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What do the bored hoodlums do in their neighbourhood is to think of ways of being and breaking and entering. There is nothing distressing in that? In the threads of a delicate situation like gossamer that is love when the wife is no longer a wife through no fault of her own but that the mother in law left the door unlocked and threw away the key they had this burglary which was most unusual he did not take something away but he gave something that was their own to these people he gave them a baby of their very own as he thought they did not conceive fast enough. What a idea that was to think they had not thought of that. The very thing they always wanted pity it cost them their marriage which ended in the law courts with the bitterness which followed. Justice is not right is it when a man is all about giving them the right things and they do not want it then they give the baby back to him and he has to look after the damn thing.

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

In the spoils of war what do they carry when they take what they have won? Perhaps in the spoils of the wars they cart the wives and the weak and they enslave them. In Cyprus we did it to ourselves while the Brits watched. The wretched filthy roads which nothing could move and the things which got dressed to be kicked in the head. The mishaps the little things which went click and then unlock taken for the rides which we had to sober up and handle.

“Look son you must sober up you must sober.”

He would lay drunk for the night exhausted,” poor child working for the cause has cost him his youth. Look how thin he has become.”

Look when the Brits gave us modernity, they did not think we could handle the damn stuff but we got so modern we were unprepared for the result. Huge bellies and disappointment on the wedding night that is all. What else does one need look forward for just that night when it does arrive this empty hole without the twist in the tale something rotten serpent entered there before.

“Well you son not the only man in Cyprus?” said Gold to her son and the apple of her eye what he was doing she had wanted to all her life. He did not even stay at home to eat.

“How many men in Cyprus ma so that I can shot them.” He asked from his bed.

“How unkind ma there is nothing I might say as his sister I need a husband.”

“You a husband why child?”

“But pa.”

Grandpa did not expect such a thing from her that she would want a husband Zeks was silenced forever more this scandal could not be born. I should never have married it was against his wishes and ma said I should but pa said sit down at home and it would be alright.

“I should have listened children, are so ungrateful. Monsters all of you.”

Mother could not write down herself and seeing I wanted to become a writer she told me her life story and she told me other stories because I needed to know these in order to write her story. This is the reason why she told me so much stuff. She was not being cruel. I am not a child anymore I can remember what she had said to me as a seven-year-old when I got older, she did not like to say.

As she had told me these before and repetitions were never her strong point.

We had nothing no skills so no money so we begun to play with ourselves. Now do you think that is wise? It was not we did not know where we could end and amid concerns, we ended in something called this hole. There is not much a society which has run wild will not do. Concerns were raised by the archbishop that the Turks had no morals.

“No, the archbishop was wrong.”

“That they did not have holy wedlock.”

“We preferred to live in sin.”

“Indeed, said they as the adultery rate went sky high, they could not live with sinners.”

Their women and their men were in jeopardy as they said they did not know what to make of the whole herd they were animals. We the Turkish delighted in playing on their nerves. We swapped the sword and the beard for some foreplay. We married our wives we did indeed the Imam did his job. Only thing was we did not like the wife so much after the wedding adding to this there was all that travelling to do.

It is wars in the spillage the dirty road which was never built the lazy men and women as they got rid of themselves and their war years and they yearned for what they could get. They had not worn themselves down to an early grave their matter was in their youth and artlessness most of them as mother told me were teens and hopefuls. They thought they had won the lottery or the crown because they were born in some civilised world with the fridges and the radio playing their song. The wives were envious because they had not had such a deal their raw deals meant now they had to watch their daughters taking off and with their sails fit for the queen.

Some threw caution to the winds and did it without the ceremony it was a world within the world and in the worst possible taste. All sense had left them they could not be bothered to think they leapt and fled the little town and went to some huge city to express what they did wear. But those left behind were not far behind. They did not flog it they went and did the deeds and got the homes they deserved and sat down to think and they had done what their parents had done before so what was the wildness for? Nothing had changed nothing not much when in the house they had the husband the bread winner and what nagged them now they had the mother in law and the extended family to look after as well.

But we are thinking about the courtship the thing is when courting the man and the woman were the beasts from the Flynn films. Firm and tender and they did the balcony scenes again and again to their hearts content. How to be gentrified and what to do with ourselves and why do women now want us to be not uncouth and smelling of sweat but some sort of deodorant and smelling of perfume. What we not that sort ladies please it is not us to be so soft and attired in something shocking where is your moustache where did the fez get to when the ladies will not even shrug when they see a true Turk, we must bend the knee to all that or go without.

Life is about change is it not?

Yes, but we got a revolution.

Then we had the man who loved this so much he became so perfumery the ladies said he belonged in their circle. Circles of intense passions went and fled we now do not even seek the wives who belonged in the cradle we now must look further afield no longer legal to marry the cradle. Of course, not sorry the thing is the child now has the right of no. It seems that is the unluckiest break of all we must get rid of civil behaviour. Why does it seek the justice which a man has to be rid of when he did not have anything but the worst possible taste? Look does that guy not look so loud in his reds and redder still face. His cravat is so big as he must be spotted a mile distant. Why is his shoes creak like a cemetery? Well they had to laugh out loud.

Humans are so cruel it is the best joke on the house when they sat still as skulls shaken with silent laughs.

When the poetry ended? When they married.

What do you think happened? They had to pay the bills or lose the house their women had the ailments they had to work to support their kid and the wife would say and speak. How she would speak then when she went to her mother’s house the silence would become creepy. He sorts of missed her thought about the good times and then went and fetched her he did not know why. To speak like this about daddy is to speak about him a nice way. His manners were good back than he had not become the despot as he is now.

He broken hearted he broke his wife’s wrist on the plane she would not leave him alone. She went vulgar said he severed her arm and went and wept saying aloud that he had been beating her for years. When she gave as good as she got. I mean the punches she would give him back was as huge as ever and he had the black marks to be seen. He had to behave well but he never did. Stepmother was not the woman whom he had loved more than and forgave more than anything else in the world he would say tears in his eyes as he wed someone else and was tormenting them as well? Well he a serial man he shagged against the odds and made love as the insects do.

When poems end when reality sets in what does happen handsome is why we live at home and handpick the handkerchief until it is in shreds. That is right handsome. I am being told these things over the years amid illustrations of their own kindness or unkindness which someone always does to somebody else.

“She lost out because her mate was a lass more forward.”

“He lost out because he had not much in his pockets.”

“They all had something called grievance,”

“We loved then we lost.”

“Someone said to me she lost out because she did not love enough.”

“That we love our husbands is true.”

“Nothing of the sort.”

This cauldron of the whole is the sorry start to our story.

“You will all go to hell.”

“But we are in heaven now.”

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