Guns A Blazin' Volume 1

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This story is about a young children born under the tyranny of the five mafia family of planet Flinkaz. The trio of criminals walked into the alley and saw the dead woman laying in alley. The thugs all thought that the sight was hilarious. Funky Mumkey walked over to baby and cut off the umbilical cord. Wildrun asked,”What are you doing?” Funky Mumkey smiles and says, “He will be our personal slave!” The other two thugs break out into laughter.

Horror / Action
Zach Hughart
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

There was life on the sixth planet of the Singlarr galaxy, that went by the name of Flinkaz. The planet still used gas powered cars and ammo for guns. The people on Flinkaz are very corrupt and finding an honest person there was very difficult.

The world’s sum of honest people was becoming very scarce and dwindling down everyday. Such people were killed for just trying to be upright in their activities. Might makes right was the motto of the ruling class and they took whatever they wanted, no matter who they had hurt in the process. The cries of the weak were ignored by the strong and laughed off, like the cries of children fighting over a toy.

Several mafia families raised up to take advantage of the people even more.. Some mafia leaders bribed the law into submission. People were hit by both the mafia and the government, which led the people to be worse off than they were already were.

People of all sorts begin to commit all sorts of crimes to just feed their families. Some individuals hated to do it but had no other choice.

A lot of pretty woman couldn’t make an honest living and turned to the ever growing sex trade. One such woman named Hardy Rider. She was a veteran sex worker, but she had been ridden hardand driven wet.

She looked decades older than she really was. She now had to sell herself to every pervert that lived near her to just be able to afford some junk food. She had gotten past the pleasure obtained from her profession years ago.

Hardy Rider had used all sorts of birth control to keep from getting pregnant, but it did not worked this time. She was now nine months pregnant and about to burst from the seams.

Hardy Rider had no knowledge of prenatal medicine or had any form of education for that matter.

She walked down into a dirty alley and squatted unto the ground. She gave birth to a baby boy and then Rider died due to some sort of complication from childbirth. The umbilical cord was still

connected to the mother. The baby boy cried out for help.

The cry for help fell on deaf ears for several hours.

Three thugs are walking the trash filled street when they are alerted to the cries of a baby.

The first thug named Wildrun spoke,”That crying is annoying!”

The second thug Jopo spoke,”Let us shut up all the infernal yelling!”

The third thug Funky Mumkey only laughed.

The trio of criminals walked into the alley and saw the dead woman laying in alley.

The thugs all thought that the sight was hilarious.

Funky Mumkey walked over to baby and cut off the umbilical cord.

Wildrun asked,”What are you doing?”

Funky Mumkey smiles and says, “He will be our personal slave!”

The other two thugs break out into laughter.

A few years goes by and the boy is raised into a life of crime. The local thugs raise the lad to be a pick pocket and he became very good since he was so small. The young child was a fast runner.

The child stole to just keep alive, since he would be punished if he had the nerve come back to them empty handed. He had to bring back several hundred dollars worth of money or small enough merchandise that the little boy could carry. If he did not bring back enough, then he would be beaten black and blue by the thugs almost to the point of death. He would face not having any food, until he could bring enough money. The amount was unknown to the boy, since he couldn’t count or read at all. Luckily, he suffered no serious internal injuries from all his avenging victims.

The child was raised as the gang members as their personal slave and gofer. He can be call to

have to do anything at anytime without any prior notice. The poor child was not even given a name and just called brat by the gang bangers. He was just a prop for the antisocial people that had abused him. The gang members cared for no one and sometimes not even their own well being.

The brat was beaten nearly to death, if he did not return back while on a mission from the gang. The boy was well known by the local populace and was seen as plain trash. Nobody ever thought to why he stole so much, instead they were just worried by the potential lost of property.

It was not bad enough that the brat was beaten nearly to death by thugs, plus he had suffered abuse from the citizens as well. This was the horrid life that he had to live everyday but he knew no other life, It was his sad fate that he had suffer his young life. But would this how his life would for the rest of his life?

