Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 11

How delightful she looked on her wedding day how lovely not like when she had married on her first wedding. She had been heard to have actually to be wailing her fate or some dark matter and why now she looked delighted and with someone such a comely couple already they appeared to be so alike as if their mannerism was the same as an old pair would be who happened to be married a dozen years.

How can some asked, fanning herself and then looking at themselves as they sat down to dinner with their middle of the road family that they did not have such luck. This marrying girl who married at eleven years old now marrying past it age and still looking and looking right for the part? And licking their tongues they marched along.

Tongues started to wag and then they flew and then retracted subject to contract and then contrite maybe a misunderstanding? By law a man cannot marry his sister. Then it must not be true the rumours. Then it was all lying and how did he gain entry into the estate and what was the parents saying and doing sinking beyond recall as if the earth was about to swallow them dry. They had been living with the ex-husband and had given him the entire estate.

“What for?”

“For this of course otherwise what for?”

“A couple of good people who would not contend with this sort of behaviour.”

“But why did the son in law throw them out?”

“The new wife very vicious wanting to keep the estate without looking after the old couple.”

“Now not only have lost the estate but they are now living in poverty because of this?”

And there she was again to the entire aghast herd swooning walking talking as if in her element.

“She lost her fortune and this is her smile this is what losing means to her?”


“Does not care is gloating my husband wants her for the herd.”

“No way she deserves to starve people like her deserve to be chopped up and made an example of.”

“How will they live and on what?”

“The father still has some money.”

“Perish them.”

So, what is happening?

“The brother and sister have got married.”

“Don’t be abusive.”

“There is nothing the matter with them they look normal like us.”

“What did not know about you and your wife?”

“No relation,”

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