A Long Walk: A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse

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Robert fled the fire, Mona and his last remaining soldier in tow. There was no way this was going to pass. He was going to find a way to kill Jasper, no matter what. It wouldn’t be now though, there would be a better opportunity. For now, he needed to stay alive, to stay mobile. If your ambush point fails, move to another one, never let your opponent choose the battleground. Jasper had changed the tenor of the conflict with that fire. The far end of the bridge might work… at least he thought so until he got there.

It was full of zombies. They were laid out three deep. All told he thought there were a couple hundred of them. No way to go back, no supplies left to speak of, nothing to do but try to thin the mass of zombies. He drew his sword, it used to be Jasper’s, way better than a machete for the purpose and climbed on top of the barricade. He started to swing down at the zombie’s heads.

After an hour his arms failed. He couldn’t swing anymore, so he went to the other side of the barricade and took a break. He repeated this process until there were no zombies on the other side. They were unable to reach him where he was, and he had the reach to hit them. The thing about zombies is they don’t change tactics when the old ones aren’t working.

After that, they made their way over the barricade and found a place to collapse. The small town was empty, no people, no wandering zombies. Robert picked a building with an open door since that meant the zombies were probably lying dead next to the barricade.

They rested for the night. Robert half wanted to wait, but there were no supplies here. The place had been ransacked, and his group had almost no water. They needed to find fresh water quickly. All three of them had been throwing up as a result of the toxic smoke the day before. No way of knowing how long Jasper would wait. Robert gave the little anarchistic fuck credit for brains. He was a good tactician, even if he had no sense of discipline.

There was only one more point where he had a good chance of ambushing Jasper, right outside of Charlottetown. It wasn’t the only way into town, but it was the most likely one.

They started out into the countryside, looking for farmhouses with obvious wells.

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