Hush Mummy is marrying

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All one needed was that grandma and grandpa were married to each other and what did drive everyone mad? What made them mad was that it was not natural Nature as intended in the nude where did respect go to the conventions it left us and the winds of time and change leapt to the conclusion that we should be driven mad by what we took our wasteland our time in the sands of lusts made us the people the family we are now we are never going to survive this knowledge. That our survival as spiritual selves with the selflessness and the humanity and humility is to know we done wrong that our ancestors have done wrong but we now glorified in the pride and deceits make way forward and do not turn back and take and take and mate with this and that. We are the new vampires and we love who and what we are. Our gaining selves startle everyone with anger and fear and we walk as if some youth has turned inside us into the clown we love to be. We can't bear to see ourselves in the mirror because of who and what we are..

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

Hush everybody is getting married so we have to do so too. Hush it has to be done or we are done for. Everyone’s lips will be talking about us. Hush the law of the land that is the law everyone must be dancing and married.

I am avoiding speaking or squeaking this. Family secrets are hidden and not told. But I will speak about the secrets because that is what I am a teller of tales. Nobody wants you for that reason do not hurt us do not hurt our parents. When they left me to dry out in the street did, I harm the head of their hair? When they left me to die and then came to watch? Did I harm them? Do not hurt our parents that is what my sister said. I am sorry I am so sorry but if I do not hurt them with words worse things might happen to us to him to them.

This is insane this is not the whole truth how can life be put in a bottle and fed to all when it is huge when it is large when there are too many drops to place them inside the bottle?

“Used sparingly it can cure all ills the bottle.”

“Depends on what is in the bottle.”

“Let us move on with this what is this?”

“I am the bread winner of something like this my yeast is the marrow my marrow is the bone of the story.”


“I am with meaning I did not mean to be a nobody so that my famed family would think me a joke.”

“Your famed family?”

“They are crooked but they are famous.”

“Who and what do they do?”

“Oh, this and that.”

“Your father built an empire only to smash it to smithereens because he disliked you?”

“Yes sir.”


“I am not certain of the reason.”

“But you know?”

“Several reasons which built into hate.”

“Can a parent hate their own?”

“Yes, they can and do it is so some reject their off spring for reasons which they say is just.”

“It does not make sense who is your father and family?”

“I am not allowed to claim them as my own.”

“Cast off.”

“The cat is out of the bag now.”

“Cast off.”

“Drifted into this sad tale.”

“My family is not unique in doing this shall we get on with the story?”

“Lend me a dollar.”

“No, I have not even a dime.”

“They wanted you to become a prostitute?”


“Well did you?”

“I washed dishes to make ends meet.”

“What did it do to them?”

“They butchered my dreams.”

“It is nothing to do with this story I must move on and make sense of other lives.”

“But this is the story is it not where it began is not the reason for the story is it?”

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