A Curse To Remember

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Song is Control by Halsey.

School Isn't A Great Idea...

Dude, where did you go!? I flinched as I heard Ryan downstairs in his house searching for me.

It was morning, the smell of fresh sap leaves glistening with dew dripped onto the soft, wet, moist earth after last night's downfall. the ground was soggy, each step for humans a step into Hell to clean all the mud off themselves.

but for me, it was paradise. I could feel each step and hear how all the mud and boots collide, the ground impacted for a moment or two depending on how long you stand there with our shoes before being released from our deathly grip, as if were a dangerous animal being released into captivity.

You wouldn't believe how right that sounded.

I almost went inside my home, but I heard Mom talking to my siblings, and instantly stopped myself.

I listened by the window into our kitchen. I held my breath, which isn't hard now, and what I heard made my blood run cold. Figuratively.

Is Eathan coming back? My sister, Alana, spoke to her.

No. He isn't. Not anymore. He won't come back since he wants to go out and have fun with his little bastard friend Ryan! You know better! I bared my fangs as I listened to her laugh. Alana was mad.

You can't say that Mama! that's mean! he's your son!

Regretfully child! She cries. You, Billy, Dylan, and Sydney are the only good ones that came from your good father.

He came from that one I cheated on your father with. Useless. Worthless. Just like his son. Now eat! I heard Alana whimper out, yes Momma.

I began to climb into the window in shock at the news with the "pain", then paused, not wanting to kill, even an evil woman like Mother. She'll pay. I thought.

I'll find a way, and I know one, take my siblings from her. Then she'll regret doing this to me. I thought cruelly as I vanished into the night, my glowing red eyes watching the home before escaping from the edge-line of the forest, but was caught by little Alana.

She shivered and whimpered when Momma left, please send Eathan home red eyes. The message didn't go unnoticed.

Sometimes prayers do get answered. but not always by whom you'd expect.

Seriously Peter! Mom's gone to work and the siblings are at the daycare. You can come down! We've gotta get ready for school! Ryan shouted.

The mention of school sent more fear pelting into my belly. Footsteps echoed loudly up the stairs as I held my breath, nothing within my body screaming to draw breath.

Ryan opened all the doors from one end of the hall to the other, cursing each time as he couldn't find me.

Then he entered his room and found me after taking five minutes of scanning the room with his eyes to find me.

There you are! He cried. Your hard to see in that corner! Come down! I slid down silently, watching my friend with excruciating slowness.

A thought dawned on me. Just by smell, I can detect what your wearing, color of anything, your height, weight, blood type, etc. This makes it easier for me. I thought. And all the more terrifying.

The blood for my friend wailed at me, so I clenched my jaw and held my breath.

That was basically the only thing to do besides...killing him. I shuddered at the thought.

Were still going to school? I asked.

Of course! You'll stay here with me and go to school, while I work and pay the bills with Mom. He glanced away and took a breath before continuing.

You stay here with me and fight this. Ryan said, as if I wasn't a danger to society, or the freaking world!

I can't stay in a home with children! I hissed. They'll die by my hand! I need to live nearby here! alone! Something occurred to me.

Isn't that house next door to you on the left still vacant? I asked. Yes. Ryan's white form leaned forward in a puzzled manner. But can't you stay...?

No. I'll live next door so you can be close but I'll be alone without anyone. I told him. So I can't kill anyone. I thought. I have to kill that vampire for killing me and anybody else. I thought, then froze.

But, if I kill someone? Aren't I as bad as him? A monster? I couldn't help it! But could he? I replayed that night in my head to perfect clarity and gritted my teeth.

No. He enjoyed this so I'll enjoy tearing him apart and feasting on him! I thought with a low snarl. Ryan didn't hear it.

Thank God. Or...maybe I shouldn't thank him. We aren't on the best terms now. Lol.

It's a rent. it's just a call away but right now its 300 dollars a month! How can you pay that? He was stunned. I shook my head.

Don't worry. I'll get the money. I confirmed. Stealing, eh? Ryan laughed and I knew he was smiling as I laughed as well.

Ryan looked at his wrist to an device on it. We best get going. It's almost time for the bus. I shook my head again.

No way. I will get there without the bus. I said. How? Ryan's head tilted again as he stared at me. I smiled.

I am a demon now, remember? i emphasized the demon part. Ryan smacked his forehead. Oh yeah! Ryan grinned. I grinned to.

Later At School

I arrived at school and decided to not breath but look as if I was breathing, although that took me at least ten minutes to perfect.

