Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 12

But the wagging fingernails did not matter as the bride and groom elated to be so in love and matched out by themselves as much as the match makers would soon be in their bed naked as children watching the years go and go to whatever it liked to.

He had courted her six years and she loved him and he spoke to her nicely and said somethings he had to have and that was her. She was so delighted with him,

That now marching down the aisle and marching forever in the sight of God and making time to the music of time she could sing now like a song bird leaping from her cage and marking timelessness into the shadow of the light where she could become a Mrs without the sorrows and the tragedies because he was her very own.

How does it matter and what does it mean when the man is beside one telling me that I am loved and that the love in his eyes are reflected in mine? We are no longer brother and sister but man and wife.

The ladies can chatter and they can guess and they can foretell disaster what did it matter what did it make her feel when love was the answer to all the pain and all that should be and nothing else did mean anything but this purity of their vows. I can marry anybody and she did she married her brother.

She looked so delightful and everyone said they had not seen her smile so much in their lives and she did she smiled and gloated and her happiness was complete when everyone was envious of her.

No amount of ex’s would come upon her again and make her aghast at herself and take away her pride in herself.

“Oh, I do.”

Looked straight at the Imam and her lack of sense got everyone into behaving like idiots too,

Some said I do not believe it as if it was a circus other said maybe we made a mistake and misunderstood the relationship?

“One said very appropriately hussy.”

The thing to do with secrets is to flaunt them then nobody knows they are secrets.

“Secrets do not despair my child there is no need for them.”

“I flower like the angels.” she thought all the years wasted and me now older than anyone in this room and what for did I wait for this?

“For this.” He said and kissed her.

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