The brat was thrown out of the pissed stain dog bed he was sleeping in that morning at five am.

Jopo yelled,”Brat, get up and get me some money! I want five hundred bucks before dark or I am going to beat you with my shoe and make you bark like a dog!”

The boy was thrown out of the house and kicked in the butt. The brat was eager to get some money so he could perhaps eat today.

The brat had not eaten in three days.

It was past noon and the brat could not steal a single buck or any food from anyone today. The boy was getting nervous. The boy knew that he had emptied the well of all potential victims that lived in his crummy town. He could only hope but to prey on unsuspecting travelers.

The brat the smiled a clown’s grin.

He saw a new victim that had not been to the town before.

It was a pretty woman was wearing a long flower dress with a large leather purse over her left


The brat wiped the smile off his face and begun to slowly walk towards the woman.

He sees that the purse was wide open and some bucks was invisible to his little eyes. The brat puts his little hand into her purse while still walking grabs the woman’s wad of money.

The boy’s hand was almost free from the purse when he was startled.

The woman grabs his hand and wouldn’t let the brat free.

She turns to face the boy while gripping his hand tightly.

The people around the brat begun to laugh together like madmen.

One man spoke,”Get that little terror, honey!”

A nearby woman jested, “Get him good for all of us! We had enough of him!”

The boy’s face was bright red with rage as he kicked and smacked the woman to let him loose to no avail.

The brat yelled,”Let me loose you bitch! I have get to some money to eat! I will be beaten if I do not get some bucks!”

The towns people begun to laugh even harder which shocked the traveler.

She looks down and sees that the boy is very much maltreated and under developed. She sees all sorts of bruises and cuts. The brat has a huge scar over his left eyebrow. She can’t believe what she is seeing.

The people watching all yell that the boy that is such a wuss as he cries due to hungry. His

stomach was rumbling so loud that it could be heard across the small street.

The woman looses it and bursts out in a deafening yell.

She says,”Stop it! The boy is stealing to just survive as any of you would do as well!”

The whole street was whisper quite since no one had tried to look after the young lad.

The brat was so surprised that someone had made the effort to speak up for his benefit. It had

been alien to him his entire life.

He stood frozen like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. He stopped his struggle against the woman due to being totally puzzled by being shown concern.

The potential pick pocket victim’s eyes begun to water, like a fully turned on water hydrate. The entire onlookers were appalled by the sight of a person caring for the little monkey.

The small town was a den of thieves, never do wells, vagabonds, and various sorts of criminals. Drugs, rape, murder, racketeering were standard operating procedure in this hell hole of a town. The few honorable people in the town hated the corruption and all that took part in it. That included those, like the brat who were born into crime, due to no fault of their own. The townspeople had become very harsh to the well being of others. They expected others to live a higher standard than that they had held themselves to.

It is a double standard for the small town’s citizens to do this, pure and simple. The onlookers didn’t know how to act when this fact was brought out into the open like this unknown traveler had just done openly this day.

The woman lets go of her grip of the brat’s hand, but before he could react, the traveler did something very strange.

She hugged the boy tenderly as she would hug her own child!

The onlookers were completely stunned by the simple act of kindness that the woman had

shown towards a complete stranger.

The female victim should had be mad that she was being victimized upon but she decided to forgive the boy for no apparent reason. She was treating others like she wanted to be treated without wanting anything in return.

The brat had never knew or experience such a kind act before.

The brat decided to get loose but the crying lady would not let him go no matter what he did.

He spoke,”Quit it, or I will kill you! Let me go!”

The woman remained silent, while she knelt on one knee.

The boy had never experienced such a genuine affection his entire life and was at a loss to what was going on. He was abused as a baby and never was soothed as a baby. It made him a very awkward and rough natured child. Something within the brat begun to break inside him fiercely. It scared him because it was foreign to him.

The brat was suddenly bursting into tears for the first time without being beaten or abused in other ways. He did not know that these were happy tears that another person was finally showing the

love that he so badly needed and deep down within himself wanted!

