Hush grandmother has cursed us

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When down the generations we grow and become likely to kick ourselves in the teeth someone must speak out. That a person is not an animal . Come come my dear it is not all sin we speak about there must be something else on your little mind. That you and he were once friends in fact a near relative and now you seek him not and say he bad and bad again. His feelings are hurt he is after all the sum of everything for everyone he knows more secrets about each and everyone then many do and he can blackmail like they do in school. My dear friend it is not the end of the world to be his slave think of it as a apprenticeship when you go to hell.

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1

Nature is letting us down we have destroyed both us and the other things in life because nobody cares and if they do it is weird whackos and all that people doing it for nothing. Volunteering because nobody says that job is important. I volunteered to save the writing but then there were so many writers it got me thinking.

Volunteers do not do any jobs. Said the man who can or could be anyone my father he is my father I do not know if the man who fucked it all in sight is my dad. We are his people and we work harder than anyone to make sure he is safe as houses as he has a dangerous temperament daddy began to follow me to school giving them all at school the go ahead to attack me. They said I had a boyfriend and daddy made it hell.

Attacked in the bathroom and then it slipped the school just left I was marked out then for better things.

With a dad like that who needed anything else?

We got it covered said the social services as they hung up their cards in order to make room in their lives for another pay packet so that they could do things for their kids. I am not saying that the lives of the socially able to work are at risk when they do not do their jobs. We are doing work so we pay our taxes and we pay our kids.

“Salad is the right word?”

“I was young.”

Winds come down for a reason when people cease to listen to each other we all need someone to care for us. There is a lot of caring about not sharing but caring.

My dad has used the system in order to do such a lot in the housing trade. He knows perfectly how safe it is to be housed properly.

“You as a child was outside.” he said, “You were homeless and I was home.”

“Cast off.” added his daughters, Smiling pleasantly.

“Vultures.” I sigh and they then smile and move along as he shags them one after the other.

“This is when pills come in.”

“Take a pill and then all this seems not on.”

“What does it matter if they happen, they do not have not happened.”


Obscenities over they now sit and shame me as my poverty is not enough.

“Gucci and more of the same.”

“We have houses which is a model palace.”

“In secret places where you do not even get invited.”

Agitations and anger and the monkied come and do not leave me I am angry and ten to one there is nothing to be done but to let it all hang out.

“What are your aspirations?”

“Not to see the psychologist.”

“You fancied your dad?”

“He was a very handsome man but he was a violent man.”

“He asked me to shave him but when I got out the razor, he thought it not.”

His sister whom he was shagging said it might not be reasonable to expect his safety.”

“People with sense of humours should not be doing the job of social services.”

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