Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 3

Do I have the grandmother here? I am the grand daughter and have something to ask from her and I hope she answers me. I had so many questions before and now my head is burning with them. Do we have something here and there? Why is grandmother not allowing us to laugh or smile when she near? Did she despair did she dislike did she hate us all.

We near the end of the road when what matters is honour and dignity even justice when grandmother took this away from me, I hated her and the family, the seeds which she inspired the deeds which took place did not make for the dreams for me or for them.

Did grandma have a say in this as she sat in her chair musing amused at the very things, she had done for the family whom she disliked even hated for making her the brunt of the joke?

Take a woman a girl who was not very pretty but thought she was and did not only want to be the engine in some tragedy but loved drama and thrilling things. What did it matter when nothing in her existence nothing moved nobody came out to ask her out but some little fool who died when she bought him a suit and he disliked the very look of her? He hated her belly he hated her and the very rage was inside him when he saw her in the light in the soft light moving with her pregnant belly as if she was with child his child. He just did not want all that he started to sing as this was his night his first night and then fell down dead at everyone’s feet.

Look that is revolting?

“Everything was revolting back than life is one of cruelty for a woman who thought about things and did not want to make amends or even sacrifices if she had worked in the fields, she would have made it happen if she had become a singer, she would have escaped all of it but she did not. She became a murderess of her own children.”



“Well how?”

“She murdered eight of her children or he did?”

“No, he did not she did.”

“Sorry how did she get away with it?”

“No policeman thought us worthwhile to interfere with. In the Cyprus it was so in the 1920 early 30 it is the way that we were not important and that we were encouraged to kill each other off.”

“I did not sleep a wink for nine years.” said grandmother in her tender tune.

“When the British took over, I took a wink too long.”

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