The onlookers were disgusted by the sight of the Brat being given love and they wanted no part of it. The townspeople all leave to the business at hand and were totally ignoring the scene.

The kind woman spoke,”What is your name?”

The brat looked perplexed by the comment as if bugs were flying out of her mouth.

The brat spoke,”What is a name? I am just called brat.”

The woman looked upset by the boy’s comment but speaks softly,”Brat is not a name but it is just an insult. You need a real name!”

The brat spoke,”I do? I didn’t know that!”

The woman spoke,”Would you like to me to help you find you a name?”

The brat smiled,”Yes, I would!”

The young boy’s belly rumbles something fierce but it was a common occurrence to him.

The woman asks,”Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

The boy looked at the ground and said nothing.

The woman spoke,”What is the problem? I know that you are hungry.”

The brat cries,”I can’t eat until I get five hundred bucks! I do not even know how much that

even is!”

The tender woman spoke,”You need not worry since you can live with me.”

The boy cried, but is comforted by the woman. She is trying to get out of him what is wrong.

The woman spoke,”What is wrong?”

The brat yells out,”I hadn’t eaten for three days!”

The woman was totally appalled by whoever had abused this boy. She took the boy into her arms and traveled to the nearest diner to get him some food. She was hungry as well since it was

getting close to lunch.

The pair went into a nearby burger joint.

The waitress asked,”What would you like to drink?”

The woman spoke,”I would like some sweet tea and give the lad the same.”

The waitress spoke,”I don’t want to be forward but this boy is a known...”

The woman spoke,”I don’t care about his reputation! The boy has been underfed and he needs to eat too!”

The waitress spoke,”Sorry, Ma’am. I will get two sweet teas and here is our menu.”

The woman spoke,”Baby, we are going to eat. What would you want?”

The boy was not respondent, so the woman starts showing the menu. Something catches the boy’s eyes.

It was the super five patty extreme bacon cheeseburger.

The woman spoke,”Would you like that sandwich?”

The brat spoke,”Yes I would and can I have the things laying next to it.

The woman spoke,”The chili cheese fries you mean?”

The boy brighten up,” Yes, I would like it all!”

The woman thought,”My lord, that is five pounds of food! The burger is two pounds by itself! At least, he will have something to eat if he decides to go home with me. “

The waitress came back and asked,”Have you decided to what you want?”

The woman spoke,”I would like a large chief salad and the boy would like the super five patty extreme bacon cheeseburger with the optional chili cheese fries.”

The waitress spoke,”One chief salad and what was the second item on the order?”

The server had clearly heard alright, but she did not believe that such a small boy would like to

eat such a large meal. It was simply beyond her comprehension.”

The waitress spoke,”We have a super five patty extreme bacon cheeseburger with the optional chili cheese fries food challenge. If you eat the entire five pounds of food in an hour you get it for free, if you fail then you have to pay double. Are you sure, Ma’am?”

The woman spoke,”Are you sure, honey?”

The brat pointed at the picture and said,”I want it all! But...”

The woman spoke,”What is it dear?”

The boy would not speak as he flipped the menu’s pages over to the deserts.

The woman spoke,”You would like desert too?”

The brat spoke eagerly,”I want that thing with the cookies in it!”

He had wanted a cookies and cream flavored milk shake.

The waitress shook her head and said,”Okay.”

The head cook overheard the entire conversion and spoke,”Sonny, you can have whatever you want on the menu if you eat all that you had ordered down to the last crumb if you beat the challenge. But if you fail to eat it all without getting sick then you will be put on the wall of shame. Your picture will be on the walls so that everyone can laugh at you. I will make your mom pay double if you lose, so

do not cry when it comes!”

The woman spoke,”Are you being a little hard on the child?”

The chef was taken back by the comment and spoke,”Fine I will give him three hours to get it all done, since he is just a kid!”

The boy boasted,”I can eat all the food that you can cook in no time flat!”

Everybody was shocked by the boy’s boasting.

