The Ankh

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The Rosicrucian cult is no joke and these teens have to learn this through the hard way. Through a curse. Lives are lost, relationships are broken, An ignorant teenager brings upon her friends a curse and now she has to survive as she finds a way to break the curse before The Rosicrucian cult kills her along with her friends. They have to use the Rosicrucian ancient tools if they'll have to be successful as they still live and act with fear.

Horror / Thriller
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“We have to complete the ritual to gain immortality,” the man holding a red circle ruby in his hands said.
In front of him was an ankh which was placed on the altar. It was a medium-sized gold object.
“Read the instructions,” the man ordered as another man with a cloak and a scroll came forward to read it.

Rosicrucian Cult
*Take a virgin child around the age of 12
*Behead her and put her blood in the cup of truth
*Rip her chest open using the sacrificial Kris
*Take her heart and place the ruby inside to symbolize purity
*Put the ruby into the hole of the Ankh
*Take a sip of the blood
*Put the ankh on the head
*Recite the death poem

Failure to carry out this ritual correctly may result to death by the last sacrifice after the curse takes place

The man with the ruby nodded and slowly turned as he watched the lean small girl being dragged forward with masking tape covering her mouth.
She had been tied on her hands with a tight knot which was causing the rope to cut her hand. She sobbed as tears went down her cheeks. Another lady with a robe hit the back of her knee making her kneel and she held her hair so as to clearly show her neck. She ripped the tape from her mouth allowing her to gasp and cough after choking on her own tears.

“What are you doing mummy?” the girl asked. Tears overwhelmed her mother making her remove her hood to reveal her face.
“You told me you want mummy to live forever. Don’t worry, this will be over quick and mummy will never die,” her mother said as she wiped her daughter’s tears.

The man put the scroll on the ground. He immediately took out a sword and slowly forced the sword through the back of the neck. She winced in pain and immediately her mother pulled hair to avoid her from removing her head before she, later on, began to scream for her mother.
The man with the ruby stepped on her back to restrain her from moving and finally the room was quiet as the sword completely passed through and her mother remained to hold the head. Another druid from the back came with a gold-coated cup which had some shiny clear diamonds. He lifted the body by pulling up the shoulder and let the blood gush into the cup and filled it halfway.

“For my brotherhood, for immortality, for my cult. The Rosicrucian,” the old man whispered.

He then pierced the corpse on the chest deep and watched as blood oozed out from the chest. He then forced his hands through the chest and divided it snapping some of the ribs. He then took the heart and used the Kris to cut the arteries and veins and watched as blood thrashed out. He held the heart with his hands as he rose up. The man with the ruby forced the sharp part of the ruby through the heart and out through the other side.
He then placed the ruby into the ankh and held the ankh high up which was glowing. He drank some of the blood and passed it on. All the druids knelt as the man holding the ankh went to the head which had been placed on the altar.
Before he could put it, a man from the group of druids took the Kris and stubbed him on the neck and grabbed the ankh. Immediately the ankh stopped to glow and everyone gasp while others put their hands over their heads.

“You fool! You have doomed as all!” the mother of the corpse yelled.

The man ignored her and threw the ankh out the window. He tried to escape from the group but he was surrounded.

“I had no other choice. No one deserves such power,” he declared.

Suddenly was grabbed and thrown into a room. He was them cut on his arm and stomach with pocket knives from the druids before finally locking him inside the room.
He yelled and cried as the creatures slowly fed on him as he banged the metal door. But he had to pay the price for betrayal by only one means ~death
In a trice, the corpse’s head had reattached itself with the body before there was a sudden blackout and she disappeared. The Rosicrucians in the room knew that their end was near

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