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I had the strangest dream last night. I had been walking along a wide road. All around me there were lots of people…grey people; I was the only one in color.

They were looking at me with their strange eyes, but every time I blinked everything repeated itself, right from the beginning. I started to run, but I saw that everything I did they did too. I stopped. The whole world faded to black. In front of me appeared a girl with long black hair and big red eyes. She didn't smile. She scared me. When she closed her eyes, the ground ripped itself apart under my feet and fire rose from below, but, surprisingly, I couldn't feel it … I was floating. The girl looked at me and said "die". I fell into the pit.

Suddenly, I woke up and prayed to never have a nightmare like this one … but it wasn't a nightmare … I only thought it was … soon after I thought I woke up, the girl fell … and her body smashed into the ground, covering my whole body and face with her blood … I ate it all … the blood of my enemy became the flesh of my servants, vomiting it and watching it turn into twisted mutants … calling me master … I fed them everyday, until they knew how to live for themselves, only then, I would show them their mother's corpse.

Each day passed very slow, but many years came and went away … my insanity led me to my grave, but before dying, I saw the girl one more time. This time, as she stood in front of me, she was the one who was scared … then, the world turned grey and she started to run away from me. I followed her, but I fell into a pit … the grey people threw a flame in my grave and my body burned to ashes … she stood at my head and cried herself to sleep.

The third time I met her, in the same colorless town, she explained to me that this was the City of the Dead and each time I came here, one of us died … it didn't make much sense, I guess she died the first time … then she left peacefully …

"So, how was this final examination, doctor?"

"This one was better … I think he twists his perception of this world to see what he wants … his own world … in each of these three sessions he reacted differently, the first time being scared, the second time … he scared me, but this time I tried to explain to him some things and he listened … I don't know what he understood, though.

"Fine … thank you for your time, goodbye."

"It was a pleasure to work for you, goodbye"

She left for good and the City of the Dead disappeared … my heaven came back to me … My mutants turned to fireflies … Blood turned to ashes … Death turned to life … for now …

Months passed, rolling one after the other, but still my world remained gone, the mutants visited me in their firefly forms, but that was all. The didn't talk, they didn't feed and I couldn't do it for them so time went by.

I had thought that maybe she would visit, my eyes turned to every door that opened hoping for a final battle, but she never came except for my dreams. I knew they were only dreams because they painted a world so very different than the one I live in. It had white walls and she was in a white lab-coat, but she still looked the same for the most part. Her eyes had changed so drastically I almost didn't recognize her when she first appeared in these dreams, but when she looked at me I knew it was her despite the greenness that seemed to sparkle in them.

Whilst she talked about my rehabilitation, no matter what that might be, I read what she was actually saying in the undertones of her words. She like me wanted that final battle, desired a closure…one last walk upon the road in the City of the Dead…to burn or be burnt one last time.

I smiled and nodded my head, even though I knew it was just a dream. I had missed my world and children, not the fireflies they are today. But most of all, I missed the blood and the fire and the grey. My world had all of this and so much more! I grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the dream and into reality. Her eyes didn't change color, but no matter, she was here.

Laughing, I turn to face her. She seems shocked. Maybe she never thought we'd get this chance. Looking around the grey horizon a frown mares her smooth forehead. I am worried now. What has happened to her while out of our world and away from the mutants that were our children?

"Where are we, Joseph?" she asks. The confusion is clear in her voice, there's no doubt, her memory is gone, amnesia I suspect. Thankfully I know the cure for that so I pull her by the arm towards our first meeting place. I tell her as much and she shakes her head. She still doesn't know who I am!

"You ripped the ground with a close of your eyes, your ruby-red eyes! And I floated." I tell her, but tears fill her eyes. She is, once again, scared of me. That could work to my advantage as I spin, looking at her as I did the second time she visited me here. She trembles, but doesn't run. I am getting restless now, my patience is running out.

"Blink!" I yell and hope she does it. She does and, as I expected I find myself staring into the pit floating above it. She lets out a scream, clutches her head and murmurs it's real. A smile stretches her face and I recognize it. It's the same one from before. I smile too and extend my hand to her. Let's rule this world together, find more disciples, reborn our children. I don't say this out loud, but she hears me nonetheless. Her eyes are still green, but she remembers. It's real, I hear her whisper and feel her hand take mine. We shall rule like we were meant to. She thinks it only, but like her, I hear it. Out in the distance roars echo, our children have returned…

"What do you mean she isn't coming out of the room.?!"

"I don't understand it, sir. Normally she can't wait to leave, but she is just standing there, holding hands with him, smiling like no tomorrow. He mimics her perfectly as well."

"Very well. Do we have any empty rooms?"

"Yes. I'll get to it, sir."

A strange creature, the kind I had never seen before, entered the room intending to take her away again, but it would not work. The ground opened and it fell, burning like a thousand suns. The City of the Dead has awoken and none shall put it back to sleep for she watches over us while I burn all intruders. Our power has grown, we will prevail.

"I sense there's something in the wind

That feels like tragedy's at hand

And though I'd like to stand by him,

Can't shake this feeling that I have

The worst is just around the bend …

And does he notice

My feeling for him

And will he see

How much he means to me

I think it's not to be …

What will become of my dear friend?

Where will his actions lead us then?

All though I'd like to join the crowd

In their enthusiastic cloud.

Try as I may, it doesn't last….

And will we ever

End up together? …

And will we ever

End up together?

No, I think not,

It's never to become

For I am not the one …"

("Sally's Song"

- Amy Lee -)

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