A Long Walk: A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse

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Robert was furious. He had trusted them, let them into his camp, against his better judgement. Should have kept the numbers tight. Now, two of the three were gone, and with them a bunch of his men. The worst part was that they had left things in chaos. Their escape left him with an injured man and a bunch of questions that he didn’t have answers for.

Jasper would have to pay, of course. He was going to need to be made an example of or else discipline would slip among the men. The others could be allowed back in after sufficient punishment. Naomi could also be allowed to live. She was a good cook, and now that he knew her true colours he would use her as entertainment for the men between her regular duties. The slut didn’t deserve anything else. He kept thinking about the curve of her ass as she was kneeling down on the post, the way her hips moved as he brought the whip down on her back. Every time he pictured it he got hard. He usually went and found Mona in those moments. At least she had proved to be loyal, to be his. Sure, she wasn’t that hot, but it was the fucking apocalypse, and she wasn’t ugly. Just bad teeth and a bit too skinny.

He rounded up his few remaining men. How the hell had Truro gone so wrong? They used the same tactic in every town, and it always worked. Jasper again. He had screwed up the plan somehow. Him and that fucking dog. Well, at least he had something out of it, a nice new fur. He skinned the damn thing. He was going to tan it, wear it around his shoulders when it started to get cold.

It took most of the day to get started with so few of them left. They had to secure the camp, make sure they were ready to move. Of course, they had to leave most of the equipment behind, they didn’t have the manpower to carry it anymore. Then they had to track the escapees from the back of the prison tent. They lost them a few times, the ground around the camp was so heavily trampled. By the time they were on Jaspers trail it was more than twenty-four hours since he had escaped.

They reached a farm that the prisoners had obviously fled to and saw the bodies on the porch. Robert heard an engine start up somewhere nearby. He ran as fast as he could and saw the truck as it sped out of sight. He knew the group had escaped, at least for the time being. Time to make the most of it and use the farm for himself and his loyal men, give them a reward for their service.

They moved the camp to the farm over the next day, and Robert used the main house for himself. Mona stayed with him. There was very little food, of course, he assumed Jasper and his group had taken it, but it turned out there was a root cellar that was still well stocked. Guess they missed that, typical, anything Jasper touched was going to be half assed. How the hell had he not seen it in the man? Jasper was careless. Of course, the barn was unusable, or else they could have had fresh beef as well.

Staying in the house for a few days seemed like the only logical course of action. He needed to decompress, and the men needed some time to recover. He knew where Jasper was headed, and he was pretty sure he could get there much faster when it came down to it. He was smarter, better trained, better equipped. He would make them pay for their insubordination.

The men were quiet, very subdued. Of course they were, they had suffered a major loss. Robert made sure they had good food, mostly out of the root cellar. He sent a couple of them scouting, and they found chickens at the next farm. The chickens were very skinny, but still alive, and there were a lot of them. It wasn’t a real farm, not like this one. Just a place some hippies clearly put together. The chickens were in a very large pen and had been scrounging. He had a few of them killed and put together a small feast.

Three days. He gave himself three days and then he hit the road. They were on foot of course, but he was giving some thought to finding horses. They were quieter, maybe they wouldn’t attract zombies the same way a car running did. They also had the ability to fuel themselves if there was grass, and you could eat them if needed.

They kept moving from farm to farm. There were people on most of them, but they were already dead so they didn’t mind when he took over. He eventually found a farm with horses. He was already an experienced rider, and most of his men caught on quickly. Sure, it delayed them a couple of days to get everyone up to practice. Mona had a hard time with it, but in the end, she was good enough. At first, she wasn’t really trying, but a bit of attitude correction on his part and she got better at it. He did feel bad though. Her teeth really were pretty bad, still, he didn’t mean to knock one of them out.

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