Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 14

The full circle which had set the scene with all the ladies fanning themselves because of the heat and all they said was it is natural she is now married happiness at last after all of her eight children had died of natural causes and now she in her bloom making time for the real things in life the happiest moment of each day and lord it was Cyprus and what did it matter if the groom was a near relative.

Their dear children are at the wedding too both of them wanted them not to appear but the granddad Huseyn went and brought them to make them see what their parents were doing unnatural. He swore in his feeble manner unnatural this is not wanted. His wife having nothing to say because her tongue had been ripped did not only try but did not even speak or nod, she was ashen.

“How handsome is the lad how good looking only eleven years old what is odd about this how odd it is not to see someone did not know and they all looked superior did not speak and the silence grew until it did not appal it did not make sense not to speak just went on and on until the years settled and made it good.

“This is a delight to see you it is such a good thing to say nothing about incest?”

“But this is an all-inclusive world and do not say anything just say shush.”

“Let the world live and make it a better place.”

“What we do in our beds has nothing to do with the world.”

“We harmed no one.”

“There is nothing one can’t do not to be anything other than this.”

“Speak for yourself now shut it.”

No one would rattle on them not when they deserved their happiness when the children of the former marriage had died all of them from the venom of the disastrous blood and why it is okay to settle for someone a near relative and my dear being so near that is what will make it stick like butter to the pan and let off steam and mark my word the children of this match will not die.

“We are an absolute delight.”

“Delighted to see you looking so happy.”

“How well you both suit?”

“Why it is so much in the bliss she does not understand irony.”

“Mama.” said her son and they went not at all and the grandmother gave him a cake and he ate it not at all he disliked to think what that meant the cake the cake he disliked being stared at they all knew what his parents did in bed.

“You no longer a love child son.”

“What does it mean?”

“You are a someone now.”

He glowed in his self-importance.

He was now a someone because of that ceremony before his dad could have gone and left them on their own to starve, he ate the whole of the cake.

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