Song of the Siren

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Who are the Paranatural Detective Agency?

Who are the Paranatural Detective Agency?

A team dedicated to the investigation and research of the paranormal. The Paranatural Detective Agency (P.D.A) was originally conceived and set up by Theodore Hubert Saint-Sanson in the late 1960's. Theodore Saint-Sanson mysteriously disappeared at the age of 58 leaving his nephew Hector Saint-Sanson his vast collection of books on the paranormal, probably in the hope that one day Hector would follow in his uncle’s footsteps and resurrect the PDA. Hector did just that.

The PDA have their headquarters set up at the old university in the town of Carfax in the UK. They pay rent for four rooms in total, including a special secure room that houses all manner of dangerous artefacts and even supernatural entities. The PDA team is composed of the following people:

Hector Saint-Sanson, a forensics expert who set up a rudimentary version of the PDA when he was only 21 years old. After graduating from Cambridge University, Hector took up a position working for a police forensics company in Carfax where we eventually became a consultant. It was during this time he met his greatest friend and future PDA partner, Dan Taylor.

Dan Taylor an ex-police detective based at Carfax police station became associated with Hector as they worked on bizarre and sometimes extraordinary cases. It was during this time that Hector left his job in Forensics and became a full time Paranatural Detective setting up his operations in the old university building. Dan joined Hector on many of his paranormal exploits, eventually realising that he had a decision to make, to remain a police officer or become a partner with Hector. Dan chose to become a fully-fledged Paranatural detective.

Alice Washington, otherwise known as Dark Alice, is a gifted psychic medium, she can communicate with spirits of the dead. Alice can see spirits, before they choose to manifest. She also can hear messages from the spirit world, receiving them as telepathic thought messages. Alice can also travel to the astral plane at will. Alice also can feel and sense emotions from spirits and places around her. Alice in all intents and purposes is a bona fide member of the P.D.A. She runs a magazine called psychic world and is a great friend to Hector and Dan helping them whenever they call on her for her unique abilities.

Diane Appleton, secretary to the P.D.A and a trusted companion and friend. Diane is the backbone of the P.D.A handling most of the sensitive information and cases that come through the agency. They simply couldn’t do without her.

There are many other friends and associates of the P.D.A team, who all offer help, resource, and assistance from time to time. These include Superintendent Joe Welsh, The Superphysical gang, Gregory Hickman, Robert Simmons, and many more.

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