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Chapter 9

That their son Ahmed went mad because he had not the courage to stand up for himself according to his dad. Ahmed was so good looking most of the married women asked for him when he began to work and at school there was no problem which he said made him sad because he asked for the right food and did not get it. The food he asked for was to be alone in his house and he was never alone? No way in a two-room house with his nagging Ermine of a grandma and his grandpa constantly trying to kill Emine it was a most difficult situation and he sometimes had to interferon for the old man was violent and did not only want to kill Emine but the whole family. Huseyn are you not ashamed would say the nurse as she took the last money from them?

Let me reason with the whole lot of you when most of us now take it for granted what does it mean what does it matter when the room would be the graveyard for them all? The little uncared house which nobody bothered to paint or look into where things happened most unnatural.

Look your mother is being fucked by the brother!

His schooling was rough?

Most of the time he was in the fight off to the death?

This is a difficult story this is a story which is one of unreason and most of the storms in the world are about not being rational.

“Stand up for yourself devil stand up and be a man be a man all that is necessary is to be a man.”

But dad that son of a bitch was so pretty as a girl he had been but he was to be a superior man. A man who delved in and out he was what it meant a man. A crook a crooked deal what is there in a crooked man is he begets a crook. Granddad was appalled by it all how dare he become a crook when he had not stolen a farthing. Ahmed so handsome maybe his dad fancied a bit?

“Behave yourself be a man who are you whose son are you be a son of a bitch but be a man.”

He was inconsistent like dough not rising properly that he did not begrudge his contradictions he thought he was in there with a point the moment he got up in the morning.

“What is the matter why you doing that sort of thing when you should be working?”


“Be someone then come to me with the point of view if you have one otherwise stay silent.”

“Point of views do not matter in poor people they do not feed stomachs pay the bills or make a pile.”

“What pile dad?”

“The pile you will go under,”

That shut his daughter but the son had got the point was in his gear and was driving his motor cycle way down the road and the cycle would go pot as it hit things on the road. How mother loved that sound and how she would describe them to me.

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