Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 6

Does it matter do I have you anywhere. What did it make it when the person who is responsible is not here? She died you know. Memories of the dead must be said with respect. When did you get the memories from when they destroy one? Writing all this took so many years of seeking the truth and making ends meet.

My future is here with you all.

My past is there in the past when grandma gave her consent that the brother and sister should marry. There is the thing in the nutshell. What did it make you all feel that this happened?

I felt bereaved. As if I had lost my entire past and family and they cold shouldered me out and said I should then know what I did make my own way in life.

So, I was adopted.

I do think somewhat there was a legal document. But the new pa kept on misplacing the papers which said which status I was in.

It must have been in the early 1930′s or thereabouts but why I can’t say. It is because there is too much hidden facts which is only known for the ones who are the adults and mature enough to know. The crooks of the members of the family are these persons who know the truth. They are made of money and mean to increase and multiple and have in fact some got on so well and then the family begins to see the truth the truth being the truth was what?

We are all improperly related we are related both times over.

“Do not over rate yourself.”

“Why what is wrong with being related?”

“We love each other.”

“We all do.”

“We are both sides of the same coin.”

“Look there is nothing to do with us we are not going to bother them after this wedding.”

“How come you all at this do?”

“He promised me free groceries for a year.”

“He promised to forego the wine bill.”

“He did the same with me.”

“How many did he bribe?”

“Most of us do not like them.”

“We will not pay them anything after this wedding.”

The lad heard and heard again he did not want to see he did not want to hear he did not like it but he did not could not speak.

So, he started to cry.

“Why is he crying you see the lad is sensitive and is not like them.”

When the thing was here and they did it right they made him mad.

“We loved you all.” said they the family all in some incest.

They were all in something similar they got a taste for the damn thing.

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