A Curse To Remember

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Deal, Or No Deal?

Song is A Reason To Fight by Disturbed.

The first thing he noticed was that he could see. He looked around stunned at the mass of darkness as he noticed a dark figure in a flat surface, a back to it for your back to rest upon, with stumpy legs underneath to hold it up.

A chair? He approached it cautiously, the figure that sat in the chair intimidating to him in every way.

The figure laughed a deep, cold laugh at him. But, seeing was a wonder. Eathan stared in awe and in fear at whats ahead of him.

He noticed the man wore a long black duster with black leather pants, boots, and black shirt.

He had fingerless gloves on as he noticed a necklace on him. A dragon surrounded by darkness within a circle that was blood red.

The chain was black, silver, and blood red that glowed with an ominous power. Then a cough brought his attention back to the man.

Come here boy. He growls, a fire blazing in a fire pit behind him, but that was it besides the figure in the chair and a desk with a massive book on it. Inks and quils lay by the book also. The boy was deeply afraid.

Don't be afraid. The figure was a tall, and hugely muscled tattooed riddled man with long black colored hair around his big, red eyes that was surrounded by long, dark lashes.

The man's square jaw held power as his full lips peeled back to give him a cold, menacing smile.

What's your name? The man asked, his red eyes seeming more violent by the second. The boy trembled.

My name's Eathan. He stammers out. I'm definitely in Hell, although Hell isn't supposed to be like this, with a very good looking man. He thought sadly. The man smiled.

I'm Fatal. The man smirked as if he heard his thoughts and stood, walking over to him to shake his hand as he noticed the man's walk.

It was a predator walk, a walk of an powerful adversary, a powerful man who could do anything he wished, and nothing would happen to him.

A wolf in sheep's clothing. Fatal's massive hand was freezing while Eathan noticed this. The man laughed a more musical, and welcoming laugh.

I see. Your confused, scared, and stunned. Let me tell you why. Fatal went silent a moment. I grew Impatient.

Um, was that sarcasm? I asked. Fatal laughed again, this time more warmer than before.

Yes. You are dead.

What? I gasped. Then I remembered. The man...

Killed you by drinking all of your blood. You died quickly, but not enough to feel the pain. I grimaced on the pain.

But I can help you. Fatal stood, towering over me as I watched him turn to the pit, the flames casting his deformed shadow on the ground behind him near me. I was terrified.

How? I'm dead. I thought, then froze. wait, are you dead to? I asked out loud.

His answer changed me even though I already should've guessed the answer, or somewhat close to it.

To an extent. He smiled as he faced me.

I'm a demon. He purrs.

I jumped back in horror and terror. how can you help me? I cry. He grinned.

I'll bite you and you join me. Become immortal. Have the strength unlike anything. Stronger than mortals, than most immortals.

Only angels, certain vampires and werewolves, and Conquorian can touch us. Have the magic or gift that is given to us by who we are.

Be able to possess anything you want and control it. Have wings to fly and a beast side to turn into to when fighting a big monster.

Have the beauty that comes with it to lure anyone you want anywhere. Have the claws, fangs, and venom to tear you enemies and to paralyze them at your will."

There's a catch, right? I asked, interested but feeling like i'm being snookered.

There is a catch. Fatal frowns as he murmurs loud enough for me to hear, but I moved closer anyway,

You will crave human blood and flesh like an acid to your veins. You can withstand if strong enough.

Nighttime will be my time? I asked, the sun always a warm friend to me.

To never go out unless alone will be a nightmare. But I'll do anything to get back at that vampire though.

Yes. Well, for vampires. They can't go out at the day. We can, but its harder for us to see, hear, smell, and use our strength. Makes us feel...very weak. Fatal turned back to me. Your decision?"

Whats the vampire's name? The one that killed me. I asked.

His name is Rockon. He was stationed as a guard for the DarkFforest but left before his sentencing was finished.

Go talk to them and they'll gladly help you. The leaders of that forest is Darwin and Hugo. Don't ask me what there about. Find out yourself.

And if you want to train yourself as an deadly assassin, go talk to Erica. She is in the NEW WORLD, or our world here, right now, to gather her things and new recruits. Her name here is Jessie Jones. Fatal added helpfully.

What if I refuse this offer? I asked. Fatal waved his hands.

You will stay in a pitch blackness like this, or, if your cruel enough, go to hell, or nice enough, go to heaven. Your choice. now, life as a demon, or death as a spirit. I stared at him in thought.

Should I become a demon? I asked myself. I'm not a full blown religious person for personal reasons, but I do believe God exists, only that he just hates me.

If I'm a demon, then I have no chance to go to Heaven, but I get the chance to stay out of the prisons in Hell, if they have one. If I don't choose, I don't have to go back to live a life of pain and sadness. I could be free.

I shook my head while Fatal stared amused at me. No. I have to go back. I have to kill that monster. Stop him from taking more lives. It's the only way. I sighed. Sorry Heaven. Sorry God.

If only I could be an angel and fight evil. not fight fire with more fire. this totally will not put the fire out. Water should be an angel, I guess. I should be given an option to be one.

I wonder, how does God make angels? Not the way I was given I guess. Or by anything like me, else he would ask me to join the angels. But he wouldn't want me to take revenge, right? Or do I need to read the bible more often? how ironic. I thought.

Should remind Fatal that spirits are dead, so he didn't have to say death as a spirit. I already knew what being a spirit costs.

Fatal rolled his eyes at me sassily and cleared his throat while checking an imaginary watch. he was impatient.

Fatal smiled as I squared my shoulders to look dignified and tough. I probably looked like a girl though, no offense to girls out there. I'm not the burly manly type.

All right Fatal. I said with a sigh. I'll become a demon.

Okay. He smiled, then leaned over me. His smile soon became a massive gaping maw of fangs and darkness. his mouth was 2x its normal size. I swallowed as his skin turned grey and his eyes were now red pits with black around it.

Then teeth gripped my neck as a punch of agony shot through my body. I screamed as I was thrusted out of the abyss, falling down the darkening hole, as Fatal's words poured through my head,

Take care of him. You have a special gift that only my people get when I bite them.

Each is different, and unique to who you are. Be careful with it. Fire isn't always tamed with water, but also by letting the fire die out when it loses oxygen.

Hope you like it. See you in the next chapter!!!! Please leave a review or comment ur thoughts and any errors I need to fix. Thank you so much!!!😃😃

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