Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 15

Ahmed now is older than the yearning parents had been he has grown up and has fathered a family and born them and mated with them all. Ahmed mated with his own children in order to prove his father was in the right and he has grown to be a corrupt individual who has the beauty of the other world. Ahmed is the man of the people he does good same as his parents but he has the daughters in his own incest’s and acts of debauchery most not normal.

“We love you Ahmed.”

“We love you dear Ahmed.”

“Our lives depend on you winning over this and that we depend on you Ahmed.”

“Being natural and normal is dull Ahmed.”

Our hero our dear hero what can I say when Ahmed has grown up and become this honourable man?

My ownership of this story is such a thing he is my own father he has not done me and it is killing him. He will not do anything without tasting the damn stuff.

“What is your sympathy?”

“World has done me in.”

“Who are you?”


“So, I am doing the world in?”

“Yes indeed.”

Now that we are so happy and alive and alert, we should all continue being nice to each other.

Nice and be nice and be nice.

“Ahmed are you there?”

“I am mother.”

“This is our Ahmed the son of our dreams.”

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