The other customers were not eating their meals and looking in shock at the challenge that the brat had made. He was four years old but he looked like he two years old at two foot tall and was under twenty pounds. He was way underdeveloped as a young child and looked very pale in complexion. This

was one reason that this nameless woman had interceded for him. It was still possible for the lad to catch up with his physical and mental growth.

The waitress spoke,”You can’t eat until I start the timer. Once you start, you are to eat all you can for the entirety of three hours or you go through the entire menu, including every variation of the fifty menu items, whatever happens first. Puking will immediately result in you losing immediately. If you don’t have the money, then you two will have to work here until your bill had been paid. Ma’am, Please, sign this paper for the lad, agreeing to the rules. He is a minor and is not able to sign it himself.”

The woman knew that it was too late to back out now, so she signed it reluctantly.

The waitress started the timer on her phone while the entire diner was watching the brat to see if he would fail or not.

Ten minutes had gone by the entire diner was packed.

The brat had eaten the entire super five patty extreme bacon cheeseburger with the optional chili cheese fries and the whole cookies and cream milk shake in less than one hour!

The entire diner was full to the brim with people, eagerly watching a young boy eat the food

challenge. None of them had seen such a sight before.

The old cook/owner was starting to sweat due to nerves, since this boy had a bottomless stomach. He would be losing a lot of money this day and there was nothing that he could do about it.

It was amazing to all that had watched. They were puzzled to how such a lad could eat so much. They did not know that the boy went hungry most days and he had to eat his food very quickly before it could be taken from him. The boy’s captors were very sadistic and took pleasure in torturing the helpless lad endlessly. The woman that had found the brat could see that the boy was underfed and was eating so fast, because he did not know when he would be able to eat again.

The woman thought,”I have to take this boy with me since he will die if left like he was when I found him in! I do not care what happens to me because of it!”

The brat was starting to get sleepy after all the food that he had devoured. The boy had completed the three-hour challenge in a little over an hour. The woman was gently carrying the boy over to her car and laid him gently in the back seat. The brat was covered with a brown blanket as he was blissfully unaware of the hell that he was now leaving. She had been help by the waitresses in getting the rest of the large menu in several coolers in the trunk of the car.

The woman was crying in the front seat as she was driving back to her home. She remembered

what she had told by the waitress.

“That boy was said to be the product of a dead hooker and one of her nameless johns.”

The brat’s new mother was in complete shock as her jaw hit the floor.

The waitress continued,“He is a slave used by the local gang to pick pocket and any innumerable amount of tasks. He is fed just enough to keep alive!”

The woman screamed,“Not anymore, since he is coming with me! He is going to be freed from

all that crap!”

The waitress yelled,” You can not that or you will be killed!”

The woman screamed,“I don’t care what happens to me as long as the boy is free from those punks!”

The cook handed the woman a doggy bag.

He said, Do not worry. I will give a head start. I will lead them in the wrong direction when they come, so go right now!”

The woman continued on with her journey back home. The so-called brat would now have a chance at a better life free from abuse. If nothing was done, then the boy would probably die as a slave.

The brat’s female savior had been driving on the road for three days, sleeping in the car once she had grown too tired to drive every night. The brat was scared to be left out in the open, so they slept in a sleazy motel the first night. His newfound “Momma” talked him into sleep the next night in the car’s backseat, since she was low on cash. She had to make sure that they had enough gas and food to feed the two of them, until they got to whatever Momma was driving them. The two of them had eaten the complete food menu. The third day the pair got some food from a nearby gas station.

The brat spoke,”What is that smell,” as he was led by the hand into the station.

He had said that right in front of a fat unkempt clerk, behind a desk. She dodged the question as she tried to led into the ill cleaned restroom. The toilet had be cleaned by the woman, before ether one of them could safely use it.

Both of the pair had left the restroom and they were looking at clothes at the meager toddler

clothes rack. She found some that she thought that he could wear so spoke to the clerk.

