Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 13

What the normal thought were that they were all looking well and healthy unlike what everyone thought incest meant.

“Does not incest cause ill health?”

“In the pink we are in the pink.”

Grandma was slightly deaf and there was this deafening thought why was she not listening to everyone became known as the deafness in her which was her determination to do what was right by her status. If a woman did not become a wife, she did not become a woman and grandma was determined.

She actually looked as if she had bloomed. The ladies said so it must have been a delight to watch and how well she looked and must have been all the courting they had done which had made her so loved and cherished.

“There is a lot to do and what to do in the little time left to do it.”

“Where is the washing not done.”

“What is there to be done when nobody helps me.”

“Every little bit of every little bit was done by hand and nan had lost her hand someone had narrowly chopped it and it was useless by her side. When the attacks come when the attacks come, she does not care anymore.”

“Waste not want not.”

“Many people call us into question when we love and need each other.” said Gold to her husband brother.

“Wasting your life on me?” said her husband charmed by her.

He left for the whore house that moment because he did not want to waste his new-found energy on someone like her who was very elegant and was a wife.

Gold had to sleep with a neighbour because he that jealous.

He came back with a green handkerchief from his favourite and green washed and ironed it for him. In those days it was a coal iron and one allowed the coal to steam then they went into cold one could iron the whole wardrobe on the heat of just a few coals.

“What is there what is there but not much but the thing to do was to waste not want not.

His thread bare shirts now fully lined and stitched.

In her heyday she had sewed two big suitcases for her nuptials.

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