Maybe it's not just dreams?

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She never knew what was coming for her next? Did she really think all of this was true or maybe a dream could destroy you? Could she have done any better to peace out things or make it even more worse? It's all about the shadow and darkness that gulps you in and in? Would you believe in darkness? Will you take the risk to step in or step out without reading this?

Horror / Mystery
Shatakshi Gupta
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : Presence

I can't believe I'm doing this but i think i don't have any choice but to share ,maybe anyone can help me out? I'm literally sharing my experience online what if people think i need help or something but i guess eventually I would find someone who would share the same thing. Life's been really hard after high school but never thought things would turn out this way?

I live in an apartment with my mother and apparently beside my apartment there's so called haunted apartment which is all empty up to down even the guards deny to stay there. I'm saying "so called" because I thought it's just a rumor around to scare children so that they don't go there for hook ups. I'm 19 and I have spent my childhood around and never felt a thing in this 19 years. But don't forget about this you'll know why?

So all this began with a walk, Me and my cousin were just walking around in the terrace after our supper.It was 11'o clock at night. We're talking and seeing the crackers busting with the most beautiful colors in the sky and that's when I felt very eerie and bizarre.My stomach squeezed in on itself,ready to make me throw up if I let it. I felt this energy behind me. It was so real so strong I knew it but I ignored it thinking I'm not actually sure how this dead things works.Who knows, ghosts are true or not.

I lean forward ,propping my elbows on Allison and let my face into my hands and I slide my fingers back into unexpectedly damp hair then we took a step forward and forward and that's when I felt it's so freaking real. Someone is behind us but my mind was juggling with the thought why my cousin couldn't feel that, was i dreaming?

Again ignoring everything we went around the terrace and that's when she felt the same. In her traumatizing voice she called me " Malia did youuu?" She swallowed hard tears sting at the corners of her eyes.I understood before she could complete, without thinking in my straight directness of race I said "Yes I know I feel it too Allison".Immediately hearing this she totally freaked out that someone was actually following us for the past 10minutes. She's not very much an alive person because we couldn't hear footsteps but her presence was very much real to scare the shit out of us.
We ran as fast as we could and we felt that thing is running behind us trying to chase but she couldn't pass the door. We didn't had the guts to turn around and see who was she? I know she was a female how? You'll get go know soon.

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