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It's the end of the world who is going to win? I washed the blood off my hands. For once it finally came off after not being able to wash it off for ten minutes. I smiled ‘well he won't be seeing me ever again’. My mind is grateful for his death.I looked out the window and saw a crow and that’s when my mind went back to when I first met that dead corpse on the kitchen title. *2 hours ago* It was a nice summer day. I saw many birds flying one I noticed was a crow. I smiled. ‘Today was going to be a great day,’ I thought. I saw a guy sitting on his porch. He was coming down the steps towards me. I was scared. He had a patch on his eye and a farmers hat on his head. "Well young lady," He said to me, "Would you like some tea?" I looked at him as the sun was just hitting his face. I wasn't sure how to answer the question. "Sure," I said like it was no big deal. I came up on the porch with him. He already had a cup out like he was waiting for me. I sat down in the uncomfy armchair. I sat down and drank some of the tea. Then I was getting really dizzy. "Hey, I can't feel my..." I said. All I remember next is a loud BANG!

Horror / Scifi
Maria Kay Clary
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I wear a gas mask for the smell of radiation is too much for anyone to handle. I was left by my family to take care of myself. I only fourteen, but I know how to leave here in what they call the ‘underworld’. There is no money to speak of you trade around here. I don’t think about my parents much. They left to go somewhere where they could live better wherever that is. I live in this underground world I have my own place. School has been cancelled due to the radiation. People get sick sometimes due to the radiation. There are doctors, but they only come once in a while. People think that the black plague is back. They are space cars that drive in the upper levels where the radiation is the worst. Some people still drive. They are the brave ones. The water is rancid and hard to put down. I live on soda and whatever packed meat they have that day. They just give out food, but everything else is traded. There is an abandoned hospital in the above ground no one is there but a lot of dead bodies are. I go there sometimes to think or to just get away. There is also a lake I like to go to fish or to swim sometimes. Today I go to the above ground to take a ride with a friend who has a space car. I get to the above ground to be picked up by my friend. She was young and just got her licence. Not a girlfriend , but someone I trusted and liked to a point. She was coming soon. I saw the green car come closer. I knew it was her. I sighed in relief. I didn’t want to wait anymore I didn’t know where we were going, but I knew anywhere away from here was good. I got in. She was smoking a cigarette. I took my gas mask off it was safe to in a car the air was fresher. She wanted to go to the mall. I refused to go, but it was somewhere to go. I hated the mall, but at least it got me away for a while. So we went it was a fifteen minute ride. Then I felt something it was a headache.

“Now I have a headache.” She said. How could we both have a headache. Then we stopped at the closest gas station. I went inside and asked the cashier nicely

“Do you have a headache?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“I do too.” I said.

“Weird.” She said. Then the hover TV that were outside started to fizz and then it came to a report that said it was important.

“Everyone in the world has a headache. This is some kind of human control.” Said the newscaster.

‘It might have something to do with the radiation’ I thought. Then I thought of a power. I thought of fire and light. The next thing I knew I had a light ball in my hands and it glowed a bright yellow color. She screamed not sure what to do. Then she thought of lightning and a lightning ball was in her hands.Then we didn’t know what to do so we shot them into the sky where they crashed into the ground a couple miles away we could hear the loud boom. My friend her name was Carrie was laughing and I smiled.

“Matt can you believe it!” She said. I couldn’t but it was cool. I could feel the power in me. Many things but in one being. The mall was big and it smelled like Chinese food. I wanted some but had no money. These powers seemed like a curse now because all I wanted to do was to do it again. Carrie started to walk towards the closest shoe store. Shoes? Really? Oh well it’s better than the perfume store. There was a loud sound coming from the hallway. I saw something I couldn’t believe. I saw a lizard person coming towards us. Then he disappeared into the floor. I thought about maybe killing it. We got the shoes a nice pair of high heels red I liked them. We left the mall then. We got to the car then I saw the lizard again. He somehow got into the car. He looked like he had a laser gun in hand. I thought those were outlawed here. She saw and screamed. I thought of lifting the car up and then all of the sudden it was up in the air. He shot the gun and the car and the lizard was gone. Now how I am getting home. She pulled her phone out and called a cab for us. Then on our way home we saw her car and the lizard following us.

“I see it.” I told her. We sat there in the quiet. We ran inside her house then the lizard was driving the car around her house. The lizard parked the car and knocked.

“Should we answer?” I asked her.

“ I guess.” She said. She opened the door. The lizard took off its helmet and started to talk. “ I come from the future and we need you two to fight for the powers.” “Why did you take my car?” She asked. “Look it was an accident I am not even supposed to be here or tell you anything the world is going to go bad and everyone is going to lose their freedom and you need to fight for power to get it all back.” “Okay why is?” She asked.

“You two are the only ones who can understand me because you are part lizard yourself.” Lizard said.

“I needed a car so I took yours.” Said Lizard.

“How did you get here?” Asked Carrie.

“Teleportation but I can only use it once in a while not all the time.” Said Lizard.

“The future is horrible we must travel back to fix it!” Exclaimed Lizard.

“Well let’s go!” Yelled Carrie.

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