The Shepherd

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Highschool kid from 3rd world town in the islands gets bored and tired of the pron his older brother left him with considers shooting up school or not Broken families, smoking minors, hardcore porn, forced sex, religion, boredom, love, casual sex, imaginary sex, the mafia, daddy issues, sex. incest, high school, interracial porn, misogyny, falling in love, and value of friendship, hell yeah. oh and I guess drugs and alcohol of course. and always remember kids Jesus loves you! :3 If you get a text "Don't go to school tomorrow" from that weird kid? Just don't fam, coz lmao I will gun you down lol xD Two high school kids gets bullied and shoots up the school, Oh sorry wrong story, ah yes, there it is... John, upon boredom of his porn... and of life in general embarks on a mission, join him in his quest to find the ultimate porno. Will he find the holy grail of porn that can satiate a lifetime of lust? Or will he get emptied and dried up somewhere in the restroom? Not a story for the faint of heart... the morally just, and sane of mind..

Horror / Erotica
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I - Alone In Heaven

*Dat’s right hoe, suck it dry...*

Said one of the two black men the in porn I was watching. Despite the relatively low quality of the video, I was content in being able to make out the words being uttered by the performers.

*Aw yea, ya one dirty lil’ hoe nah ain’cha?*

Observed a black man.

*Yes, I’m a dirty little hoe, please give me more cum*

Requested the slim tanned white girl.

What I was seeing was a dual penetration of a white girl barely above eighteen, slim and a few inches shorter than the two men, this is probably what white-meat-in-black-street truly meant. The show was already over as each of the men had finished glazing the petite girl’s pretty face with their man-juice.

Also at the same time, I sprayed my juice onto my hanky, it’s more economic that way, I wouldn’t want to waste any tissue, I mean think of the trees.

I surveyed my local environment, it was late in the afternoon, only a few hours since I got home from school, this was part of my daily rituals, the material I had wanked to in question was something left to me by my older brother before he left us, I watched it on my phone, I had earphones on to maximize my viewing pleasure.

It was a small messy room, this room of mine, as messy as my head probably, what with used clothing scattered all-over, hankies I had used to wipe myself with, papers, improperly disposed trash and whatnot.

This was me, alone in what was closest to what I’d call heaven.

There was a knock on the door. “Johnny, I bought some snacks, you wanna come outside here for awhile.” “Thanks mom, I’ll be out be out in a minute” As soon as I wipe the rest of this cum off my hand.

This is just how the rest of my days here are, with me and my mother. My father, is alledgedly working somewhere else, out there, and even though at this point when it’s obvious that we won’t be seeing him anymore, my mom still doesn’t try to disscus anything about it, but it’s something we both know. My brother on the other hand...

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