“Can I have my son try on these clothes? If they fit, I will buy all of them that I got.”

The fat man paused before he spoke,”Let me ask Betsy.

The woman wondering to why the clerk was bent over by the register counter. He pulled out a sawed off shotgun and placed it on the dirty counter. The brat ran back into the bathroom at the sight of the gun.

The man spoke,”You will have to deal with Betsy here, if you want to steal from me!”

Anger swelled over the woman’s face as she spoke,”Of course, I will pay for them, just put that thing away! You scared my boy! If you dare to show him that thing again and you will be dealing with me!”

She ran into the bathroom to find the boy crying, while shaking uncontrollable in the fetal


She tried to hold them the brat in arms, but he bit her on the hand for all her trouble. She gave the boy a sponge bath every time they stopped at a gas station. He fussed at first, but he soon relented nonetheless. During the first bath that the kid was given, she was horrified by the sight of physical abuse. He had scars all over his little body. She found dried blood, piss, and excrement all over his body. Burn marks and poorly done stitches were found him. She was appalled beyond belief about what she had been seeing.

But when she saw that he had been branded, like he was a young calf. The brand was that of the Corbello crime family, which was one the infamous members of the five main mafia families that rule the majority of the crime world. They were represented by the vulture, since they preyed upon the less fortunate. They were proud of that fact.

(The other four members were: De Caprio, represent by the owl, since they were hunters in the dark world. Chinnici, represented by the eagle, which they believe that they are best among the five families. Next, was the Mandala, who was represent by the hawk, since they have endless gaze upon the crime world. Lastly, was the Bonelli, which was represented by the ostrich, due to their destructive power.)

Momma spoke,”It is okay honey, I had dealt with the bad guy. I made him promise that he wouldn’t hurt us. Let me clean you again, so that you can try on these new clothes that I found for you.”

The brat spoke,”Why is that? I was told that you are supposed to wear the same clothes everyday.”

Momma spoke,”Not anymore you will do that.”

The boy was completely obvious to the complete dump of an existence that he had been living in. Momma wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to trouble the boy more than he already was. She knew that the boy feared the gun, due to seeing it’s awesome power up close and personal. The sad thing was

that he must had thought that all of this former life was completely normal. That was what upset Momma the most, as she had wished that she had been able to kill the abusers herself.

She thought,”I will have to take much care with this one, so that he could have the chance to live a normal life. People that go through abuse, become overshadowed by their past, their entire lives. A lot of people like him become abusers themselves, or even be an addict as well. He should be an inspiration to those around him that they can get through it as well. That is my hope and prayer for the

boy without a name.”

All the clothes that Momma had picked had fit him and with some inches to spare. She let him picked out his favorite outfit to go along his new tennis shoes.

The brat spoke,”I want the one with the squirrel on it.”

She spoke,”You like the teenage mutant ninja squirrels?”

The lad shook his head in agreement.

The two walked out of the bathroom as the brat ran towards the food stand connected to the register counter.

He spoke,”I want some of that! Give me that! I want it.

Momma spoke,”You want some fried chicken?”

The boy spoke,”Ya, give me one of those huge buckets next to it!”

Momma did as she was asked and gave the boy a cherry slush to ride with. She paid for it all without incident and went on their merry way.

The brat asks,”Where are we going?”

Momma spoke with a smile,”We are going home.”

He spoke,”What is home like, because I never had one before.”

She spoke,”It is a place, where people you love are at.

The boy asked,”What’s love and how do you get it?”

She spoke,”It is when someone cares for you and help you without getting anything back in return. Plus, you are loved by me. I am helping you to be with other kids like you. Don’t you want that?”

He shouted,”Yes, I do!”

Momma did all she could to fight back the tears her eyes was desiring to shed for her newly found son. She didn’t want to take the young boy out of his moment of bliss.

She spoke,”You get to play with toys, along many brothers and sisters of all sorts of ages.”

The brat spoke,”I don’t know how to do that.”

Momma spoke,”You soon will learn, so don’t worry.

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