Song of the Siren

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Part Two Just Another day in the Office

Diane Appleton looked out of the open window of the offices of the Paranatural Detective Agency and wished she was outside enjoying the glorious weather. Instead she was busy typing up reports from two cases which Hector Saint-Sanson and Dan Taylor had investigated and solved. It was now her turn to do the hard work. Hector insisted that all cases should be typed up, logged and then filed away in chronological order in the next room that housed all the case files. As she looked out of the window taking in the fresh but humid air her mobile phone rang. Upon answering it she heard Gregory Hickman’s voice on the other end of the line. “Hey how are you today Diane, anything new for me to stick my nose into?”

“Hi Greg, well I know Hector and Dan have been called to the coroner’s office to take a look at the body of a person who suddenly collapsed and died.”

“Hmm I wonder why that is, does the coroner think it’s a strange death?”

“I’m not sure Greg, but I bet you’ll find out, knowing what you’re like.”

“Well I may just take a drive down there and see if it’s news worthy, and don’t worry I won’t mention that you told me.”

“Thanks Greg, well I’d better get back to my work, take care.” Diane pressed the ‘end call’ button and got back to typing up the reports. She pondered for a few moments about Gregory Hickman. Their night out had been fun and Greg scrubbed up well, but one date with him was all it was going to be as she still liked Dan Taylor very much. But Dan could not come to terms that the death of his wife was not his fault, and it seemed to be holding him back from showing his true feelings for Diane. “One day you will Dan, one day.” She said out loud as she turned back towards her laptop and continued her work.

Hector and Dan stood looking at the body of a young man who, up until his sudden death had been fit and healthy. He had gone jogging as he always did around the large lake in the park and collapsed and died on the spot. A normal occurrence one would think, but when Suzie Stapleton, chief coroner of Carfax examined him in the morgue, she found strange lacerations around his waist and legs, and had called Hector and Dan straight away.

Looking at the body of the male, Hector looked worried. “Do you know what this reminds me of Suzie? The bodies you examined early last year, they had similar markings on them.”

Suzie Stapleton was all too aware of the bodies she examined last year and the creature that had inflicted them. “My god I hope you’re not suggesting that that thing has returned Hector.”

“Well, all I can say Suzie is that one minute it was terrorising the town and the next it was gone. No one has seen or heard of it since then.” Hector studied the wounds on the body closely. “Do you know if all five soldiers are still accounted for in the locked down wards at the hospital? They won’t give me any information whatsoever about them.”

“Yes all were still accounted for the last time I called into the hospital, which, before you ask Hector, was yesterday.” Suzie replied as she began the process of taking more photos of the wounds. “But to be on the safe side, I think I’ll ask Elaine if she’ll come and take a look, just to be on the safe side. If you know what I mean.”

Happy with the way Suzie Stapleton was dealing with the death of the unknown male, Hector and Dan made their way back to their office housed at the old university. As they headed off in Hector’s car they failed to spot Gregory Hickman, who had parked his car on the far end of the parking lot. As they drove off he stepped out of his car and headed towards the coroner’s office.

Back in the office they noticed Diane wasn’t around. “Well it looks like Diane has left for the day, what say we head off to the Spice of Carfax for a nice curry and a few beers old chum?” Hector said as he lifted his black Crombie coat off the old wooden coat stand. “Hmm on second thoughts, it’s too hot outside for this coat and certainly too hot for a curry. Placing it back into the coat stand he mentioned the Riverside Inn to go for a drink and food.

“A much better idea Hector, I’ve eaten far too many curries lately and have gained a few pounds. So a light snack of chicken and cheese with a side salad sounds a better option to me.” Dan replied as he shrugged off his jacket. “I won’t need this I’ll leave it here till we get back.”

“That is a splendid idea Dan.” Hector replied as he too shrugged off his jacket and as usual tossed it onto one of the leather club armchairs. The two old friends left the offices making sure all the doors to the rooms they used were securely locked.


Alice Washington had taken some time out after a major incident a few months earlier that had tested her psychic abilities to the limit. She had been left psychically and mentally exhausted after the ordeal and it felt as if something was still clinging to her spiritually. She knew this as she had been suffering mood swings on and off since then. Even her girlfriend Erika had commented a number of times that Alice’s personality had begun to change since their holiday together in Crete a few months ago. Alice still felt exhausted, so had decided to leave Carfax and all its weirdness behind for a couple of weeks. She would take a two week holiday on her own to try and sort her head out. She had been looking at holiday brochures and found the perfect place to stay, a little old fishing port that went by the name of Bethany. “Now that is a lovely name for a town.” Alice thought to herself, “Reminds me of an old girlfriend.” She chuckled to herself as she headed out of her apartment. She and Erika had been bickering a lot lately and Erika had decided to stay in the rooms above her shop for a while.

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