The Curse of Haunting Queen

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Farmhouse thrills and the curse continues A group of high school girls and boys decided to go on a road trip to the farmhouse discovering the areas will they return safe? Or will the curse continue?

Horror / Mystery
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Some how Suzan got network and then she tried calling her uncle to ask about Edwina's curse of haunting Queen. She tried and tried but he didn't pick the call. She was calling and then suddenly the door opens wide with a slam. She tries to be calm and talk to her, she tried to ask her about her past but she didn't listen to her. When she kept quiet, Edwina started to talk about her uncle and then her family she was shocked to know about her but while talking she was back like a quite and humble lady with manners. Suzan then tried to ask what happened to her who is that devil why is she trying to hurt us.

Downstairs Jeremy was busy helping Jimmy. They were afraid what's going on upstairs and even worried about Samantha, Elena and Rick they were missing and couldn't find them but during this they can't even think that they lost their friend Jake while finding other as he fell into the valley.

Edwina told her that she was a normal girl and even she told her story how she fell in love with the prince, then while talking suddenly she stopped talking and the Queen was back with that agressive voice she told you and your family always wanted me dead they even tried to kill me but I survived so many times the last time I died I got the spell of travellers and then I got into Edwina's body as a passenger and killed her prince family and everyone she loved and cared. She was afraid that anytime Edwina could come back. So Suzan was confused who that lady was who got into Edwina and pretended to be her?

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