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Nightmares of Someone Else's Choosing

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What do you do when someone else controls your nightmares? Angela's life was perfectly normal until the accident. Afterwards, she became plagued with nightmares she could never remember. And then someone else with the same problem found her. What can they do to protect themselves from The Hunters? Features an LGBT relationship, no erotica.

Horror / Fantasy
J Ventura
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Letter of Introduction

I would like to give my thanks for agreeing to accept this documentation.

This is one of many identical books prepared for you and several others who have agreed to take on this responsibility. Since record-keeping in our community is usually left to individuals, an explanation is due. Our normal approach failed on this matter and there was a recurrence.

This is an unforgivable failure that cost countless lives and we cannot risk this happening again.

You’ll find in these pages the details of this problem and how it was dealt with. Also included is an account of the experience of the only identified victim of The Hunters who was not one of us.

I ask that you familiarize yourself with these records so that if there should be another recurrence we will be able to identify it quickly and put an end to it.

If you change your mind and are not willing or able to be a record-keeper, please pass this responsibility to another Guild member.

With many thanks,


It means a lot to me that you have agreed to be one of our record-keepers. I’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’re also going to be watching for signs of The Hunters operating in the future.

I’ll be in the area soon and hope to stop in for a visit. I’ll email before I start my travels.

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