A Cruel Fate

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Dark Revelations

The panic room was not very large, it was spacious enough to pace in, but not large enough to hold even a twin sized bed: not that one would need a bed in a panic room. Modin sat hunkered in the far corner of room, her back pressed into the cold metal of the wall. She sat compulsively locking and unlocking her iPhone, but like the past 25 times, it still had no service.

Every so often, Modin would here a banging sound echo from somewhere in the house. Salty tears streamed down her face. A grey filing cabinet and a laptop were the only items within the small space. Finally, curiosity got the best of the her.

Modin crept over to the grey box, it had four drawers and came to around her waist. Her father had forbid her or her mother from ever entering this room unless it was an emergency and he was present. Modin deemed this to be an emergency, and besides what could be so bad about the filing cabinet?

She yanked at the top drawer and it flew open with such force that it hit Modin in the stomach. She bent over and tried to regain her breath, but found it was difficult with the strange smell filling her nose. What is that?

Modin gripped her nose to try and mask the smell, with her other hand she began rifling through the files inside the cabinet. There were around fifty files in the drawer, each tan colored with a name in black ink. She removed the first file, Lauren Aaron.

Modin dropped the file as though it were a hot coal. A sob caught in her throat and she fell to her knees. The file lay open in front of her, Modin wanted to forget she had ever seen it, but she couldn't make herself look away.

Lauren Aaron had been a petite girl, age 18, with a pretty smile and head full of black hair. The file read that Lauren had put up a fight when her father had loaded her into the back of his van, where he and two other men tortured and killed her. A lock of her black hair was taped to the bottom of the file.

This has to be a mistake. My father is a good man, he wouldn't do something so terrible.

Modin opened each drawer and grew sicker and sicker to her stomach upon seeing all the files. There had to be at least 200 files, all filled with dead girls not much older than her.

Modin's stomach clenched. The keypad outside the panic room was being used. She crawled until she was beside the door. When the fifth beep of the keypad sounded, the door promptly opened. A pair of black boots entered the threshold and stopped. "Is she in there?" A voice from outside the door asked.

Modin crawled between the pair of boots and out the door. She jumped to her feet and kicked the other man in the shin as she ran for the exit. She heard the man yell and two pairs of feet running close behind.

Modin ran down the stairs, this would be the part where the victim falls down, but she managed to stay on her feet. The front door was just steps away when the man called out to her from the top of the stairs. "Modin, we work with your dad. He has been doing bad things and we just want to stop him. We are the good guys we swear."

Modin hesitated, but not long enough for the men to catch up to her. She exited the house and ran for her neighbors house, which was currently completely dark. She almost tripped on a tree root, but stayed on her feet. The two men had stopped at the edge of her yard, and were just staring at her. Modin banged on the door, "Mrs. Wilkens, please open the door, it's Modin."

No footsteps or sounds could be heard from inside the house, the lights remained off. Modin turned to run but was knocked out from a blow to the side of her head. "Why are you doing this to me?" Modin asked as her world went black.

She did not know if she was dreaming or having some weird vision of the past, but in a sunny field stood Lauren Aaron. "It's okay, Modin. Your father's sins aren't yours. You have to wake up; you have to fight."

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