Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 7

The lad Ahmed just sat down and the hollow feeling came over him again. He just did not like anyone in that wedding. He hated his parents coming out with their relationship. Why broadcast everything to these nosy creatures and gamble being on the lips of everyone were they not being silly his parents.

There just as he thought as they simpered all the crowd were making masked jests about the whole life, he had with them lay in the balance. What did it matter what he thought what did it matter why he did it anyway when he did silly things but he was not as silly as his parents?

He made a decision and he made it right there he made his life choices and he did what he did for that reason he made it right for himself and nobody would stop him ever.

The lad was going to be the worst of the bunch but he was not at that point able to speak he did not like these people he disliked them so much for looking down their noises at his ma and pa.

They drunk a bit of wine and the gross couple started to dance.

A stitch in time saves nine the thing just popped into my head,

What is the reason behind so many of our own demise what is the reason why we are now hollering in corners unable to see the light?

We the unspoken we the unspeakable now the apple of the eye of society which says we must be all inclusive.

“We are here too?”

“No one has anything more to say?”

“Do not go public with our affairs.”

The thing is it is the thing is it not to go public?

When the good dies they die without realising when the bad seed chooses, he knew what he was and he choose it right and made it right. He the black sheep would become the shepherd of the black.

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