It Came from Across the Room

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From One Nightmare to Another

I couldn’t tell what time it was. Without lifting my head, I threw my arm to the ground, grasping for my phone. My mind was still twisted from the nightmare I had awoken from. I had been in a strange, yet very familiar location. The city I lived in now and the city I was born in had melded together, along with all the emotions, memories, and connections. What was missing however, were all the good ones. It was a nightmare of regret, confusion, and disgust, all barreling down on me with no rhyme or reason. Old friends, new friends, and strangers turning their heads in shame. Ignored, put down, shut out. It wasn’t like a classic nightmare, the one where a maniac would chase you through a field, then disappear and be replaced by a ghostly farmhouse. There was no relief upon waking up. That feeling that you get after a horrifying nightmare, when you realize everything is alright, and somehow, your day becomes that much brighter? Completely nonexistent. I didn’t want to go back there. Maybe I could keep myself awake until it leaves my mind, and fall asleep to a different dream. My phone wasn’t where I thought it was. The hope was that I could get lost in a video or two, maybe read a story. Something short to take me away from residual feelings I was experiencing after waking up from that subconscious mind fuckery. But my phone wasn’t there. I let out an aggravating groan, as I knew what this would entail: I’d have to...get up. Sitting up after waking in the middle of the night is like lifting a couch after you’ve already gone to the gym. My body would ache as I slowly push my self upright and ready my muscles for the walk to the light switch. I knew the grueling task that I was about to commence wouldn’t raise my spirits, but the reward would. Before I could do this though, I heard a slight giggle coming from across the room. It sounded like the laughter of a young girl, but not childlike. There was a strange scratching like sound to the voice, as if there was a a shard of glass lodged in her throat. I froze in place. Before I knew it, my body and mind filled with fear. The sound was clearly a human voice, but upon turning my head, I saw nothing. Simply the darkness of the night having taken over my room, and maybe, infecting my mind. Regardless, I quickly laid back down in my bed and pulled the covers over my head. This was nothing new to me, as even though I’m almost 27 years old, my imagination still has way of controlling my actions and thoughts. Occasionally, I would hear my name being said, or one word of a thought being spoken a loud. This is actually a very common mind trick many people experience when tired or distressed. Even so, I felt comforted with a sheet wrapped around head. There was no going to sleep however, as my heart was racing to fast. I closed my eyes and tried to, though. All of this was pointless, for only a few seconds late later, I heard that same voice say in a soft quiet tone, “Hello.” It didn’t have the same raspy undertone that it had before, and it was a bit more soothing as well. She then giggled a little more, and let out a minuscule sigh.

“Hello? I know you can hear. Why do you have a sheet over you head?” she asked in her quiet, soft voice.

Slowly, I exposed myself, and took my time turning my head. What I saw poking out from the side of my slightly open closet was an image that made me want to fall back into the nightmare I had just been a part of.

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