I felt the urge get stronger. I just hoped I could resist until I was completely alone later.

If only.

I waited for the bus to arrive when I noticed people staring at me as they walked by or sat down near me.

It was unnerving. their white figures were different sizes and everything else.

Their heads tilted in my direction, the scent of awe, shock, jealousy, and confusion mingled the air.

A white figure which was a girl with long dyed red hair and black stencils, after I inhaled to know her features, smiled and purred with a thick drawl when she approached me.

What's your name sugar? You do look familiar. Do I know you? I smiled. You don't. I answered back smoothly, earning an awed smile of lust at me.

I grimaced in mind. Great. A hoe.

We can't let people know its me. I told Ryan when the bus came to view. Why? He was puzzled.

Cause suspicion will come around and I want everyone to think I left or moved away. I said obviously smart. Alright. He relented.

What's your name? She smiled again. I laughed warmly. My name is Korian (core-ee-n).

His bus came to view after avoiding this horny woman as I sighed while Miley left unhappily when she realized I wasn't interested. Finally. I thought.

Ryan was the last to get off as I grinned and went to him. then I sensed her presence. Danika.

She was staring up at the sky, her distaste rolling off her in waves, as the sun warmed her shortened black, spiky hair and blue dye at the tips of her hair as her violet eyes searched around uninterested at everything and everyone.

She noticed me. She stared stunned as I narrowed my eyes involuntarily at her. I was mad at myself cause I liked this girl.

She was an outcast like me. But everyone knew and liked her. Her father killed himself because he was an addict and couldn't live with himself anymore.

Her mother to this day is over in Iraq fighting in the war. She lives as an only child with her grandma.

Her grandfather was supposed to have died in the war. No-One really knows. Ryan waved his hand in front of my face.

Ea...? My name's Korian. I told him warmly but firmly. A bell rang loudly and I tilted my head as I realized sadly that Danika was gone.

I walked into my first class, which was down the hall in from the entrance, turn left at the last corridor, up a flight of stairs, and the last door to the right; With my papers as the history teacher, Mr. Kontin, sighed and sat me in the back of the class by myself.

Next was Mrs. Kenten, who is down the hall from Kontin but on the right hand side near the stairs to the front entrance, sat me with a nervous shy girl named Sally, and she stared at me the entire time. Then Mr. Peck, Mrs. Wilcox, Ms. Stansfield, then lunch.

And lunch was the worst for me.

Everyone was in lunch, eating, laughing, as I slid against the wall at the base of the meeting room for teachers, observing without listening.

Movement to my right caused me to look. Danika. She was talking to Johnny, her best friend, as they sat with the emos and gothics; Candice and her boyfriend Steve, Mary, Trigger and his girl Elva, Cory, Frank, Keisha, and Stacy.

All watching each other while listening to scremo. Godsmack was her favorite. Confusion hit me in the face like a slap. How did I know that? Did I read her mind? Ryan walks over to me and interrupts my thoughts. a God-send.

Hey dude! lets go! Got our seats, as usual. I smiled as I noticed Bolli, Ravioli, Brent, Braxton, Davis, and Turner.

I was introduced and we talked and laughed. It was weird, having the same conversation with my friends as someone new. Someone dead. They didn't notice at first.

They were so relieved that someone as "cool as me" sat with them and actually noticed them! They were pleased. but they missed Eathan. I did to.

Where's Eathan at Ryan? Asked Turner, as I felt his brown gaze on me. You do resemble him. He countered. I smiled thickly.

I'm related to him. I announced. I'm a distant cousin from Alaska that came here because I heard he left and I wanted to check to see if he was alright. I said.

Why Alaska!? I shouted at my mouth while hiding my grimace.

My mouth grinned at me. That makes me sound like Twilight! I'm not Edward! Or Jasper! Are you Jasper? My thoughts questioned me. I couldn't answer back.

I saw that this school had the education I needed and decided to enroll here instead. I added in to rid those thoughts.

Turner nodded, engrossed, while the gang eyed me with the look, I can't believe this guy is related to Eathan!

The bell rang as I froze and watched everyone get up, grabbing their things quickly to get to class before being late.

You coming Korian? Ryan smiled at me as I grinned.

You damn straight!" Ryan laughed as I did to. Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone staring at me.

I looked over slowly to see no-one, but I knew who it was a few seconds ago because I smelled her blue highlights.

Too bad I couldn't talk to her at a different circumstance.

Too bad I could kill her.

Too bad she was unto me.

Too bad I'm a monster.

Hope you enjoy. See you in the next chapter!!!

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