Song of the Siren

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The Paranatural Detective Agency

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The Witch of Brackley Copse

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. If there had been no witches, such a law as this would never have been commanded. But many generations ago, in the very heart of Carfax town, when merely a nook or a hamlet, there were those who stood accused of sorcery. Those who were tried and tortured. And now, those whose desire for revenge spans through the ages. The Paranatural Detective Agency take on one of their most dangerous cases yet.

The Haunting of Gorstone Manor

Robert Simmons, paranormal investigator, has been researching old Gorstone Manor for many years. Upon entering the manor one dark night he encounters the spirits of two females that look at him with pure hatred. Calling on the help of Hector Saint Sanson and his team, Simmons takes them to the house where an all-out battle of wills is fought out in the ruined mansion. Simmons, a trained exorcist, must call on all his and the PDA team’s strength to banish the two spirits to the other side.

The Door of Darkness

Alice placed a hand upon the damp moss covered bricks and peered into the blackness inside, ‘Oh well, I suppose it’s why they call me Dark Alice!’ she said aloud before stepping into the jaws of the tunnel. Ahead of her about fifty yards or so, she could see a light, a red light flickering, moving side to side. Alice was afraid, Carfax has a dark and terrible secret, and if you call it by name it will surely come for you. She collected herself and found the courage to speak out to whatever was moving towards her. Has Dark Alice finally met her match?


In the abandoned asylum all was quiet, the dust lay untouched on the floors and the plaster occasionally fell from the walls and ceilings as damp and decay began to consume the once grand Victorian building. In cell 15 the spiders were the only living things, weaving their webs over everything, except for one thing, a doll.

Shades of Black

After the death of his mother, eleven-year-old Noah was now an orphan living with an abusive step-father. Noah’s life wasn’t much fun, but when the shadow of his dead step-grandmother begins to bleed through the walls of his house with the sole intention of killing him, his life gets a whole lot worse. Noah, terrified and afraid for his life sends a desperate plea for help to the PDA. But can they help him before it’s too late?

Through the Wireless

A haunted old radio, or is it? What is it that keeps calling out to whoever owns the old Zenith radio and why are people being found murdered in the same location as the radio? Can the police, with the help of Hector Saint-Sanson and his team, solve the case before it’s too late? Another chilling Paranatural Detective Agency story to while away the dark winter nights.

The Ouija Doll

Back in the 1960's, during a revival of occultism, a commercial company produced a doll with a unique approach to Ouija. A legend grew around these dolls that they were dangerous to tamper with, and it was thought that may have been possessed by the spirit of a homeless woman who was duped when providing the doll with a voice. If you manage to find one of these rare dolls, maybe in a charity shop, or more than likely from a specialised collector, be warned. Tampering with them will only bring misfortune on the user. This story is told uniquely from emails, and articles.

The Terror from Beyond

A ‘ghost ship’ sails silently into Carfax Bay, all crew are dead; their bodies have been sucked dry by something unknown. Can the Paranatural Detective Agency Team win the battle against a thing they have never encountered before? Or will all be lost as the town of Carfax battles to survive. A tale of terror and horror.

The Dragon’s Pearl

A dark network of organised criminals with knowledge of occult magic. A rare and ancient treasure with supernatural capabilities. An unhinged ventriloquist dummy possessed by the spirit of a dead gangster. Some of the flavours of a dangerous and unique case for the Paranatural Detective agency.

Heaven Scent

An ageing rock star suffers a fatal cardiac arrest and journeys to the afterlife, but what he finds there isn’t paradise. Instead he becomes the host of a deadly parasitic being. Can Dark Alice prevent him from being totally consumed, and prevent herself suffering the same fate?

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