Death Fate

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Chapter 2

The next day Sara was arisen by the sound of loud coughing. Hurriedly, she threw on her day clothes and rushed to Ellis's room. On the bed Ellis was coughing into a bloody handkerchief, his face blue with the lack of oxygen. Madame Condale sat at his bedside trying her best to soothe his pain but her lack of experience made her next to useless.

Once Sara walked in the Madame gave her a venomous look.

"Where were you?" she snapped "he could've died!"

She ignored her and proceeded to help the boy. Ellis tried to breath but was attacked by another round of coughing. Sara held his head downward until the coughing subsided and wiped his mouth free of blood.

"Are you all right Ellis?" she asked worriedly. He was getting worse by the day and he wasn't showing any signs of recovering.

He smiled weakly "I'm okay nana" he sat up in bed and stared at the ceiling. He looked like he was undecided about something and was trying to figure out what. Her stomach dropped. Did he hear the conversation between her and the man in the trench coat?

"Sara!" Mrs. Condale snapped, breaking her out of her trance "go to the kitchen and make breakfast for Ellis"

She bowed awkwardly "yes Mrs." She said hurriedly and walked out the door in the direction of the kitchen. Milk and honey might help him she thought and I can always give him toast. He likes-

A cold laugh rippled the room and send shivers down her spine. The man stood in front of the kitchen doors smiling cruelly. She closed her eyes. He isn't real, he isn't real she told herself. Go get Ellis's breakfast and get out, ghosts aren't real.

He cocked his head to one side, listening to her thoughts "although that would be true, I'm not a ghost"

Her heart pounded in her ears "then…then... what are you?"

He spread his hands "I take it you remember the first time you made a deal with fate" he grinned "the train"

Sara felt like she had been slapped. The train ride. The day where both her parents perished, dubbing her an orphan at the age of eleven.

She remembered the day only too well.

Sara lowered her head and clenched her teeth "you offered to help my friend. You said she would live" tears ran down her cheeks. She still remembered the look on Jenna's face before the train hit her, the sound, even her scream.

"She did live Sara"

Sara laughed bitterly "she lived to commit suicide after my parents died saving her!" she glared at him, her eyes rimmed with red "that is not living"

He shrugged his shoulders "as I told you Miss. Condale, I don't deal with aftermath. Killing herself was her choice and hers alone. It was something none of us could have predicted or prevented"

Her shoulders slumped. Her parents died for nothing, and she had chosen their demise.

He laughed "now you see what I do? I give people a helping hand in their lives. I change their fate, and they repay me. I only come to those who have challenged fate and brought the ones they love back to life"

Sara's head spun "then why come now? And why come to me? No one important has died, and no one is about to"

He smirked "Do you really think so Sara? Think."

Horror filled every fiber of her body as she whispered:


Suddenly a piercing scream came siring through the house. Sara ran back to Ellis's room to find him on the floor, stone dead with a stream of blood flowing out of his mouth.

Without a word Sara fell to her knees and sobbed. She sobbed for all the times she lied to him, telling him he'll get better, that he would live. He only lived six short, miserable years.

"You can change that" the man in the trench coat said, walking in. "this is your choice to make. I'm offering him another chance to live, without disease. He could be a happy child, with a regular childhood"

She looked up at him "he won't commit suicide? No one else will have to die?"

He shook his head before she was done. "I never know the precise outcome of the changes. All I know is that if you accept, he lives"

Sara thought of Ellis as a happy boy, one that made friends in school, one that could play outside and roam the fields whenever he wanted, one that had a future.

She took a shaky breath "alright"

The man grinned and laughed. The air around Sara suddenly became thick as her lungs dried up, struggling for air.

"You chose to give the boy's life back. And that will cost you your own"

She tried to scream but she couldn't make the sound. She felt like someone was compressing her to death.

Her lungs burned and large dark spots covered her vision. Her heart started to beat slower, and slower.

It beat once, twice, then never again.

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