A Curse To Remember

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Run. Run. Run! He's coming! Run! the voice in my head screams, as I ran harder and up the stairs, not thinking straight from the adrenaline and fear. Eathan, a young blind nerdy and lanky boy in high school, stumbles upon something unexpected. A vampire. He is killed by the vamp and is given an option by Fatal in the void to take revenge and to save lives. The catch: He is to become a demon and fight the powerful urge to eat humans. How can he save lives if he feels the horrific urge to take them? He is given remarkable abilities and has his friend & crush help him gain the strength needed to kill the monster vampire. Without his family due to his mother's hatred for him and the urge, he's lonely and must meet new enemies, allies, gain new talents, and prepare himself for the fight of his life against the monster. But, what if there's a reason the demon gave him a chance to go back? What if there's more to his mother's hatred for him then he thinks? What if it has something to do with his absent father? What if he was never human in the first place? Read how Eathan's life unfolds as he battles fire with more fire to stop evil from taking more lives, while struggling to do the same. This curse will definitely never be forgotten!! But who will be left to remember it? Or will it all end in a river of blood? Find out!

Horror / Fantasy
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Prologue: The Change

Couldn't find a song. When I do I'll add it to this chapter.

I ran. I couldn't stop, he was coming. he was toying me. I was prey. I ran around a corner while bumping into it a lot of the abandoned building that was far from home. Why did I come here? Why now? Why me? I thought fearfully.

I went inside after scrambling around for the entrance for at least ten minutes and succeeding happily, to escape the storm outside in New Orleans. And from Him.

The wall was decayed and wet as I gripped it to push myself faster.

Run. Run. Run! He's coming! Run! the voice in my head screams, as I ran harder and up the stairs, not thinking straight from the adrenaline and fear.

But the predator was now bored of this.

The man had enough of waiting and kicked the boy in his chest with superhuman speed and strength, shattering his ribs, as the boy screamed in pain, flying into a wall where he slumped to the ground.

The man had dark hair and red eyes, his pale skin turning more eerie by the dark schoolroom.

Please don't hurt me! The boy cries while coughing up blood, clutching his chest with his left arm, his eyes blind as he groped frantically around with his right hand for something to save him.

The man grinned and lunged forward, sinking his teeth into the boy's neck. He was delicious. The monster clutched him to his chest as if hugging him.

Only it was to the death. The boy screamed and sobbed, his life slowly and painfully flashed through his eyes.

Nighttime fell outside as the full moon glowed into the room at the far corner. The boy was 17. The man thought cruelly.

He stood and dropped him as the boy lets out a death croak before going silent, as the man smiled a bloody fanged smile and left, all the blood drained from the boy's body.

If only the boy knew his fate would be worse than death, than Heaven, than Hell.

If only he knew...this wasn't accidental.

Just a teaser. Hope you like it. It's something I wrote a long time ago and now decided to put on here.

If anyone can help me make covers or point out ones you don't have to download since my storage is almost full of ideas for books, I'd really appreciate it and I'll dedicate a chapter to you. Also, plse leave a review on your thoughts. I'd appreciate it.

See you in the next chapter!!!!

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