Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 5

“Let the truth be spoken at last and let us hang our hair in the air and fly into the dreams and the consequences of actions which were criminal.”

Actions which was brought on by need and love unnatural love but love nevertheless.

“He would not leave me alone.” said Gold.

“My husband my brother he would not let anybody else nearby so I needed a man a husband so I caved in.”

“You could have become a singer.” said her son.

“I will not do such a thing.” said his mother.

“Made me a laughing stock.” said her son Ahmed.

The ghosts come little by little and in their gory detail they seem to have matured made off as if their offences were not offensive anymore, they now the victims beseeching the calmness the gentry of the flesh which they have devoured and have lost.

“They smiled at me and then they died all at two and a bit.”

They smiled at her and then they died and mother laughed at her and had a pinch which made her black and blue she did not want anyone laughing at her. She hated that she just did not take to laughter.

When grandma was carrying her son to the shat place and went and fell on the brambles her daughter laughed out loud and grandma Gold said she would pinch her black and blue then went and did so. Mother never laughed again. At her mother whatever and did it make her see sense that she now lived in fear of laughter? Laughing for me is bad whenever I laugh something bad happens to me. To the house to everyone I care about.

Brambles the shat house a boy of eleven being carried to it and not minding something on her back a son and an heir not daughters.

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