A Curse To Remember

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The Evil Within

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I woke up. The ground beneath me felt smooth yet rough from decay and wear, as I leaned up and saw what I usually did before I died, which was nothing.

Darkness. I was blind again. Sadness tore at my heart. Why couldn't I have my special gift be sight?

Then I felt a gentle tug on my eyes. I blinked. Magic or something like liquid and magnetic almost gathered up inside my eyes as I felt my sight shift.

I now saw all white with black outlines. Thermal. The name popped in my head as I blinked again, shifting my sight to pure red. Infrared.

A rat scurried by me, a white figure within the red mass around me. It's blood wailed at me, and I lunged forward without even thinking, grasping the rat.

The rat screamed as I plunged my lengthened teeth into its neck, draining its blood and life within seconds, using its soul without even realizing it and thrusting its body away, strength pouring into me.

A portal I think I saw from my thermal vision took its soul into the ground, it closing with a loud burp.

Shaking off the scene, I looked around as I went back to blind, using echo location to move around. I listened, the noises much louder.

I felt the ground with my hands as I sensed a person downstairs, calling out a name. Somebody I didn't want to run into right now.

Peter! A male called out my nickname. I was called peter because I reminded people of Peter Pan. How did he find me? I thought to myself.

I turned towards the staircase, the taste of wood, dust, mold, dried remnants of my and other people's blood, and the stench of death and despair hitting me in the gut.

I changed my sight to thermal as I shot downstairs. I stood in the darkness by the old entrance, a white figure that was shorter than myself as I stand at 5 ft. 10, but thinner than me standing warily at the doorway. I smelled the scent of Ryan, my best friend. No.

Where are you Peter? He cries, his voice breaking with terror. Eathan, come out! Don't scare me dude!

I'm not going to. I'm fine. My voice rumbled, sounding more bass and musical at the same time. Creepy. But pretty cool.

Eathan? where are you? I can't see you. He leaned forward, as I felt hunger for him driving me into my bones.

His blood was like a siren going off to me. I felt my teeth lengthen and I clenched my jaw to try to not kill my best friend.

Don't! I hissed. Don't come closer! A light flashed, and aimed at my face.

Looked like a metallic piece with a lighted end on it, a button used to turn it on and off on the side. A flashlight.

Oh my god! He gasped. Dude, you look sick! Your so much more paler! You always looked sickly but wow!

And you look...freaking amazing! Are you Edward? Where did you get your face done? it looks more killer than before!"

I looked at Ryan with the wtf look at the Edward pun as he gasped. I didn't realize he called me good looking. Edward had it so much easier made than I.

Do you see? He whispered, stunned beyond his belief.

No. I whispered. I see thermal. I see red. I can now do echo location. Maybe more but I don't know yet. It's weird, but interesting.

Right. Ryan sounded in disbelief. It's true Ryan. I died, but was reincarnated. I said.

No way Eathan. That's SyFy stuff. It isn't real! Ryan swung his head around in denial as I bared my teeth.

It's true! I got my blood sucked out by a vampire then I was brought back by a Demon! I glared his way.

Don't come closer or you will share the same fate as the rat upstairs. And I don't want to kill you Ryan! I snapped at him exasperated.

Eathan... Ryan took a step towards me. I lost it by the blood smell. I gripped Ryan and flung him against a wall.

He screamed as he looked into my red eyes. I locked my jaw and stopped breathing and spared his life. Barely.

Your eyes...they were normal before. they were grey. Their red now? What the hell?! I snarled in his face,

Believe me now or I'll kill you! I don't want to man, but I will!

how are you so strong? I can't even shake you! Ryan cries. Then he realized a moment perfect. You are! oh my god! He gasped horrified. I released my hold on him. He collapsed to the ground, shaking with terror as he cried.

man, what happened to you? he sobs aloud. what are you going to tell your Mom and siblings? At the mention of them sent fear, dread, and pain through my undead heart.

Aren't you afraid for your own life? I asked confused. Ryan shook his head vigorously.

No. I'm afraid for my best friend who has stuck with me through thick and thin no matter what.

Your the only friend that hasn't left me or didn't want me to kill myself when everyone has tried or doesn't even care. I'm with you dude through the end of this. Your my brother man.

I blinked my eyes rapidly from the tears. I guess Demons could cry. Or it's a rouse. Great.

Thank you but you can't. I will kill you if your too close. I put my hands up as I stepped back, terrified of what I could do to him.

He put his nose in the air as I heard his exhale, his lungs breathing in more air as his ribs moved, the blood inside of him could be all mine. This terrified me more.

No. he smiled, his white lips stretched back on his white face. I'm with you dude.

I shook my head again as I shifted my eyesight to the echo location, seeing nothing.

I heard his feet shift more louder than ever, as I now heard people 300,000 miles away.

No! I growled, turning my back to the noises. I wrapped my arms around my chest. Your not and thats final!

You need me! he begged. I'm not giving up on you! Were in this together! I flinched at the words I told him 2 years ago when I found out he was addicted to heroin.

I never gave up on him, and he went to rehab for 2 months during the summer.

I rented nearby and was with him until the end. I sighed. I turned back to him and shifted my sight back to red.

Alright. I growled. But if I hurt you... You won't. He interrupts me. What makes you say that? I can! I snapped, exasperated at my friend for his blindness. Ironic.

Your my best friend. Your not gonna let this dark side rule your life and kill me, are ya? He grinned strained. I was torn.

I don't think I can stop myself from hurting you. But I'll try my best. I whisper as he sighs in relief.

Thanks man. But...can we get outta here? I smiled, but a smell of a corpse upstairs attracted me. I didn't notice with the urge.

Come with me cause I don't want you here alone. Upstairs.

Okay. He was afraid and followed me still. He was brave. And stupid. I smiled.

I flew up the stairs, but stayed close enough to Ryan so nothing came to harm to him but not close enough to kill him.

We made upstairs within a minute as I smelled a body. It smelled like me. My body. Ryan couldn't definitely deny this now. I couldn't either. Still feels like a nightmare.

I was horrified. Ryan gasped as he saw my body, but I only saw the outline of my body.

Then it began to smell more horribly. Ryan was gagging and coughing as my body suddenly went smaller as Ryan cries out,

Your body! It's decaying! Your body's becoming a mummy right now! Omg!" Then my body went flat as dust particles flew away, my clothes burning and then, nothing. Nothing was left of me. The old me. The good me.

That was insane! Ryan cries as I inhale, lock my jaw, and grab Ryan as he lets out a surprised croak before vanishing into the pitch black night.

Hope you enjoyed it!! What you think so far? See you in the next chapter!!!

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