Hush Mummy is marrying

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Chapter 8

When we are sharing a family history one must be delicate about the failings the feelings of the members who are within the clan. I am not going to do such a thing because they think of me as a joke.

Humans are not the new apes?

I am not human I am a joke for them and so now I reciprocate and make them the butt of the biggest joke in the history of the Muslim world.

It is the difficulties which I have seeing who is who because for obvious reasons they look alike and act and even think alike. I since experienced with who was who. Came back without a clue and then the destroyer of them all my own daddy and I never got on for he fed on this he fed on the weakness and they are saying be nice to us be good to your dad. But my dad wants me to scrub his back and so what would it make your hand fall off?

That we did not have anything but blood in common was even said by grandma she disliked me did not want me in the same room with her and destroyed my mind or thought she had. She did that she was like that but mother said that Gold was a soft-spoken woman who could charm the birds from their nests.

Why was it that dad went mad that most of the clan are up in some shat that there is somehow a nasty smell and then it comes back to me the stories the tales which was in the beginning begging the question can two people as they so in love have created such hell? That is grandma Gold as she is stitching her wedding gown and she has been and done the deed which will set the seal of our doom and make it the doomed world we now live in.

So many secrets and so much to hid we now must go nude in order to hide the facts of our lusts and unnatural passions.

We are still stitching the gown which will settle us and make us branded and unused. We are still doing so we can live and add and increase and multiple like the rest of the world.

“Grandma Gold is doing the stitching and is up to no good and is not very useful at all?”

“No, she disliked working for other people thought it beneath her.”

“She did prefer working indoors though?”

“Never stopped.”

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