefulness of a small town. Moon County is just as quiet as she expected, but not as peaceful... Harper is forced into an unexpected reality of secrets, lies, conspiracy, and horror. Will her story be told? Better question...should it?

Horror / Mystery
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Deadra looked into the eyes of the beast that slowly approached her, it laughed with fierce pleasure because it was stronger than her, much stronger. She was the sheep, and he, he was the wolf...

The End

Harper had finally finished the first book in her new book series, Manimal. It has been over three years since she started writing it, and she was extremely proud of the end result. It was a novel filled with suspense, evil, murder, and more. Sadly, it was based on a true story, her story....

3 years and two months ago...

Harper drove for what seemed like hours down the same dirt road. Pretty much all roads in Moon County were composed of dirt and some gravel. She sighed, thinking of how New York had many paved roads, sure they were broken, but at least they were paved.

There wasn’t any traffic. so that was a plus, and the only thing she really had to worry about hitting was a stray animal... Or a tumbleweed, Harper laughed at this realization, she was probably the only one driving on this road for miles.

Looking at her watch, Harper sighed again. According to the very complicated math she did in her head before she left it was going to take her another hour until she gets to the main town, and another thirty minutes to get to the cabin she rented.

Harper was in Moon County because it was rated one of the quietest towns in all of America, and one of the least populated. This wasn’t surprising to Harper, the county wasn’t appealing in the pictures she had looked at. Also, she has a friend who has a friend that used to live in Moon County, and he said that Moon County was “Nothing in the middle of nowhere.”

“It can’t be that bad.” Harper said reassuringly to herself, but she had a weird feeling that she was wrong, dead wrong......

......Harper arrived thirty minutes later than her math suggested. It could be worse though, she could’ve gotten lost and been eaten by one of those “stray animals.”

The town was small and it didn’t look much different from the pictures she saw. There were a few buildings which consisted of a grocery store, a movie rental, a library, a car-repair shop, a police station, and a book store. Harper smiled at this, maybe they have a few of her books. If so, it is possible that a few people in town have read them and they, at least, know of her.

The book store wasn’t what was important, not right now anyway. Harper needed to buy a few things. Survival things like water, food, printing paper, and an endless amount of coffee.

She was going to spend a lot of time at her temporary home. Enough time for her to start writing something, and hopefully get it finished. That’s the reason Harper left New York, she needed a quiet place to write, and New York didn’t quite fit under that title.

So, Harper parked in the parking lot of the grocery and began walking to that unfamiliar territory hoping to be one of the only one’s there...

...Inside, Harper realized that the store had everything that she needed, just not in the way that she wanted. They had food, but she knew that probably none of it was organic. They had water, but from the looks of it she doubted it was drinkable. And they had coffee which, surprisingly, seemed to be of well enough quality.

“You find’n everything alright ma’am?” An elderly woman who, Harper assumed, worked there.

“Um, yes thank you.” Harper tried to sound as country-kind as possible.

“Alrighty then,” the woman paused, “my name is Glenda by the way, and if you need anything lemme know.” Glenda smiled, she had most of her teeth left, and they were yellow, but at least she had them.

“My name is Harper, and thank you.” Harper smiled back.

“Have a nice day now,” Glenda said as she walked away.

“Um, you too.” Harper said back. At least the people in town are welcoming, Harper thought. She bought everything she needed and left feeling a bit more welcome in the stranger town...

...Harper arrived at the cabin at 9:30, but she was already so tired that she decided not to begin writing until the next day. All she had time for was to put up the groceries, brush her teeth, change into her pajamas, plop onto the unmade bed, and wait for sleep to come...

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