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Is she really insane? Is she seeing things, or are Emily and Maya still alive? They can't be. Emily killed Maya and died in a house fire. But how????? "La la la-la-la....la-la-la la la la....." Over and over the voice rang out. Then, she was in front of me. She pulls out a knife. "Emily no!" She stabs the knife into my upper arm and pulls it down. I scream, and Before I can do anything else, she disappears.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

I walk into my room, and lay down so I can sleep.
20 minutes later

My mom knocks on the door. “Samantha...” she says, only it doesn’t sound like her. The voice is raspy. “Mom?” I say. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, child...” Weird. My mom doesn’t call me child.

I quietly get up out of the bed and open the door. No one is there. There’s a giggle, and it comes from behind me. I whip my head back. No one.

Sam, calm down. It’s not a big deal... It’s not that bad...

“Oh yes, it is, Samantha... It is bad... Very bad.” The voice says.

I grab a flashlight and go under my covers. “La la la la la....La-la-la-la la...” Over and over the voice rings. Then it’s in front of me with a knife in its hand. “Emily no!” She stabs me in my upper arm and drags the knife down.

I scream and before I can do anything else, she’s gone and I’m left lying in darkness, in my own pool of blood...


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