A Cruel Fate

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The full moon loomed overhead, making the woods appear eerie with shadows. Trees were everywhere Modin looked, so she assumed she was deep in the forest that started just about a mile from her house. An owl hooted overhead, sounding as a warning Get out while you still can!

Modin groaned, she had only been awake a few minutes, long enough to realize she was in serious trouble. The two men who had broken into her house and knocked her out were sitting beside her, in between to large oak trees.

"Oh good you are awake!" The shorter man with the black boots exclaimed.

Modin had no desire to learn why these two creeps were happy she was conscious. The other man, the guy she had kicked in the shins, was tall and had a scraggly brown beard with piercing blue eyes. "We were worried that we might have accidentally killed you too early."

Modin felt the color drain from her face. She had to escape before she experienced death too early. Why didn't I just go to the stupid party?

The wind howled like a wolf, sending a shiver down her spine. The woods were a place she had always avoided, and now she had a sinking feeling that this place would be her burial ground. The guy with the black boots stood over Modin now, his head blocked out the light of the moon, and with a sadistic grin he placed one of his black boots on her ribs and pushed.

Modin screamed with gusto as she fell down below the earth. She cried out in pain as her back made contact with the hard-packed earth, sending a rough jolt throughout her entire body. "You can blame your father for all of this," the man said from above, "He shouldn't have screwed me and my brother over. If he had stuck with the plan you would not be here right now. All those girls, now you get to be the last victim."

Modin went in and out of consciousness. Her head ached and her back felt as though it had a million needles prodding into her spine. Modin silently cursed her father and God for allowing her to be put into this situation.

Finally, she allowed herself to succumb to the pain. Modin once again dreamed of Lauren Aaron, the pretty raven haired girl reached her hand out and beckoned her to follow. "I cannot follow you," Modin said miserably, "I am sorry for what happened to you, but I'm not ready to quit living yet."

Lauren's eyes went wide with fear. Modin followed Lauren's gaze; a large wall of water was coming towards them. "How is this happening? I'm just dreaming."

Lauren's black hair disappeared beneath the blue of the water. Modin screamed as the wave hit her full force and sent her into the fathoms below. She couldn't breathe, her lungs were screaming for air. The dream no longer seemed to be a unconscious state, but a horrible reality.

Modin's eyes burst open to a wooden ceiling. Where am I? She looked down to where her feet pointed towards the sky, or where her feet should have been. Dirt was rapidly piling onto her body, suffocating her. A thin layer of wood stretched across the crevice, protecting her eyes from the ground raining down.

"No!" Modin yelled, however, her outburst only worsened her situation. The wooden plank began to shift from the dirt that fell rapidly down. She closed her eyes tight as the plank broke in half from the weight of the falling earth.

Dirt began falling onto her face and entering her ears and nose. Modin resisted the urge to cough and allow the dirt to enter her mouth directly. "Sorry it had to be this way," one of the men yelled, though it sounded muffled to her ears which were rapidly filling with dirt.

The irony of the situation hit Modin like a brick. Her mother had named her after one of the only survivors of Ragnarok because she thought it would bring her good luck. She always feared earthquakes and tornadoes, end of the world phenomenons because she had no desire to learn if she could survive like her namesake. In the end, she was going to die in agony by a live burial.

Modin's lungs and heart began to stop functioning. She said one quick prayer, to Modi or God, whoever was listening. In the distance, the owl hooted one last time as the two men finished their work. Modin's body stopped hurting and she resigned to her fate; a cruel fate where her Ragnarok came from the sin of another.

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