Sweet Little Psychos

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'Don't worry. They're just calling us in.' 'Into where?' 'EWJC Mol. You're one of us now.' Whenever a child is troubled, there is only one place they can be sent. EWJC, the home for troubled youths. Their parents place them there and leave them in the care of scientists, police officers and therapists, who look after them and try so very hard to turn them back to normal. You can see why they've never asked me to write an advert for this hell hole

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Chapter 1


Day 110

I've often wondered what the term psycho actually means. Dictionaries will tell you one thing, the Internet another. Well, I don't really know about the Internet anymore. I haven't used it for 109 days and 15 hours exactly. I used to be able to use it, but they decided to take it away from all of us, for our protection. It seems so long writing it down like that.

Some people count the days. Others just wait it out. I have to count the days. I like to know how long I've survived for. There's a huge chart on the board in The Main Hall. In any normal school it would usually have the school name, the motto and an inspiring image to help the students on their way to success. On ours, it's a huge chart with everyone's name and remaining days. When its someone's turn to reach judgement day, they get erased from the colony, their name taken off the chart. Its kinda sad, but also really liberating. I hope they have a good life.

I am the 67,00th inmate at the EW Juvenile center. The staff recon that I'll get out when 1 turn 18.

"Get out, Go free, really make something of yourself Mark"

Its suppost to help me, make me work harder, to make my report shine. But they say say that to everyone. Its nothing new.

At EWJC, the ages range from 7-18. The youngest is a little girl called Angelica, who has black hair and green eyes, loves bunnies and kittens, is nice to everyone and killed her mother in a fire. She swears it was an accident, but if there's a troubled child, EWJC is the place for them. The oldest is Levi, who was in a gang, did riots, managed to break the arm of a police officer, and killed his older brother. Levi is Angelica's guardian, anyone bullies or hurts her, they have him to deal with. They are the 2 extreme examples here. Somewhere in the middle are the tweenies, the awkward, spotty, slightly deranged killers. We call them the tweenies cause no one knows their names. Of course we've asked, but they just stare you down through their nerd glasses, and isult you with a Star Trek reference.

There's also the Innocents who are, well, innocent. I mean, they did kill someone, but it wasn't something proper. Don't judge me. When you live in a place specifically designed for child killers, there is range of how bad it is. It was mainly the innocents going mad with bullying and such.

There's is also the cannibals (its a joke), they're all vegan, the straight jackets, the harley quins and many more. Loads of people that have all done the same thing, but are being sorted into groups. And then, there is me.

My name is Mark Johnson, I'm 17 years old and I've lived at EWJC for I year and 3 months. I only started this diary 110 days ago, I needed something to do. Anyway, I got sent here for attempted murder and general psycho-ness. I accidentally killed someone, but it wasn't the person I was aiming to kill. I went completely of the rails and because I was a minor and also a 'troubled child', my parents fought for me to be.

I know what you're thinking. Why am I reading this? Why am I giving this weirdo any of my time ? Yeah, I am questioning that as well.

Anyway, on with my story. I was taken from the nice white-walled room in the nation, to an even nicer room in EWJC, with cushioned walls. And then I was moved to dorm 13.

Daniel and Eli were good people to me.

Dan was 17 years old, and killed his girlfriend after he found her cheating with the football star of the school. Dan may have been very psychotic and almost emotionless, but he was one of the fittest boys I had ever seen. But I only realized that I had feelings for him the day before he left. And plus, he only thought of me in a little brother way, so there was no real point. I do wonder where he is now, he must be 18. I hope he's ok.

Eli was completely different though. We never actually knew what he did, but every Wednesday at 16:45 precisely he would go and talk to the councilors. And when he would be come back, at 18:00, lie down, and cry. Eli was an exception to the system, he left at 16. Again, we didn't know what happened or why, but I do miss him sometimes. He was funny and really quick witted. His name is on the honors board. We wouldn't let him be forgotten that easily.

Eli and Daniel may have been strange and quite evil, but they were good to me. They lead that scared, crying 16 year old through everything that life, or lack of life, threw at him. But, like everyone here, they left at 18.

Some people do pray that they will get out. The officers say the same thing to every inmate when they first come in here.

'You will stay here until you turn 18. On your 18 birthday you will be taken infront of the Supreme Court, and it will be decieded whether you are moved to EWDC (the adult version of EWJC), prison, or let free. You must undergo a healing process, and your work will be considered for the decision of your future. You will also need to have a glowing report. '

What they're saying is- if you're good enough, you can get out. However, pretty much no one ever gets out. No matter how hard you try, there's no point. The reason you where taken to EWJC was because you are a huge danger to society. This is America, there's no place for problems here.

A few years ago, children started showing problems. At first it was normal, kids having nervous break downs, screaming about how hard their life was. Typical teenagers. However a huge increase in underage murders started to appear. More and more kids were killing other kids, and the government needed to do something about this.

It doesn't look good if the school inspectors are inspecting the best school in the state, and there are bodies buried by the baseball stadium. It would make it look like there was a problem. And we didn't want that.

And so EWJC was born. Its like a usual juvenile centre, but completely underground. There are at least 25 security doors to get through before you come even close to the main building. It's for our protection. That's what they say.

EWJC is built like a upside down triangle. At the point of the triangle are the panic rooms. This is where the most evil are taken, separated from the rest of us. I'm talking killed their family and friends just for the fun of it, evil. They're so well hidden, I haven't seen them and believe me I notice everything. If you listen very closely sometimes, only sometimes, you can hear them screaming. Not often though.

The triangle then spans out for 3 levels, which is the dorms. Its arranged in most dangerous, from dorm 21-1. I'm still in dorm 13, it's me and these other 3 boys. They don't like me, and so don't talk to me. I tried to be nice, but they shoved me against a wall and threatened to break my face if I ever came near them again. So I left them alone and carried on by myself. As I always do.

Anyway, on the next level there's the psychiatrists offices and the recreation rooms. They don't have much in them, but it's good to get away from all the rooms with the cushioned walls.

On the next one there's the classrooms. We still have to be educated, but it's in a very different way. We learn about psychos through the ages, and how they murdered people. We learn about their brains, their emotions, their morals. We are challenged to complete riddles about who died when and who killed who. We read Agatha Christie, and doctor's notes on specific patents. Our teachers hang the word 'murder' over us almost all the time. Its impossible to get away from it. It's like having a constant fly buzzing around you all the time. Impossible to get rid of.

The truth is: EWJC is filled with the stench of death and murder. Its like they're obssesed with it. It's terrifying when they come to get you in the night, and you can see the size of the syringe. The strange yellow liquid they pump inside you. The pain and madness you feel after. EWJC kids are sick. No one knows quite what with, but it's a danger to society so they must be kept down. So they drug us and tell us lies. Its almost laughable how unsubtle they are. They don't care. Why would they. As long as we are locked up, and don't attack anybody, we're fine. Absolutely fine.

Anyway, I should proberbly stop writing now. It was in the morning notices that I was wanted at 15:45. It won't be a experiment or a check up. It's too early for that. I'll be back.

Yours always, Mark Johnson


Welcome to the first chapter of Sweet Little Psychos. There isn't much to say, apart from this story is told in 2 different character perspectives, so the next chapter will be the other characters turn.

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