A Long Walk: A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse

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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Robert had his explosives. Not exactly what he wanted, not military grade or anything, but enough to take out that shitty gate. He waited for the cover of darkness. No point in making his life harder and alerting the building. Discipline. No matter how much he wanted to move he had to wait.

Darkness fell, the days were short now. He moved, stealthily, trying not to attract the zombies on the street too early. He wanted their attention when the gate went, but he wanted to make sure they gave him time to plant the explosives. For some reason, they seemed to be paying less attention to him than usual.

He made it to the gate without getting noticed. Then he set the explosives on either side of the gate, enough that it would fall, and would get some attention. Mona and Trevor were waiting back in the house, as they should be. They were weak. Would only hold him back for something like this.

The fuses on his explosives were short, a minute or so at most. He lit them and moved back. A zombie grabbed him from behind, drawn to his movement. He flipped the creature, a classic judo throw, and slammed a knife into its brain. He lay prone as the spark hit the end of the fuse. The delay was only a second or so, and then the explosives blew. There was a brief bright flash and a muted sound. The shockwave rolled over him, a feeling of pressure, there and then gone. He popped up and ran, straight through where the gate used to be.

The rear door was mostly glass. It was closed and locked, but it was still just glass. Robert fired two shots into it, then smashed it with the butt of his gun. The glass shattered and collapsed. The dirty anarchists were now open to the zombies. That weak point had proved to be one they couldn’t afford.

By now people were coming, running down the stair towards him. He ducked back into the night, slipping the crowd of zombies who were coming in. There were hundreds of them, more every minute. He slipped along the wall of the building and found himself a narrow alcove to hide in. It wasn’t much protection, but it was enough. By maintaining strict discipline and not moving or making a noise he would blend into the wall, the zombies would never see him.

As the defenders streamed down and out, firing on the zombies as they went, Robert scanned their faces… looking for Jasper or Naomi. After a few minutes, he saw the devil, swinging a machete he had acquired somewhere. No need to look for the whore, she could be dealt with after. It was clear the weapon didn’t have the versatility and capability of the sword he used to carry, but it was a sharp piece of steel and Jasper seemed to be content with it. Behind him was a woman Robert didn’t recognize. Pretty in an intense kind of way, she looked softer and better fed than he was used to these days. Clearly, this woman hadn’t been through the same kind of things that he had.

Then Robert spotted the girl. Small and slight, she looked like she was in her early teens. Yet more proof that Jasper was the devil. His child was still alive, while both of Robert’s had turned right away. Not that Robert really cared, but it would have been nice to have someone to carry on his legacy. Certainly, his genes were much more valuable than Jasper’s.

He waited, looking for an opportunity. The defenders were being overrun, the sheer weight of zombies too much for their limited weapons and training. A bunch of them weren’t even fighting. Instead, they were clustered around a dumpster, trying to push it or something. Fucking idiots, don’t they know you deal with the immediate threat then worry about other things?

Finally, Jasper was in a clear spot. Robert ran out of his alcove, slamming Jasper with his shoulder, screaming, a wordless cry of rage, as he raised Jasper’s sword above his head to bring down on the demon.

Jasper spun on the ground, rolling with the fall and turning as he came up, moving to one side. The heavy blade bit into the concrete. Jasper kicked out with his right leg, catching Robert just above the left wrist. Robert let the sword go, dropping into a low stance as it fell.

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