Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 2

“Answer me I asked a question answer me.”

I fling the bottle on and it smashes into some pieces and then gently pick the pieces and place them into the bin.

It is obscene joke it is nothing to do with us now we are not like that we are now nothing to do with our past. Incest wrecking us all of us and not influenced? Under all this copy there is nothing to do with now? What is the present but now and we are still doing what they did? If one gets away with this then of course that is the core of our knowledge if one takes and not get caught then it is legit. Like finding something on the street like a keepsake? Yes.

From the pits of my despair I stare isolated and desolate from somewhere from the depths and there is nothing to do with me and them there was nothing the matter with the stakes they were high and this was the accepted thinking that when the stakes are high everything is up for grabs.

“My dad was a gambler he gambled the house when one of us was born.”

“It was you.”

“I am not now called by that name my sister has got it.”

“You gave your name to her?”

“Yes, she liked it better than I did.”

“When did you start to give yourself names?”

“When I lost everything.”

“So, what is the thing you are telling us the gossip the juice?”

Dirt does not only spread it is spread like wildfire.

No not told and if they are told they are thought as jokes done by a doe eyed woman our grandmother who seeded and did it for the whole lot of us.

“Love is the answer to everything.” said Grandma Gold you might be surprised by this remarkable observation by someone not educated and someone who had been abused and neglected.

Love is not the answer maybe it is something like give and take is the answer we can’t have our cake and eat it.

Gold the grandmother said what is life but what it is? A grey woollen ball which nothing can unwind but you.

“I have coloured mine into many colours grandma.”

“There is nothing the meaning you can’t discern as long as you wish to see.”

“I we do not wish to see.”

“My father is a dirty rascal and he is the king of the castle.”

“No, your father is a kind and good man who lives in a bungalow.”

“My fate is to untell the lies which dad tells.”

“Why does he have a vivid imagination?”

“Of course, he is the Artful dodger.”

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