Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 4

Going back to the seance where the truth is told and retold in something because like anyone knows there are different versions of the truth.

Does the dancer appear what does the singer do and who is there who can it be who is there? Is it the spirits the demons the past coming to haunt to taunt us the living? Is there someone who is malevolent evil who is it?

“Come you do not think to believe all this nonsense trash?”

Whip him a wind.

There unasked for the deed is done he will soon cool off.

Who is speaking to whom? The confusion is intense what is and who is what is what?

“My dear people read on and you will see that this is the usual story about this and that so calm yourselves.”

“What are they wearing and what cups do they drink from and what do they eat?”

“Stuff and nonsense.”

“Well what does it mean when they are at home these ghosts.”

“Does it matter to know?”

“Of course, it makes me feel good to see them with their beds and speaking them words?”

“Well they were in their cots and some died in infancy.”

“What sorrows took them?”



“Because they smiled at their mother.”

“Why did they smile if they knew they would die?”

“At two and a bit they did not know.”

“Well what did it mean did not someone say to these poor creatures they would die if they smiled?”

“Come on this is a simple tale told by yours truthfully and it does add up just add a little lemon juice and some crude jokes.”

“Why lemon juice is it necessary to the story?”

“It is in a lemon tree orchard.”

“With oranges?”


“Some figs?”

“Of course.”

“So, they are working or were working in an orchard where children died?”

“Now you got it.”

“I am so good at understanding is it true?”

“Yes, pamper yourself with the truth.”

“Con and murder most outrageous has come about because nobody did anything about the reality in Cyprus, we became the most prolific bunch of crooks that the world has seen.”

“We do not believe that has happened.”

“Believe it or you will be married to dad.”

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